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from Florida
Audio Experience:
DJ, Sound Production

What A Beast

I have had a pair of these for quite a while and what a beast these speakers are. I have used them at venues that have gone on for 8 hrs and they performed like a champ, no clipping or distortion at all. They are well worth the money.

Omar U

from San Jose
Audio Experience:
DJ business since 2004 and Qsc is my favorite speaker brand

These are my Large Venue Rockers

I always have my k12.2 for all my events but when I want more oomph I bring my kw153's. I did an outside event in San Francisco and I walked down the street and everything sounded crisp and clear. I always bring these big guys when I play in gyms and they rock the house. They are very pleasing to the eye. They are a wee bit heavy so make sure you have a little cart to move them around. This is a good purchase if you do a lot of outside events or big venues.

DJ 2Smooth

from Chicago,IL.
Audio Experience:

Undivided Attention

Close to a year ago I decided to invest in some powered DJ speakers and after looking at reviews and listening to several brands I told myself i'm not looking to upgrade at a later date so I need something dependable. After looking back and forth at specs I decided to get a pair of KW 153's. From taking them out the box to turning on some music all I can say is WOW. A solid investment that has me ready to get the KW181's ASAP after renting them and hearing them with tops and bottoms. Everybody gets into a instant groove. Thanks QSC


from Austin
Audio Experience:
Musician/engineer 25 years

Rock show

These things sound great, look great, and they always get compliments. These are serious business speakers, people get the full club experience with these units.

Richard S (DJ Rich)

from Herndon, Virginia
Audio Experience:
Professional audio engineer, band member, DJ.

Excellent Speakers

I have tried speakers from other manufacturers but always liked the sound ok QSC speakers. I still have two other PA's, but they do not have the sound quality or sheer power of these KW153's. They are a little heavy, I am considering castors and a handle on the back so I can tilt and wheel them. I run them at 0dB on the gain settings, and switches to normal, they blow away the competition and carry indoors and outdoors. The 6 ½" midrange really helps with the vocals. I use them to DJ, and for a 4 piece rock band. They never break a sweat, I never have had to really turn them up, would love to see how they do, but for now, the massive overhead means the sound is loud and clean. I get so many compliments on the sound quality since I purchased these. Keep up the great work QSC.

Dale Roberts

from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:
Live sound


Great speaker nice all around speaker at a great price and A killer warranty

Geovanni Gomez

from Oaxaca,Mexico
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the best speaker on the is powerful is amazing,it has intelligent design and the best of all is its great reliability and high Fidelity thanks to its unrivaled performance in its amplifiers and speakers .i recommend the use of qsc products for dj,rental companies or band that want a versatile equipment or great reliability and at an affordable Price.

Geovanni Gomez

from Oaxaca,Mexico
Audio Experience:


the best speaker on the is powerful is amazing,it has intelligent design and the best of all is its great reliability and high Fidelity thanks to its unrivaled performance in its amplifiers and speakers .i recommend the use of qsc products for dj,rental companies or band that want a versatile equipment or great reliability and at an affordable Price.

Larry Shibler

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician for over 30yrs.

Best sounding/quality 3 way speakers

Been using the KW153 for 3 years now with great results and complements from other sound men in the area! We been using these with our 2 bands RUMOR 6 and GOT 90s? Good size and weight for fitting in our Dodge Caravan(with drums, two KW181 plus stage lights)


from Tyler, TX
Audio Experience:
Live musician, DJ.

Amazing full range sound from single speaker.

I've had various powered speakers, but once I bought the KW153's I felt like everything I'd owned prior was a toy. Sometimes I work with a 4pc band and amps and drums are all digital or modeled. I needed the best full range speaker I could find to cover all the bases, and needed to be able to run them off a single 110v outlet. The sound quality is excellent, and the 6" midrange really adds a nearly "hi-fi" quality to the sound. We used these for 3 months during a church remodel, 250 seats, and the sound quality and coverage was great. 87lbs, but handles are well located. Zero regrets about my purchase.

Nick K.

from Rochester, NH
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Excellent speakers. Quality and power is amazing. Enhance your speakers by using with other QSC products like the Touchmix Series of mixers. Ease of use and sound quality like no other.

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound Guy

KW153 - Loud & Clear

I bought a pair of these about five months ago. These are monster speakers. They are taller than I expected, but not to hard to move around. I was hesitant to put them on sticks over my KW181s, but they mount just fine. What I love about these are the mid frequencies. Vocals come through the mix crystal clear. I've received rave reviews from listeners about how clean the mix is. I plan on buying a couple more when I can afford it. As expected from QSC, the quality is top notch. I love these speakers!


from Colorado
Audio Experience:

Love Mine

I've gigged mine indoors & out. They are solid, reliable, and really great sounding. I've used 2 of them with all types of bands and they just sound amazing. One of the best purchases I've ever made. I've used them with and w/o subs (mostly with) and they do a great job in both settings. I've had very good experiences with them in venues with capacities up to 1000+.

charles wijesundera

from france
Audio Experience:
The best quality speakers that I have ever used

chrystler sounds

the best mark that i have ever tried. I have been renting sounds for stage concerts and i have tried many known marks earlier. when I got to know about QSC I have tried QSC 12.2 and sub 212. It was amazing. I felt love with them. I have sold all the other marks and now I have tried 2x KW153. excellant results. Now I am going to buy all my setup with Kw 153 +181 which can explose the ground . I am planning to install some SUB 212 and 12.2 at the far corners of the ground. Actually I am buying these in France to send srilanka. Thanks for QSC I will have the best setup in sri lanka


from Southwest Florida
Audio Experience:
Professional musician, guitarist, songwriter

KW153 Powered Loudspeaker

I've been playing professionally or semi-professionally for over 40 years. I've worked in and recorded in professional studios and have been involved in live sound for stage performance my entire career. I've used everything and have seen sound reinforcement evolve over the decades. Now semi-retired, I play 4 or 5 times a month in a professional dance/cover band for fun and profit. Without question the QSC KW series of professional sound reinforcement is the best sounding and most reliable PA I have ever had the pleasure of owning. For ease of transport, sound coverage and overall mixed sound, it is impossible to find anything better, especially at this price point. I've found that 2 KW153's and one (or sometimes two depending on the venue) 181 sub(s) is sufficient for ANY venue that my 6 piece band plays that doesn't have sound professionally provided by a sound company. Indoor or outdoor, small, medium or large. We also use the KW series as stage monitors and side fills. This system is the one thing that we don't have to worry about. It doesn't get any better!! I highly recommend the entire KW Series.


from Louisville, KY
Audio Experience:
20 years of running sound for churches and bands, Mobile DJ.

All I expected and more!

Purchased 4 KW153’s in the past month and absolutely love them!! I have been using the k12’s for about 2 years and they are amazing but the 153’s are an entirely different beast. I expected the clear pure sound I’ve come to expect from my QSC boxes but the 153s’s were all I expected and more! I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to add these amazing cabinets to my arsenal.


from SF Bay Area, CA through PDX Metro, OR in the US.
Audio Experience:
Audio Engineer for Live, Studio, Recording/Tracking, Production, and Mixing. Trap, Vapor, and Beats/Bass Producer. Extended Range Guitar/Bass Technician. Extended & Alternative Range Musician (Guitar, Bass, Vox).


Dare to compare; KW153's go Deeper than Atlantis and stir up the Titanic: KW153's are the top pair of 3-ways anyone can get to take their audio to the highest tier of quality and sound reproduction, and for a majestic price. Amazing range, detail, punch, projection, and volume! The DEEP feature is next level- No Sub Needed, as they could vibrate bricks across the ground: I use these as stereo PA's for playing VaporTrap and Bass-Heavy electronic productions, and I use them for stand-alone personal monitors for guitar/bass processors for Extended Range Instrumental Metal guitars/basses. Mixes are smooth, crisp, warm, and the most pleasing. I even use the pair in my home to check mixes for Live-translation from my studio monitors. Vocals are powerful, detailed, strong, and clear. Get a pair; you'll keep them forever.

Dj Armz

from Texas
Audio Experience:
Mobile Dj for 5 years

These are AWESOME!!

The speakers are great!!! They sound amazing.. Being a Mobile Dj you need good loud and clean sound. I bought 2 of these along with the K12.2 and Kw181 and it all rocks . Qsc rocks!!

Joe Lemire

from Stoughton, MA
Audio Experience:
Years and years!

These Speakers are Big and Beautiful!

Sometimes, when I am just walking to a gig with my gear, I get the look like I'm going to be super loud (and I could be). Once in a while a manager will come to me and say, "That looks loud". I reassure them they are about to hear one of the best sound reinforcement systems that they have ever heard. When I'm leaving a gig, it is not rare to hear that same manager say, "That sounded great"! If you are looking for the best, you found it. Two of these and you can play almost anywhere.

Heath Eric, Rumsey Records LLC

from Rumsey, Kentucky
Audio Experience:
Pro Audio

Phenomenal Box!

We LOVE these cabinets. We have four of them we use for LIVE sound, rentals, concerts, events, etc. They are versatile, easy to use, and put out an insane amount of warm, punchy PRO sound. Durable and user-friendly. Just buy a pair!

Pedro and Olivia Romero

from Santa Fe
Audio Experience:


The best 3 way speakers I have ever owned. Excellent all around.


Audio Experience:

Best Tower ever

I was a little skeptical at first on the need for it. But it is worth every penny and i want another one! Clear powerful sound alone. Perfect for outside events. I pair this with the KW 181

Dj Advan

from corpus christi, tx
Audio Experience:
mobile dj for 18+ years.

Best Bang For Your Buck!

these things paired with some kw181 truly are awesome! nothing but great feed back & comments when I'm doing shows. i have owned mine for about 4 years now and they still as good as they did since day 1.

Ken Daulton

from Leominster, MA
Audio Experience:
45 years of musical experience and sound mixing

KW 153

Bought a pair of these speakers for my band to be used in a night club circuit. Room size 100-300 people. Completely amazed at the clarity. By far the best loud speakers I've ever owned.

Mitchell Haney

from Virginia Beach 23454
Audio Experience:

Power house punch with portability ! !

Crystal clear mid's, pristine highs,punchy bottom end. Big power in a small cabinet. Band originally purchased a pair for medium venue club work. Club clientele even commented about much better the mix sounded. We loved the convenience of the size and added a pair of the 18" subs for larger rooms. This worked so well for us we purchased a total of four (4) top boxes and four (4) subs to mix and match depending on the venue size including some outdoor festival gigs. This is a seven (7) piece horn band with very strong vocals and these cabinets have more than fulfilled our needs. Bonus: We got to ditch our huge Yorkville cabinets and two racks of power amps. Nice break for the road crew. Dollar for performance, the best money ever spent.

Dj Toe-Knee

from Dinuba Ca
Audio Experience:
So crisp, and clear. When paired with kw181 it’s defiantly amazing clean sound and enough thump to rattle the ears


I’ve always used QSC. I upgraded to the kw181, then kw153 to add to the amazing sound. These speakers all paired up sound amazing! Definitely a good buy


from Wisco
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound Tech

Titan of Power

Best in class. Powerful clear sound.


from Ohio
Audio Experience:
Wonderful stuff


Three years in no problems love them

Mitchell Rosenberg

from Culpeper, VA
Audio Experience:
Guitar player/sound tech wanna be for over 4 decades.

KW153 - clean, clear, crisp sound!

I have a pair of the KW153 speakers that I couple with the KW181 subs. The set up will cover a big venue, indoors or out, without any problems. Set up/hook up is quick and easy. It is so nice not having to drag around the racks of amps and cabling to get great sound! I don't miss the extra weight in the equipment trailer at all...and my back appreciates it too!

Garry Simmons

from Murrysville, PA
Audio Experience:
Home/Project studio owner. Play guitar and bass in two different bands.

KW153 Delivers the Goods

I bought a pair of KW153s for my rock band. We tend to play smaller venues where a subwoofer isn't required. We are also very heavy on vocal harmonies. The 153 provides the extended bottom end we want and the vocal clarity thanks to the mid-range driver, that we want. Couldn't be happier!

Donny Hammonds

from Cartersville, Ga.
Audio Experience:

KW153 Can’t be beat!!!

I own 2 of the KW153’s and I couldn’t be happier! They perform amazing every gig and I gig 4-5 nights a week. I’ve never had any issues at all with any of them. The warranty of 6 years can’t be touched by any other brand of speakers, They sound amazing. I would and do recommend these to any musician I meet. Venues compliment my band on how clear and full our sound is. I was surprised by how light they were. To look at them, they look heavy but easy to transport. You can’t go wrong with any QSC product.

Bruce Robinson

from United States
Audio Experience:
Twenty-one-year owner of Basic Sound Business Services, providing sound reinforcement for corporate events, and parties. We also provide sound for bands from bluegrass to rock and roll and mandolin orchestra!

Fill The House with Music

Sound - it's in our name and what our clients need. Corporate networking events not only need sound, but they have a need to be understood and hear the music. Clarity drove me to QSC and large audiences took me to K12, K151 and KW153 series products. For example, we provide sound reinforcement for a large public library event that is period themed and includes pre-recorded period music and a seven-piece live jazz band. The KW153 units placed on a balcony in a concrete and glass-walled room with carpet kept the music clean and the speeches intelligible throughout the large main branch of the sponsoring library, while permitting the "Taste-of-the-Town" presenters and book authors to have conversations with the attendees. Not only did the QSC KW153s reinforce the sound intelligibly, but they have also increased the effectiveness of the fundraiser. For events like this, as well as for parties, the QSC KW153s fill the house with music, not noise.