PL380 Reviews

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Jay Brown

from Chicago
Audio Experience:
Dj for 23 years. Bought my first tops and subs in 2001.

Solid performance down to 2 Ohms.

I purchased the PL380 to replace using 2 amps to power 4 subs. 1 amp was bridged and the other was in parallel mode. The first day out with the PL380, I noticed a difference in the subs. They were definitely louder and more pronounced. The input gain structures on the back of the amp are a plus (I keep mine at 32db).

Mike Ottinger

from Lebanon Indiana
Audio Experience:
40 years as Sound Engineere

PL 380

I bought 10 of these because after 30 years of QSC Products I have had very reliable service from QSC Amps. I have abt 32 QSC Amps and have had no problems with any of them. They sound good with plenty of power.

Steve Litscher

from Madison, WI
Audio Experience:
Live Sound Engineer for 30+ years

Efficient and Beyond Compare

I've been using the PL380 for a few years now and am astounded by how incredible these amplifiers are - they really do it all! I have a total of four PL380s and regularly use them in bridged mode to power subwoofers. The amount of power they pack is beyond compare. My subs came to life after switching to the PL380! I also use them regularly in stereo mode with my main speakers and the PL380 provides great detail and clarity. I'm also impressed by how efficient they are - I never fear popping a breaker, even when really pushing them. There's a reason this amplifier is an industry icon - it's indestructible, super reliable, unbelievably powerful, and sounds fantastic. Look no further!!