GX3 Reviews

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Ruwa Acoustics

from India
Audio Experience:
Audio design, system integration, Audio consultant & company founder.

Clean reliable power for installs.

I have been using all the GX series in my sound designs from almost a decade, for integration / installs, & never disappointed. On one occasion I compared the GX3 with a alternative brand with similar specs, in class -d. The GX3 was cleaner, tighter, & sounded more musical at the same power. Highly recommended at the price point.


from Dallas, Texas
Audio Experience:
Wow! QSC GX3!! I ran a Crown DC-300A paired with my Audio Research SP-3 for 40+ years and had to / attempted to replace that DC-300A with: a new Crown XLI 800 (powerful bass, but harsh distorted mid/treble, even at moderate volumes; bad distortion stats, clearly audible); then an NAD C 275BEE (great mid-range and treble presence, but the bass rolls off unacceptably into the distance); then a Marantz MM7205 (the bass was back, but mid/treble was a bit too harsh at "rock" levels), then a Cambridge AZUR (great bass, great treble, but the midrange lacked - plus the protection circuits kicked on after 1 audition and it wouldn't power back up); then, feeling "Why Not" and hoping it might be from the same school as my Crown DC-300a (professional sound production), I ordered a QSC GX3... Wow!!! Solid, smooth, full bass, fantastic mid/treble soundstage - even at "rock" volume). Sent those other three $800 to $1800 amps back!! This "inexpensive" QSC GX3 KNOCKED OUT those three, like Tyson 1.0.


Could not be happier with my QSC GX3!!! Money was NOT an issue, but less is DEFINITELY more with the QSC. Get you one - now!!!!

ILKB Pompano

from Pompano Beach, FL USA
Audio Experience:
Fitness Studio

Awesome Amplifier!

This amplifier does just what it is supposed to do, provide good power and great sound. Set it once and you are good to go! Recommend highly!

Rajiv Saddy

from Charlotte
Audio Experience:
I am an amateur singer and performer and I cover small events in town and around. I have been in this side-business for around 10 years.

Performance and affordability

A perfect amplifier for small to mid level gatherings for PA and music. Light, portable and very affordable. Very reliable and functional.


from Allentown, PA
Audio Experience:
Long-time audiophile

The younger brother to the PLX series

Have bought several of these for installed sound both inside and out based on my experience with the PLX lineup. At rated impedance, these are 90% as good as the PLX line for a lot less money. QSC saved some dollars on the case materials, but it's *still* built like a tank, and cleaner than the competition. Have recommended this amp many times, and I always get positive feedback.


from Texas
Audio Experience:
Mobile Entertainment Specialist / DJ

Non stop power

I use two of the GX3 amps in my mobile DJ setup. When using the crossovers I run one and as left and the other is right. Built like tanks. I have gig'd them up to 8 hrs outside and never overheated. I recommend these amps 100%.

Paul Stewart

from United States
Audio Experience:
50 years of audio expertise

Clean power

Very clean amp, No hiss or hum. Accurate sound amplification. Made like a tank !!!


from Richmond Virginia
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

GX3 Nice

I have two of these amps for my full range speakers and I must say that although the GX 3 is the lowest power of the GX series, they are awesome. I am so impressed that I am ready to purchase 2 GX 7’s. I could not have made a better choice when I purchased them. I especially like the crossover feature which keeps the highs and mids where they belong and the bass in my subs. Great product, clean sound and plenty of power.