TouchMix®-8 Reviews

  4.5 based on 70 review(s)

Richie C

from Greensboro NC
Audio Experience:
powerful small mixer...easy to use but loaded with great the sound

awesome touchmix 8


Gary Seitz

from New jersey
Audio Experience:
Very dependable I do 200 venues a year. Great for live recording of my solo and band. gigs.

TouchMix 8

I bought this for my solo and Duo system, I was so impressed from my purchase of my TouchMix 16. Iown both 16 and 8. I have also used it for mains, very versatile.

DJ Done the 1

from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer, Musician, DJ, Electronic Technician

Touch Mix-8

This little guy will change your views on compact digital mixers if you have never tried one. The foot print on this mixer is nothing compared to what it can do. the sound right out of the box was great. User friendly easy to get around. The built in tutorials are a great help for reference points. It took me about an hour to figure this thing out and having it running all the bells and whistles which are available. I love the little wifi dongle that is a definite plus when you want to use your iPad from a distance reducing the need for additional stage help. The USB scene saver is nothing short of great. The only minus points I would have to say are the inability to use a digital snake and a slightly larger screen would have been awesome. Other than that is is a great mixer and a definite keeper.


from New York
Audio Experience:
Very good


This product has given me everything I need and more, performing flawlessly for 2 years. I think I will never use it to its full potential but still consider the touchmix-30 for more input output flexibility. It is a bargain for the price.

DJ Nativeson

from Brooklyn
Audio Experience:
Full time company owner

Great mixer for all events

Very compact and powerful mixer. Pristine sound and great presets.

Steve W.

from Walnut Creek, CA
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician, fairly inexperienced sound guy!

Very nice little mixer

I've used this little guy for a few months now and am very happy with the quality of sound and ease of dialing in a setup at a gig. The ability to save scenes and the instrument presets have come in handy in situations where we have limited time for sound checks. There are a ton of features on this rig and I'm still learning how they all work, but the intuitive menus and presets mean that one can be up and running very quickly without having done a lot of prep. Have used the recording feature several times and have gotten really good results. Importing tracks to a DAW works well, however I wish there was direct integration with my DAW, as there is with the TM30, so that it could replace my audio interface. Where this falls down a little is in its WiFi capability. The included WiFi dongle is pretty weak and most power users end up buying an external modem (e.g. Apple AirPort Express) to increase connectivity and reliability. That said, the iPad and iPhone apps are very good. All in all this is a great little unit; would highly recommend.

Marvin Coronel

from Aurora, IL
Audio Experience:
I graduated in Audio Engineering at the G Martell music school in Mexico.

"I Love my QSC TouchMix"

I usually don't write any reviews but I have to let you know that this is one of the best mixers out there, I'm a Club | Mobile DJ and I have to tell you that the clarity of the sound of this mixer is amazing, so if u want to improve the sound of your music studio, bar or night club get your hands in this mixer, trust me you won't go wrong with this item.

DJ Neal

from United States
Audio Experience:
I've been given many compliments on the quality of my sound setup!

2 years strong

I've been using this mixer for two years straight. This mixer has got it all and has been running strong since day one. There's still a lot of features to learn but for my mobile DJ use an occasional karaoke it is the ultimate must have. Have recently used the sound setup wizard and it's unbelievable what it can do. Everything I use is QSC because it's the best.

Joe Davenport

from Lafayette IN
Audio Experience:
16 yrs in Live Sound, 2 yrs DJ experience.

Does it all

The TouchMix 8 does so much for it's size. It has never let me down. TouchMix 8 makes my life as a DJ much easier.


Audio Experience:
Musician and singer live and studio.

TouchMix- 8

Excellent product. The best I have owned. Preamp signal transparency. No background noise. A product designed for musicians. Beautiful reverb and effects. Affordable price. As many say on Facebook: Buy TouchMix one day, use every day.

ghazi atallah

Audio Experience:
30 years sound engineer

amazing mixer

the qsc touch is one of the best mixers on the market today,it's presets are among the world's best,and it's features are complete from the effects to RTA to the feed back is the complete package....and i is above all very easy to use....bravooooo QSC

Hung Ly

from Ontario, Canada
Audio Experience:
I am just a consumer user with a little bit of experience in professional live sound products.


This TouchMix is the best product I ever own because it's compact and has everything in one unit. I love the Digital is great for future technology can be update firmware when it becomes available


from United States
Audio Experience:
I'm a seasoned guitar player musician, used to teach guitar for a while. Did a lot of music ministry and worship leading over the years. I'm now an avid Elvis Tribute Artist and do 90 shows a year with a full time job besides. I love jazz guitar, the Beatles, Elvis and all things musical.

Compact Powerhouse!

I love my TouchMix-8 mixer. It has everything larger mixers have and then some, even delay if you had speakers at a further distance from the mains. Its easy to use and yet chock full of very extensive features. I really love the fact that it connects to an IPAD and IPhone extremely easy with built in WiFi. It seems they thought of everything when they made this product. When I first started doing shows I opted for real faders and a bigger board. But for my needs that proved to be a mistake and I went back and bought the QSC TouchMix 8. Should have bought in the very beginning. This product doesn't disappoint.

Dj MannyMan ( Party Dj’s )

from New York
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey & Sound Engineer

Easy as 123!!

Makes my job super easy! Cleans up my mic & sound! Thank you so much keep those firmware upgrades coming :)


from Tennessee
Audio Experience:
Musician (50+ yrs), Composer, Studio owner, Music Teacher


This is my 1st experience with a digital mixer, and I must say, i was amazed at the quality & quantity of effects and the beautifully clean sound output. The compact design has made it easy to transport and setup. Very pleased, and plan to upgrade in the near future.


Audio Experience:



Darius Boykins or GoDJ Black

from Baton Rouge, La
Audio Experience:
12 years as a DJ but some audio experience

QSC K10.2 KW181

I like the overall options you have with the new series to set for different venues or events compared to the regular series you would have one option. I have been a mobile DJ for 12 years. My friends pretty much have all QSC. I like 10's because their small but still get the job done as well. The only thing I would like to see is all QSC 8s, 10s, and 12s in a wood cabinet for an even better sound especially the NEW series. P.S. I hope there will be 2,000 watt 18in sub with the DSP.


from NY
Audio Experience:
part time musician

Compact Power House

TouchMix 8 has been great for my solo/Duo guitar singer set up. Its small enough to fit on a music stand and still have room for my set list. It really is quite remarkable to have all the effects, the powerful EQ and remote control from your phone app in this compact mixer. I would buy it again today.

justin chester

from Austin
Audio Experience:
vocalist live music 10 years

Love it

first digital mixer its so easy to use will never go back


from United States
Audio Experience:

Perfect for DJ events

Excellent product! Easy to use and very professional sound!

Claude Cure

from Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Audio Experience:
Semi professional musician

Great Mixer!

This is the best mixer out there period! Easy to use and sounds great!

Brent C

from Minnesota
Audio Experience:
Playing in and setting up sound part-time for bands for 35+ years.

Perfect size for individual or combo

I have used larger format analog mixers for a bands that I play with but wanted something smaller to use for solo and small combo work to go along with my smaller powered PA speakers. This mixer has been perfect for both of these situations. It has all the features I wanted and much more in one small format mixer.

Guy Suri

from North Epping, Sydney
Audio Experience:
I'm a guitar player and also DJ events

Amazing mixer

The Touchmix-8 is an amazing digital mixer which can be used by novice to a professional. The support video available on Youtube is really helpful and easy to understand. I recommend this mixer

Martin Plumley

from Bath, UK
Audio Experience:
Live musician, home recordist and amateur live sound engineer

Great live mixer with excellent preamps

So we bought this unit as a small live PA system with a pair of K8.2 speakers for an accoustic guitar and synth duo. We have ended up not gigging that much since but have used it for practice. The sound quality is fantastic and is going to give you some intersting possibilities when playing live. it is a small unit but with lots of professional features. If you only need a limited number of channels it's great. It has presets and basic setupif your experience is limited or advanced options if you're more comfortable tweaking and are familiar with audio engineering. The presets and effects are fantastic. What has surprised me is that I've ended up using it over other home studio kit that I own because the recording quality and preamps are amazing. The only downside is you'll need a high speed flash drive for recording (and firmware updates) and a downloaded utility to import your recorded tracks. Overall, I've been really pleased with this high quality piee of kit.

Hao Ly

from San Jose, California
Audio Experience:
I setup karaoke for wedding and party local.


I'm probably only using 1/4th of its features, I've never saved the tracks to disk, but for basic mixing, EQ, and some effects, plus all the monitor sends, the remote IPad support and more.. its an amazing product!


from Norwalk
Audio Experience:
Dj, lighting and sound engineer

Great Mixer

Awsome mixer easy to use and has basic setting as well very well desgin

Trumanius Calvin

from Olive Branch, MS 38654
Audio Experience:
(2)K12.2, (2)K12, (2)KW181

QSC Touchmix-8 Mixer

I love this mixer... It brings more power to my system that I thought I could never have....I ran my system without a mixer for about 3-4yrs and was introduced to this mixer and it’s been history since...I haven’t had a chance to play with all the goodies that came with this mixer ...I can truly say my money has been well spent


from Cincinnati, OH
Audio Experience:
I wouldn't consider myself an expert as I only run sound for the bands that I perform with.

QSC Touch-Mic Changed the Game

Before Touch-Mix came around it was always a guess for me as to what sound quality that I could achieve in any given venue. Being more of a musician than sound tech, this board really added to my confidence level. The feedback wizard along with some of the other tools removes a lot of the guesswork when preparing for a show. And while rooms change from show to show, the saved scenes make it so much easier when you have a steady weekly gig. In most instances you can pull up a scene and have a nice mix completed in minutes, sometimes with no adjustment whatsoever. Paired with a set of K10 speakers, you can't go wrong. I also appreciate that QSC is there to answer any questions with any technical difficulties that I may encounter. Thanks, QSC!

Mark Shimada

from Las Vegas, Nevada
Audio Experience:
Bally's Windows Showroom

Touch Mix 8

Read all the specs on this product and find out that it has all the great features needed for my new studio - it's a must have item needed to complete my home studio

Ronnie D

from Hampton NH
Audio Experience:
Singer - cover band.

Upgrade to TouchMix 8

This this is incredible. For the size the features are unmatched. RTA, feedback elimination, compression and built in effects not to mention presets. No other product can offer these features at this price point. Very clean sound and the ability to upgrade the firmware makes this a must have product - plus is very small. Speaking of small? A nice feature would be the ability to increase font size for us older folks with bad eyes. A feature to add would be foot switches for effect control besides on/off. Also - wireless connectivity (TouchMix to K series) would be great. QSC - please make this happen.


from Los Angeles
Audio Experience:
I have two kla12 and two kw181 and Barrow thochmix-8 from my buddy to set up a band and sound it good and easy to use thinking of getting one for my self excellent mixer ..


Is a excellent mixer don't own one but thinking of getting one

Mr Shrimper (UK)

from United Kingdom
Audio Experience:

TouchMix-8 ....Purchased Feb 2018

As a (very) novice Keyboard /singer (more bedroom studio than live gigs to be honest!) , this mixer does a superb job for me in terms of both mixing my singing/playing alongside my backing tracks which are stored on the TouchMix or an external USB drive and also for recording my end product work and then exporting out to my DAW. I love the simple v advanced mode choices as I can get the benefits of pretty much a 5* sound without really knowing what I'm doing! I control the whole sound rig myself whilst I'm performing with the TouchMix8 placed on my keyboard shelf in front of me and I run the sound through a QSC K8.2 powered speaker. Also, the tech support guys are very knowledgeable in helping with my novice dumb questions ! All in all..a definite 5* and (along with my good old Roland A-33 MIDI keyboard, I rate the TouchMix8 as probably my best value purchase.


Audio Experience:




from IT - Verona
Audio Experience:
My simpe (and efefctive) P.A. >> TOUCHMIX 8 + QSC GX 5 + various passive speakers (it depends on the size of the venue)

FUN-tastic: you play, and it records :-)

Best gear I've owned in years... Also, you can record the entire performance in separate tracks (see the site for usb key and HD compatibility)! I like best compression, reverbs and delay... And, also, the possibility of putting a limiter on the master (sometimes it's useful)... And 4 differente aux: with a headphone amplifier, you can play, reharsal, record silently in a 4 pieces band with 4 different heapdohne mixes! What more? It's a QSC. **HIGHLY SUGGESTED**

Ivo J.

from Czech Republic
Audio Experience:
Duo musician

Great sound

I am duo musician and rarely sound engineer. I had analog mixing console before. When I heard TouchMix-8 for first time in my in-ear I was very surprised by sound clarity and readability. Sound is really excellent. When you use good mics or instrument you do not need to tweek EQ too much, usually helps small correction. Touch display is funny but not as swift as hardware knob. When I did a sound where were from children up to jazz big band, all were surprised how quick I was able to prepare the band or children for performance. With TouchMix I use 10" tablet which helps very much (great function "follow mixer") Great feature is "recording". I can record each track and then mix live performance at my home. So easy using, saving scene helps to my performance. Great job QSC.


from Los ángeles California
Audio Experience:
Excellent audio

Five starts

Excellent product

Joe Gridley

from Imperial Beach, California
Audio Experience:
Started playing professionally in the mid 70's.

Not for just the techno-files!

I added the Touchmix-8 to our system that includes the K12's and K181 subwoofers. This mixer is beyond amazing! Like most tech nowadays, the manual can be overwhelming. I am definitely old school and not interested in becoming a mixer expert. Whereas this mixer can literally do anything and everything, it is also very simple to operate for a novice like me. I have called tech support a couple of times with questions. I immediately get connected to a real person that answers all of my questions. I will never use any other sound gear other than QSC!


from Northern Virginia
Audio Experience:
Semi-pro guitarist who provides the PA for a part-time working classic rock band.

A Great Choice If You Only Need 8 XLR Inputs

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Offers features impossible to find on analogue mixers, especially in such a small form factor. Firmware updates have provided increased functionality at no cost. Pitch correction is available on only one channel at a time , a minor limitation. Triggering menu selections on the touchpad is sometimes not as easy to do as I would like, but works the first time most of the time. I'd buy another if anything happened to this one.

Marco C

from Whittier, CA
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ/KJ, and vocalist.

Performance and convenience at its best

Don't know where to start. But all I can say is that this is the best mixer I have owned in the last 18 years. So easy to do sound checks and adjusting levels in stage and where the audience will be using my ipad.

Dj Verrett

from Discovery Bay Ca
Audio Experience:
20 years mobile Dj 15 years as a drummer/singer cover band


Since adding the touch mix 8 to my Dj system my control of my sound is so much better. I can separate my audio output from my mains a Subwoofers.

Paul Jarman

from Portsmouth, VA
Audio Experience:
I've played in several bands throughout the years and currently play acoustic singer - songwriter type of shows. 26 years of experience. Wow, I have never really thought about until this moment. I'm getting old.

Even I can get great sound, quickly.

I have had several mixers throughout the years, but have never really been able to get great sound quickly. Mostly because it is difficult to dial in a great sound while simultaneously singing and playing guitar. The factory presets barely needed any tweaking between songs. I absolutely love this mixer and have been recently learning features that are new to intermediate level of mixing experience. This mixer just walks you through it. A few of my friends have the Touchmix 16 and use them in bands with the same degree of success. I have even used my touch mix 8 for theatrical performance that was moved to a gymnasium, all while playing guitar at the same time.

Gary Z

from Sparta, WI
Audio Experience:

Gary Z's Take on the QSC TouchMix-8

Anything QSC makes is outstanding! If it's like the QSC amplifiers, it's got to be good! I love to get my hands on one just to try it out.


from Greenville, SC
Audio Experience:

Should be called "Touch Magic"

This is an amazing product. I run much larger systems for bands on more expensive systems and this small compact unit can do anything the big boys can do. If you are still using analog you are missing out on a lot and need to get this unit. Really easy to use even for a beginner and plenty of you tube education available online if you don't understand something. I love being able to create my own network and run from my iPad while sitting in the audience to hear what they hear. It's Magical!


from United States
Audio Experience:

dj rico

its an awesome mixer very easy to use plus great for djn and live bands setting up is a snap too

DJ Ron “C”

from Ohio
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey & musician.

A D.J.’s Dream

I was a little worried about how complex it was. But with great tech support, and how to videos it wasn’t bad to learn. Love the how versatile the mixer is in a disc jockey and karaoke setting. The tablet WiFi ability is the best. Don’ Know everything yet, but I am having fun learning. Thanks QSC.

Wyatt Curtis Sr.

from Fayetteville, North Carolina
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ over 20 years

Touchmix 8

This little digital mixer has become a very valuable asset to my QSC setup. Paired with the K2 series powered speakers I own a monster system. I can setup with ease and being a mobile DJ I have a small system by footprint but out performs every venue I play in. I have been using QSC products for the pass 10 years and I must admit that my equipment hasn’t failed me yet The product quality along with the extended warranty is the key for my success as a DJ. I also want to mention that QSC has excellent customer service. Thank you

steve simpson

from Australia
Audio Experience:

latest upgrade 3.0

i have owned my TouchMix-8 unit for over 12 months and have to say that this upgrade is absolutely fantastic. The changes are amazing so much easier to call items up now that they are on the console page. Cant wait to see how they will improve on this when the next upgrade is released

Sean M

from Az
Audio Experience:

Drummers Dream, The Touch Mix 8 brings you a World Class Sound Reproduction Plus the Ability to Record and Rehearse right at your finger tipss

The QSC Touch Mix is all that you'll ever need, when it comes to Rehearsing, Recording and doing a live mix on stage. I've tried some the other mixers on the market and there is just nothing out there that compares to the ease of using this wonderful Invention. Being a Drummer I just will not use anything else. I've used QSC Products for decades, but when I heard about The Touch Mix Series especially the Touch Mix 8, I felt finally I found a workstation that allowed me the ability to do so many wonderful things that you would only find a larger more expensive mixer. Plus you have the great customer support from QSC, In Person, Online and especially the Phone. The Touch Mix 8 has it all, as far as I'm concerned it is the best in dependability and ease of use, and one of the biggest factors is the reproduction of sound, totally unbelievable and the cost of the unit is remarkably the biggest bang for your hard earned money.


from Manchester UK
Audio Experience:

Fantastic piece of kit

I had been struggling to achieve the live sound I wanted and after reading about this mixer I made the purchase (which for me was a big decision on my budget). Within ten minutes not only was I up and running but I was blown away by the clarity and quality of the sound this unit was creating. It’s very intuitive to use and to be honest a novice like me was easily able to navigate around the device and as the days went past I pretty much had it all worked out. I love having the ability to run multiple effects on one channel and I love the graphical interface. The recording quality of this unit is staggeringly good as well. To be honest I’m struggling to find one single fault with the Touchmix 8 because everything seems so well thought through. It’s brilliant!

David Garcia

from San Diego
Audio Experience:

Touch Mix 8

Ive had the Touch Mix 8 for 3 years now. I am a solo performer (vocal/ guitar (electric). I typically play covers in local bars, parties etc.. The TM8 is very easy to set up at the gigs since all of my settings are saved. I only have to make minor adjustments depending on the venues acoustics . I have never had an issue with the TM8.

Mr.Jimmy Roche

from Thailand
Audio Experience:
Entertainer, musician, sound engineer, producer

The best live sound I've ever had

I own the touchmix 8 and 2 K.2.12's with a KSC subwoofer system. It rocks my little beachbar here in Thailand. I used to use the Bose LI II and a subwoofer. Thought I had a prettu good sound back then. the PA was finickey though and the mixer and amp kept breaking down due to the bad Thai electrical grid, so I decided to go for the more robust QSC stuff with the 6 year warranty and added a UPS to make sure my power was stable. Best decision I ever made because I now realize how muddy and undefined my old sound was. The touchmix allows me to dial in the exact mix I need to rock my small room (150) and the people and I can't believe the quality of the music that is coming out of the system. People think it's a record until they see me singing and playing to my selfmade playbacks. Apropo record.....It is now so easy to capture my live performances with audience participation anytime I want on SSD and producing a live recording for CD or USB stick together with my I mac/logic has become so easy to do. that it has my head spinning. It's a live musician's dream come true and I look forward to playing before every show. Thanks QSC!


from New York
Audio Experience:

amazing mixer!

such a great sleek mixer for any aspiring musician or dj!


from Phoenix, AZ
Audio Experience:

TouchMix-8, The Best of the Best!

I'm a local musician here in Phx. AZ, and I've had several P.A. over the years, however the QSC TouchMix-8 has to be the best one that I've had. The easily referenced settings, the ability to save "scenes" which make it so much more convenient to set up for certain repeat performances is only the tip of the "why this is the best P.A." iceberg! In fact, several groups out here that are playing quite regularly, are using the QSC TouchMix-8, or TouchMix-16. Thanks to your engineers for creating such a ingenious P.A. for us to sound great!


Audio Experience:

3-QSC KW 18SUB , 4-KW12, and 2- KW15

I have three kw 18subs, two kw15 and four kw 12 with a wireless system for a surround sound. I recently played in a gym everyone said how great it sound. it sound like it was a live band. I also had the same reaction when I played in a large ballroom. Now I have 2 of my DJ friends who just recently purchased their QSC kw15 and waiting to get their Subs. all because they love my sound. Thanks QSC I can play any there, outside or inside

Dave DeMarco

from MD
Audio Experience:
I've been running live sound for my band since 2006 and also do remote session work via my personal studio.

More than a mixer - it's an instrument!

One of my bands is a classic rock trio playing 100-350 capacity rooms. I upgraded from the typical Mackie 808S and Yamaha passive mains/mons system that every band uses to the Touch Mix 8 and K series mains/mons as soon as they came out. Not only did I shave off 48 lbs in payload but the quality of sound was a major improvement. The ability to save mixes for various rooms, remotely make changes using iPhone/iPad and have each member have access to his own mix is a dream come true. The latest OS with the Feedback Wizard is beyond awesome. I am probably using 70% of the features and want to delve in further to utilize every ounce of power this machine has. If you're still holding out and using some old behemoth with no presets, you are doing your band a grave disservice. Jump in and see how much more you enjoy yours shows!


from 145 street bronx
Audio Experience:

Qsc u guys are the best I never had o problems with none of my Qsc product thank u for the hard work of giving us what we want

Qsc u guys are the best I never had o problems with none of my Qsc product thank u for the hard work of giving us what we want

Stevie Bee

from Sacramento, CA
Audio Experience:
Home hobbyist

Amazing Versatile Mixer and Recorder

I am so glad I found my way to get into a digital mixer with the TouchMix-8. I am not a pro by any means but I play out often enough that I wanted to look into the world of digital mixing. The learning curve is made easier by a great tutorial series QSC offers through YouTube. Once you get into setting up your live mix the amazing thing is to save the settings for recall the next time you set-up. Then there are preset scenes a novice like me can learn from and see how the pros set things up. The other great feature that I use often, is that it can record your gig with by adding a hard drive to the mixer. You can take the tracks back to your studio and mix it down. I have been using it as a stand alone recording device in my home studio, to do up to 10 input separate tracks since I do not have that interface to record a full band at once. So the QSC is two devices in one; a live performance mixer and recording device.


from Bellingham
Audio Experience:

Great Mixer

I have been hosting house concerts for about 15 years and after I started using the TM8 I have received many compliments on the sound I'm getting now. I love how I can do a sound check from anywhere in the room and sit in the audience during the concert and make adjustments. I have been recording the concerts but had only been able to do a stereo recording until I bought the TM8, now I can record the concert to individual tracks on a SSD drive instead of bringing a computer and mix it at home and I'm able to get a CD that I'm proud to give to the performers.


from Houston, TX
Audio Experience:

Powerful, Portable, Wireless Mixer Delivering Big Room Sound!

I have used the TouchMix-8 to manage mics, live drummer, sound for my QSC speakers for my mobile DJ, PA and band setups. Hands down no other brand compares to the quality packed in this portable mixer. Very easy to use and quickly sets up in minutes. The TouchMix-8 is a must have for all levels of musicians, sound technicians and deejays.


from Wisconsin
Audio Experience:

Amazing Compact Digital Mixer

The TouchMix-8 is compact in size and big in features! I have had the mixer for one year, and absolutely love it. The features are impressive for a mixer of this size and price. Plus, it continues to get even more amazing with the updates that get released. It's perfect for my small production company.


from Puerto Rico
Audio Experience:


Best ever love it

Braden Pletzer

from Toronto, Canada
Audio Experience:
I am a professional Keyboardist/Accordionist and Audio Technician with over 45 years of experience in the audio/music industry.

Amazing Little Power House!

Got this gem about a year ago, after using a Mackie DL1608. It died and I got the Touch Mix 8 after a lot of research and joining the Touch Mix Facebook page. QSC's excellent rep' and support system helped me to decide to get a TouchMix-8. I've never looked back. It's far superior in sound quality to my old DL1608. Clean, clear and crisp audio from any speakers. The mixer is so easy to operate and the TouchMix app for iOS is also very intuitive to use. I use my TouchMix-8 for venues at my wife's school which includes assemblies and even school dances. Not one glitch from the day I first unboxed it and powered it up. I haven't looked back once!!! No complaints whatsoever! I've recommended TouchMix mixers to other musicians looking for a small digital wireless portable solution. What more can I say? I'm looking forward to see what new updates might come to the TM-8 and 16 and any new innovations in the future! QSC.. Just keep on doing what you're doing! Two thumbs up!!!!!

Alexandre Bettencourt

from Massachusets
Audio Experience:

Touch mix 8

Nice and easy gets your gig done with no complications.

Dj angel

from Santa Cruz california
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Good mixer

I like the mixer the sound,the preset built in it makes me like a pro sound guy.i like the combo features that you can do touchscreen and the also you can do control with knobs.ipad is optional but it’s to have at same time.


from South Florida
Audio Experience:

Perfect marriage of software and hardware

I've been a professional musician since 1989 and this is the best mixer I've owned. Clean sound. Excellent quality effects: reverb, compression, delay, EQ (and much more). Very easy to use. Dependable: 3 1/2 years with no problems. Saving settings for solo, duo, band configurations really cuts down on setup/sound check time. Control it remotely with an iPad. Four Aux mixes if you need them. I could go on and on. The main thing is great sound and in spite of having so many features it is simple to use. All you need in a compact package with a nice case.


from Minnesota
Audio Experience:

Easy to use, but surprisingly versitile

I use a TouchMix-8 almost every weekend, setting up sound for a small venue. My first impression was that this would be a simple mixer with minimal features... however once I got looking I was very impressed by the depth of the feature-set. I like being able to grab a channel preset (i.e. female vocal) and then do minor tweaks, rather than having to start from scratch each time. Signal path is clear without being mechanical. I only use simple reverb, and it's suitable for my needs (and I've no objections... I just haven't spent much time evaluating it!). No issues with phantom power, which is good as I use both condenser mics as well as powered DI's. I also use my iPad for remote console, which is REALLY handy (and a necessity, really). The only note I'd have is that you need to be careful about keeping your iPad app version in-sync with what's loaded on the TouchMix... I had some incompatibility issues which were very frustrating (I couldn't revert to an older app on the iPad, and wasn't in a position to upgrade the TouchMix). Fortunately the mixer's owner was able to get the TouchMix upgraded before my next visit, and all was good!

Edward Alcantar

from san antonio , texas
Audio Experience:
30 years of experience as an audio engineer

wow easier than I thought

easy to use , sounds great , and best of all , impress your client with top notch sound.

Paul Lothary

from United States
Audio Experience:

The bomb!

This thing is to mixing what QSC is to speakers! Great product!

Austin Hoang

from Loganville
Audio Experience:


This is good mixer

Brian Regan

from United States
Audio Experience:

Great mixer for trio or smaller

I loved my TouchMix-8 right out of the box. Presets sound fabulous, simple interface, iPad mixing is awesome. I did end up upgrading to the 16 just to have more flexibility. Found I was filling all the channels too often. Great product.