K8.2 Reviews

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Rickard Lindbom

from Greece/Skiathos, Sweden/Stockholm
Audio Experience:

What an amazing speaker

I needed a dj booth monitor speaker and first bought a bose sp1....a nice portable speaker but not for pro use. I then purchase the k8.2.....woooow, what an amazing speaker, incredible sound, plays veeeeery loud....i am superhappy with it and recommend it to everyone.


from Europe
Audio Experience:

shame about the lack of silence

These could be the best PA speakers I've come across, and they are definitely the best floor monitors I've ever had in my keyboard rig. The reason they are not great when mounted up high for PA is because of the cooling fan. The marketing blurb on this page says "Low-noise, variable speed fan" but that ain't true. With the latest firmware v1.2, there are only two speeds: on or off, and the fan is not low noise. After playing for a little while, the fan kicks in every other minute or so even when the speaker is completely idle (no input audio signal) in normal room temperature. If you want the hall to be quiet when the audience enters after soundcheck, you need to turn these speakers off. It would seem that another firmware update could avoid that the fans are running when the speaker is idle in room temperature, but so far there is no hint from QSC support that they are listening to their clients. Search the web for "K2 fan noise" to see more...


from Ga
Audio Experience:
Front man ,Guitar , harmonica , singer , entertainer , writer

Finally got what I paid for

You hear the word awesome as much as you hear the word love so much that it means almost nothing . I bought a k8.2 from sweetwater , and I think it's awesome and I love it . Iv been gigging and doing shows music festivals ,for a long time , bought a music stores worth of gear , some good and real good stuff . But this k8.2 is hands down is the best pa spesker iv heard , toted , set up , bought in 40 years. I bought 1 to use for my solo gigs In small venues , now I'm going to buy one more. For band gigs I don't need my 12s anymore .

A Better DJ

from Cocoa, FL
Audio Experience:
20 plus years mobile wedding and event DJ

Absolutely Amazing Little Speakers that Must Be Heard to Believe!

I am as blown away by the sound of these little blasters as I was when I first bought my QSC K12.2's, maybe even more so! I used my 12's for about 8 months without a sub and they did more than an adequate job of filling venues with loud clear sound and wonderful low end. I even did a wedding ceremony 300 yards away from the setup and was able to project wonderfully full sound all that distance. I got a deal I couldn't pass up on a QSC KS112 sub and used it with my 12's for 2 months. Realizing that I was now totally wasting the superb low end from the 12's I decided to investigate going with the K8.2's instead. After doing a lot of research and reading a hundred or so reviews I decided to go and ear test them next to the K12.2's. WOW, these things were made to be the perfect mate to the KS112 sub. The highs and mids from the K8.2's actually sound better than the K12.2's and with the wider dispersion they are perfect for my wedding DJ business. I'm giving up a little SPL but who can actually be in the same room with 132 SPL anyway? The wider dispersion is perfect for dinner/cocktail/ceremony hour music and they are plenty loud enough to rock the dance floor when the time comes. Did I mention that these have the same 2,000 watt amp that the K12.2's use? Once home I started burning them in. After running them for about 8 hours I went ahead and turned them up to 2:00 at 75% volume from the input. No clip light flicker, no distortion, and they were so loud that I was afraid to turn them up any louder for fear of losing my windows! These speakers would be great for an acoustic act or for a small wedding if properly EQ'd, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything larger without a sub. Hook them up with a KS112 sub and you will have a wall of beautiful clear, crisp sound coming at you at whatever volume you think your crowd can handle!

Charlie Hedding

from New London, CT.
Audio Experience:
I love my K8.2! I use my K8.2 for my stage vocal monitor. This little guy is easy to use, super powerful, sound is clean and clear, and best of all it doesn't weigh a ton!


I love my K8.2! I use my K8.2 for my stage vocal monitor. This little guy is easy to use, super powerful, sound is clean and clear, and best of all it doesn't weigh a ton!


from Providence Rhode Island
Audio Experience:
DJ and AV professional


Wow!!! I love these speakers!!! I have owned virtually every speaker in the K series. Basically everywhere I work I get that organization to invest in the appropriate K series speaker. At my current role, as AV Manager, my first order of business was to replace my speaker inventory with everything QSC K series..without hesitation. I most recently traded my original K8s for the new k8.2 due to the DSP technology as well as the the 3.5 mm audio input controls. I also ordered a pair for the Music Director who was blown away by the sound and wanted a pair for our theater. As a mobile DJ I also appreciate now only the overwhelming sound quality but the beautiful clean design of the cabinets..QSC has managed to respond directly to the needs of our industry while maintaining a price point that most working class professionals can afford!

Nat W.

from Murrieta, CA
Audio Experience:
Pro musician for over 40 years, been running sound forever.

Big bang for the bucks

We bought a K-8.2 to use for on-stage monitoring of keyboard and key bass, as an upgrade from the K8 we had used previously. The K8 had been great, but the K8.2 was noticeably clearer and more balanced. Sometimes the K8 had sounded a little boomy (on the 'norm' setting, never used 'deep') We thought we would need the onboard EQ, which is why we had upgraded to the K8.2, but the sound is so balanced that we have hardly used the EQ, although it's really nice to have it. Good job!


from Cincinnati, Ohio
Audio Experience:
Degree in Audio Video Production, Live Sound / Lighting Company, Professional DJ Company

Awesome Speaker!

I love this speaker! I have been a huge QSC fan for some time now. I own everything from the 122's, K10s, HPR series and the KLA's. I was curious about these K8's. I was looking for something small to use for ceremony's or small stage monitors on different applications. I have to say these did not disappoint. They pack a punch for such a small speaker. Great sounding as usual. Very light and easy to transport. I would put any of the QSC products up against other brands. 100% recommended.

DJ Done the 1

from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer, DJ, Musician, and Electronic Technician

Might Mouse

Never was really a QSC fan before the launch of the .2 series. This little speaker made me a believer sometimes less is more or there is power in numbers. The sound quality coming from this light weight, compact speaker in nothing short of amazing. I've done a number of gigs with these little guys and, when placed strategically, the response is always the same, "just these little things playing like that? These speakers deliver a crisp, clean sound with a little bit of bass so if you need more bass in your event you have one of two options, of which i have used both. 1. Add the KW181 subwoofer or 2. Add more speakers. Because this speaker is not a long throw speaker it will deliver enough low end to those who are close but over the distance with a lot of people in the venue it will fall short, but either option will definitely make your event sound great. Overall a well built, thought of design.


from Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Vocalist and guitarist playing live gigs.

Amazing Sound in a small package.

I use the speakers as a solo, duo and small ensemble. The sound is crystal clear and fills the small to mid sized rooms with plenty of volume. It’s size makes it easy to transport and carry around. Very happy with it’s convenience and superb quality sound.


from Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Minimal . Drum mics/amplification only. Own a QSC Touchmix 8, Audix DP7 and QSC K8.2 In my opinion the Best combination of Sound reproduction and Value for any drummer needing to mic/monitor/amplify any acoustic or electronic drums/percussion.


I previously had the K10. I wanted something a little smaller so I ordered the K8. My goodness it just kicks butt!!! I use it mainly as a stage speaker for My Edrums and the band can’t believe the power and tone the speaker provides. All while not needing to go beyond using not more than half th volume it can produce. Amazing!!!

Jake Jacobs

from United States
Audio Experience:
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, also musician, worked at Dolby Labs, do sound for band regularly

Great little speaker with lots of power and features

I own two K10s that I think sound great and wanted to buy several more speakers for small gigs and stage monitor use. The K8.2s are perfect for both. Typically our bass player has an amp, so the low end response of the larger models is not needed, or you can mate with subwoofer. I like the multiple inputs (mini mixer) and 1/8" audio input. The presets are interesting, but I found that the documentation on them is lacking and QSC would not be forthcoming with what the frequency responses were, so I typically use it in Default or Studio settings and do eq on the mixer. One of my units experienced a problem where the sound would stop after a break (I think it might have gone into some power saving mode by mistake), so I had to part with it for service, but QSC replaced the electronics under warranty and it works like a charm now. I really appreciate the audio quality and support behind QSC products. The solid construction is also a big plus. I've heard many other speakers in band situations, but always felt that QSC sound quality comes out on top.

Rodney Blank

from United States
Audio Experience:
I have been involved in both commercial and Worship sound for 25 years. I am the sound man for my Wife's band as well.

K8.2 Blows the competition away !

I have found a single K8.2 has the power and coverage for almost any application. Blows away all the portable line array systems I've tried. When needed, I've pole mounted with a sub, changed the DSP to reflect the sub, and can't believe the coverage from something this portable! Truly amazing.


from Pgh Pa
Audio Experience:
Great sound!! Easy to hook up!

QSC 8.2

Great sound and easy to carry!!


from Steamcoffeeco_oakbrook
Audio Experience:

Great sound in a small package

We bought a pair for our coffee shop and they fill a 2000sf room perfectly, not too loud, but crisp great sound for even a 5 piece band.

Ricardo A. Bartolomei

from Puerto Rico
Audio Experience:
Profesional saxophonist and audio

Best powered speaker in the market

The k8.2 is a compact speaker, yet super powerful and it produce a deep bass, highs are really crisp and Cristal clear no distortion ever and the sound do to the size is very wide disperse.. I recommend this product 100%


from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
Newbie audio experience.

K8.2 Review

Happy with the product, extremely well built. Use for living room vocals along with elec guitars and bass - fun playing with friends and family. Would recommend and expect to use for many years.

jeri morris

from Dallas
Audio Experience:
1974 to 1981 Cameron Sound

Loud little package

I have used this wonderful little powered speaker for monitors and main speaker applications.....they are wonderful....I am very happy with this product and recommend that anyone wanting a great sound to buy.

Both Ears Live Sound

from Anchorage, Alaska
Audio Experience:
Theatre sound designer, composer, FOH mixer, and field recordist.

Mid Range Clarity!

I mix for a six piece band in a variety of venues. One of the lead singers has some mid-range hearing loss. I took a pair of K8.2s on tour with them knowing I'd need quality monitors for him to be able to hear accurately. The K8.2s totally shocked him because of their small appearance. Even when I could only place one for him, he could hear clearly, was able to relax, and gave great performances! I definitely recommend these speakers.


from Baton Rouge LA
Audio Experience:
I’m a guitar player/singer/musician playing solo and with a band.


I played a gig with a pair of these the other day with a friend of mine. I have a pair of K10s and he had just purchased two K8.2s. I was instantly jealous. They are tiny and still sound great. Very loud and plenty of low end. Did I mention they take up almost no vehicle space and pack serious sound? If you’re thinking about it.

Patrick Cabuyadao

from Hilo, Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ/MC for over 15 years

Small form factor with big sound!

Previous to buying the K8.2 I owned a pair of K12. Although those are loud and practically bullet proof (I pounded it with sound and it still going after years of events) I wanted to downsize my setup so went with the K8.2. Love the digital screens and flexibility to tune to my different events. I event paired it with a QSC KW181 and it is loud if not louder then the K12 setup prior. Love it and will purchasing a touchmix mixer soon to even use it to its full potential. Thank you QSC!

J. Velosa

from L.A., CA
Audio Experience:
20 plus years in live bands

You've got to be kidding

Huge sounds out of such a small loudspeaker!! Got these as personal monitors only to find out you can fill a medium size stage with just two as cross monitors. These are not just loud as they are articulate. Clean, clear and cut through a full size band with horns with ease. I own QSC K12s and Ksubs for FOH and needed better stage monitors. By this time the next generation of K series speakers were out. Got a pair of K8.2's and wow! It just keeps getting better! One of my other band mates was so impressed he bought a matching system all in K.2 series and combined with my gear, we can rock ANY outside venue with full sound and gut rumbling lows! We are a QSC band for all occasion without hesitation or question; Can we be heard? Damn straight we can!! Thanks for making us sound better than we look!

D. Trujillo

from Wyoming
Audio Experience:

Small and powerful

Use a set of these for acoustic shows. Holy moly. Much sound. Will add two more in the next year. Best bang for the buck on the market. Seemed to be well built thus far. Sound quality kills Bose systems.


from Reston, VA
Audio Experience:
IT professional by trade. Part-time sound guy, studio mixer, webcaster, videographer, and live sound recordist.

Great little powerhouse

I bought these several months ago to add some powered speakers to the digital mixer I already owned to have a workable PA in a pinch. I settled on the K8.2 because of the portability - small footprint, lightweight - and the wide dispersion angle, which was perfect for the small venues and acoustic shows I expect to use this in. When they came in, I set them up at home and was impressed with the quality of the sound. The sound was very natural, with no obvious flaws. I figured they'd do just fine in some small room when called upon. Imagine my surprise when I the first time I use them, it's an outdoor gig. I easily put these little, lightweight speakers up on the stands, using the 7.5 degree pole sockets to angle them down toward the audience - no need to annoy the neighbors. From there, they worked their charm. The music was vocals, acoustic guitar, and keyboards, and for the most part, I left the eq alone - everything sounded great as-is through the K8.2s. Most of the audience were musicians themselves, and during the break and after the show several came over to check out the speakers, marveling at the sound coming out of these little beauties. A few commented they needed some for their band! No buzz, no over emphasis, nothing but what you wanted to hear. While the bass wasn't really low, the music didn't require it, and they had enough oomph to get through the show. Honestly, I think we were all impressed. The next day I repeated the same set, but this time in a small living room. Again, it sounded great, and I still didn't have to do much eq or tweaking. After the show, the first thing I heard from the artist: "what are you doing in October? Can you bring these and do sound?" Overall, these things really impressed, and if I had any qualms about getting the smaller drivers, they have been alleviated. Sure, the bass isn't going to be there for a driving dance beat, but I didn't buy them for that. Paired with a sub, I have no doubts they'd do just fine (and I'll probably do that one of these days). These are outstanding speakers that sound great. With the flexibility to double as monitors, they give me the versatility I need for part-time live sound. Highly recommended.


from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:
Musician, live sound tech, small studio owner

Amazing clarity in a small, full-featured speaker!

I waited a few years to add this 8” speaker to my stable of QSCs, after enjoying rock solid performance, clear audio, and plenty of power. The wait was worth it: the wedge form factor I wanted, amazingly USEFUL and simple-to-use DSP, and (as always) lots of power. In its first two weeks the little K8.2 was pressed into service as a small stand-alone PA, a stage wedge, and a keyboard monitor. It scored a 10 on each outing. Don’t hesitate to get one; I’ll be getting another soon.


from Murrieta
Audio Experience:
I've been dj'ing for 26 years

Best Wedding Ceremony Speakers and Monitors for Receptions

I dj wedding's for a living. I personally dj approx. 125 wedding's a year and have used the QSC K8's for years and switched over to the K8.2s right when they came out. I love the upgrade and the delay features as well. Solid speaker, extremely reliable and sound amazing! I use 2 of them for the majority of all my ceremony's and I also use the new K8.2 for a monitor for the reception. Since I can use them as a monitor, they don't take up much space and sound great. If you dj wedding's, these are a must for ceremony's, cocktail hour's and using them as a monitor as well!

Martin Plumley

from Bath, UK
Audio Experience:
Musician, home recordist, amateur live sound engineer.

Great Live Sound

In an acoustic duo we've used these for practice, live sound and a party PA. For small to medium rooms they are perfect and the sound spread really gives you some edge and allows you to cut through. super easy to set up and get the right sound with Touch Mix mixer presets. Very happy with these speakers.

Stevie T.

from Houston
Audio Experience:
Musician, singer, sound engineer

QSC K8.2

Needed to downsize my monitor due to space limitiations...picked up a new 8.2 at the local QSC dealer, and put it is service that night. Wow! Large speaker performance from a small box. The profile is perfect, the sound is excellent, and it is easy to use. It is the best wedge I have ever used in 25yrs. I will be picking up 2 more soon.

Zoe Wood

from Mexico
Audio Experience:
30 years of live music performance

Great little speaker!

I used this speaker on solo, duo and small band gigs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It sounded GREAT, was easy to transport, handled a variety of instruments while still sounding great, and never had any problems in the sub-tropical climate. Very recommended.

Nick Peper

from Southern California
Audio Experience:
Professional musician, singer and entertainer since the early 1960s.

K8.2 - My Dedicated Keyboard Amp Kicks Royal A**

In June of 2017 I purchased a K12.2 to use as a dedicated keyboard amp both for stage volume and to project into the crowd so that I could turn down my keys in the main mix. The K12.2 worked amazingly well but, as I'm approaching my late 60's, I started wishing that it was a little smaller and lighter. I decided that the K8.2 would fit the bill perfectly. I found a buyer for my K12.2 in about 5 minutes, and purchased a new K8.2. I couldn't be happier! Not only is the K8.2 smaller and lighter but it sounds just as good as the K12.2 while having even wider coverage characteristics so my bandmates and the crowd hear my keys even better. One of the best decisions that I've ever made gearwise. Thank you QSC for making my life easier yet again!


from Napa, CA
Audio Experience:
Keyboardist playing Nord, Rolland and Hammond products, demanding highest quality sound.

I still love this K8.2, a year later

Fantastic product in terms of sound quality and consistency, per small cabinet. I use this as a keyboard monitor for live shows. It always delivers more than enough volume and quality sound regardless of ambient stage volume. Extremely flexible connection options allowing me various configurations depending upon what I'm walking into. Yes,the 10" version has a bit more low end, but if weight and sound quality at almost any volume are a consideration, these 8.2's are the ticket. I am still thrilled with this speaker after a full year of experience with it. I also use QSC K12's and subs for front of house sound for medium and small shows. QSC products in general continue to be at the top of my list for quality and performance. It's extremely good stuff.

Matt "The Karaoke Rat"

from United States
Audio Experience:
DJ for over 25 years.

Nothing Compares

As a dj for 25 years using all types of media for amplification, the K series can never be topped. I dabbled with all brands, and nothing performs better, nothing is more soothing to the ears, than theK series. Just wow.

Cesar I Calle

from United States
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey

Great Sound!!!

These babies may be small but they're powerful!! The sound is crystal clear and the audio presets help set the ambience for any type of event. I drive them with two QSC KSubs and they sound as if you are in a night club. This is my third set of QSC speakers so that tells you that I put my faith in their sound, reliability and quality.

Jorge Avalos

from Bakersfield California
Audio Experience:
Outstanding Speakers!!!

QSC K8.2

This is the best speakers that I have seen performing under extreme hours. The Quality of sound is high quality, the bass response is one of the best out there. the design of the speaker is far beyond perfect compared to the competitors' speakers. QSC is a 10/10, you cannot go wrong, they are the best for any type of performance. I love them!!!

Mike S.

from New Jersey USA
Audio Experience:
Jazz pianist - moderately serious hobbyist.

Great Choice For Keyboard Players

I upgraded a pair of the legacy K8's with the 8.2's. I really like the additional EQ flexibility. I've been able to dial in a setting that works well with my Nord Stage 2EX, and it's a huge improvement over the older K's. Not that the original K's were bad, in fact they sounded very good. But the K8.2 definitely takes the capability up a notch. I use them in both stereo and mono applications. Stereo definitely sounds better. I play small combo or traditional big band gigs, and FOH is rarely provided. I flank myself with the K's, and am just bathed in quality sound. Originally, I had expected to be constantly tinkering with the EQ settings for every new space. I found that once I dialed in the EQ, I have not needed to touch it again. I have to admit stereo sounds better than mono, particularly with acoustic piano sounds. Using a single speaker, the K's exhibit a slight shallowness, and are a bit harder to EQ the midrange mud out. Frankly, all speakers have this issue (including the original K's) and while the characteristic is still present in the K8.2, it is less than other speakers and the configuration settings allow me to improve it somewhat. As a keyboard player, I much prefer the 8's over the 10's. As stated above, I'm not competing with guitarists, so volume is most certainly not an issue, although the 8's can get loud when they need to. I find the 8's are much tighter sounding than the 10's (I still own and use an original K10 as well), and the wide dispersion really helps emulate the omnipresent sound generation of an acoustic piano. I will also say that I've found that the speakers sound better from 10 or 20 feet away than they do from 2 feet away. Up close, the high end is a bit prominent, and they level off quite well. They project the sound extremely well. It's always satisfying to be able to step away and hear the sound when someone else plays my rig. The only comment I have is that I'd like QSC to make available the EQ curve information for the presets so we know what they're doing to the sound. They're not the cheapest powered speakers out there, but are well worth the money. As a side note, I got a very good price when I sold my old K8's, so they do retain a lot of value.


from Nottingham, MD
Audio Experience:
I am a semi-experienced ‘sound-man’... this is my first foray into digi PA products.

Solid, powerful little boxes!

I’ve been thru quite a number of powered speakers, over the past few years, to find what I’m looking for- which is a crisp, articulate sound- with a little weight as possible! (sounds like what most people are ooking for)... but the one caveat is that I need the versatility of using them for tops or wedges. I’ve had JBL’s (10’s), Mackie (10’s) and, most recently, Yamaha DXR’s (10 & 8). While the Yammies have a bit more spl’s- the inability to use them as floor wedges really limited their usefulness. I actually sold them & got the K.2’s! Even though the QSC’s cost a bit more- is worth the extra expense! I’ve since gotten 2- K10.2’s & 2-K12.2’s... and also use a Ksub & Touchmix 16!!


from Hudson Valley, NY
Audio Experience:
Guitar and sound guy.

Compact with power and quality

This is my 3rd QSC product. I own the Touchmix 16 and K12's. Adding the K8.2's to my arsenal has made my acoustic live set up easier and it has also upgraded my electrical monitor mix for electric. What can you say, buy other, cheaper speakers for half the price and you are dealing with poor quality, poor clarity, less power, bottom end break up and something that won't last. Believe it or not, you can run a bass guitar through these and it sounds good. It will carry the bottom end. Just did a gig and used the Touchmix16, K12 and the K8.2's. ran the high end (vocals mostly) through an aux and into the K8.2, another aux to subs and the mains to the K12's. Talk about live sound!!!!!!!!!!


from Parsippany NJ
Audio Experience:
Keyboard , vocals

These are awesome, I use them to monitor my keys and I have never love a speaker as much!

Awesom, awesome. Great for keys! Live them as my monitor when using them as mains for keys they really kick in....Bass is good for an 8 and you can’t beat the size and weight!!!!


from SoCal
Audio Experience:
Player, engineer, producer.

Unbelievable little speakers

I was planning to use them as dedicated floor monitors for live performance but they are so easy to use and sound fantastic, as well as lite weight, that I also use them for mains in the jam room. Love the power, clarity, and easy of use.

Dan Vitco

from United States
Audio Experience:
Live sound, 2010 Emmy Award Winner.

K8.2 Review

When I ordered the K8.2 in May 2017, it exceeded my expectations. This is the smoothest, loudest, most balanced sounding speaker I've heard. Given its size, I was amazed at the bass response. Highly recommended!


from Valencia, California
Audio Experience:
Professional musician / keyboardist.

Excellent monitor!

I use a pair of K8.2's as keyboard monitors. They have excellent sound, have plenty of bottom end and are easy to transport at only 27 lbs. The onboard eq is a plus as it eliminates any boominess when placed on the floor as a floor monitor. At this price point there is no better.


from Belgium
Audio Experience:

Avis QSC K8.2

Matériel compact et léger. Convient particulièrement pour des conférences, un petit band si le K8.2 est utilisé avec un sub. Produit très intéressant pour l'installation de haut-parleurs en rappel. Le digit à l'arrière de l'enceinte permet entre autre de régler le délai. Le son est plus doux qu'une K12.2 de par sa directivité plus large.


from Rosebud,Australia
Audio Experience:
20. Year pro musician playing over 100 gigs a year

Packs a punch

I use this in conjunction with 12.2 models. Either as a stage monitor or when I require a wider dispersion than the 12.2 allows. Weddings in particular when I am asked to play whilst people eat etc. The sound is pure, and doesn’t rip the ears off the audience whilst still covering plenty of area. These don’t have massive bottom end, I use a 12.2 in conjunction if I want that. As a stage monitor the dsp allows me to choose monitor mode. Useful for stopping those feedback frequency blues. Super compact and lightweight with 1st class sound. Better than a BOSE COMPACT PA. I used one for years and I loved it. Compare if you are unsure. You do need a good mixer to pull out your specific sounds. But they are all there when you do.

Allen DeSomer

from United States
Audio Experience:

Monitor and more

I'm an aging performer experiencing the early stages of hearing loss. I replaced my old floor monitor with one of these hoping that the extra clariity would help me hear myself on a noisy stage. Prior to the K8.2, one of the symptoms of my hearing problem was everything sounded muddled together. Not now! My K8.2 monitor mix is forward and more present than the ambient sounds of other instruments, so I can play guitar and sing along with two percussionists, keys, bass, and backup singers. Also, this unit has come in handy as a PA for solo gigs and for speaking engagements. It does the job, and it does a lot of jobs!

Bruce Rohrbach

from Kutztown, PA
Audio Experience:
Professional musician and installed audio systems designer.

Improved user capabilities

I love the added EQ selectable parameters and increased power output. The 1/8” input on the back panel should be re-located; when used as a floor monitor the plug will protrude into the floor unless using a right-angle plug. Same with 1/4”-plug; so be sure to get right-angle plugs for floor monitor use.

Phillip L Milner

from United States
Audio Experience:
Certified Electronics Tech performing repair and maintenance on all manner of MI and Pro-Audio gear as well as system installation and consult. I am also a very active performing musician and recording engineer/producer.

These little guys will rock your world!

I have known of QSC's excellent rep for many years, particularly for their concert sound power amps, so I was surprised in no way to find how great the K-Series powered speakers were. I initially purchased a pair of K12's V1 about three years ago for my band. We play high-energy Folk-Rock Americana with a heavy emphasis on vocals and acoustic instrumentation, but often with a need to get it good and loud. The K12 was awesome in all venues from coffee house duet shows to full band outdoor street festivals without ever having to push them even close to their capabilities. I have also done a couple of commercial installations based on the Touchmix 16 and K12 and K10's with excellent results. Eventually the K.2 series was announced and I very quickly ordered a pair of K8.2's. As I rarely need to put bass or Kik in the mix I figured I could save some weight and maybe lose a little bottom end, but I was floored to find that the smaller V2 speaker was just as full as the older, bigger version but with even better clarity and headroom. As good as the original K series is, QSC has raised the bar even higher with this new version. With the addition of a digital mixer, I am able to get my live mixes close to how I hear my record mixes! Plus, I can carry both speakers in to the gig at one time. If you are a working musician who must often do your own sound, these make it nearly effortless to get a great sound with very little fuss, although with the addition of a digital mixer such as the Touchmix you can be set up and rocking a fantastic mix in a fraction of the time it used to take. Of course, if you are a professional sound person or installer, you will find all the features you'll need and the quality you expect.

Steve S

from Nashville
Audio Experience:
Knucklehead guitar player, part time live engineer, full time gear junkie.

Great for Helix FRFR

My 1/2 star deduction may be slightly unfair, because I initially built my Line6 Helix tones in stereo using another brand’s 10” speakers. I do however still slightly prefer the sound of my old 10” speakers. The QSC sounds fantastic though, and is more portable. Honestly despite its much higher wattage rating the k8.2 has a little less perceived volume than my other brand’s 10” with the level at 50% on both speakers. It’s still plenty loud for my use, and sounds great, so though I still prefer my old speakers I feel this product was worth every penny I paid. Don’t let my experience dissuade anyone, as I am not really using the k8.2 for its main purpose, and I have not used all the DSP options to really give it a fair, unbiased review. Great product and great company!

Bruce Rohrbach

from Kutztown, PA
Audio Experience:
Professional musician and installed audio systems designer.

Improved user capabilities

I love the added EQ selectable parameters and increased power output. The 1/8” input on the back panel should be re-located; when used as a floor monitor the plug will protrude into the floor unless using a right-angle plug. Same with 1/4”-plug; so be sure to get right-angle plugs for floor monitor use.

John Highkin

from San Diego
Audio Experience:
Musician and circus impresario.

Fine Speaker!

A great product! We bought a complete P.A. in 2017 for our nonprofit circus. We wanted an array of reliable, great sounding speakers for the range of our performance needs - from large show for 600 to a small venue. We bought the K8.2 to use both as a monitor for our band and backstage, and as a single powered speaker for a small room. It is clear across the spectrum. And it doesn't weigh too much.

william dowdell

from United States
Audio Experience:

Best damn little speaker ever

I play in the band Panama, we play on the east coast of Central Florida mostly outside. These speakers are part of our overall QSC system......they simply are kicking butt! We have the 12's paired with these 8's and there is nobody that has a better sound system than us.....period. They are sturdy, powerful, and built to last. The guy that worked on our other began with an M I think, said QSC is the one to get......he should know.

Joey Mercado

from Turlock CA
Audio Experience:

Great sound. Excellent power

These by far are best powered speakers I have ever owned. Do not let the small size fool you. These speakers thump ! I shopped for at least 10 months before I decided on these QSC K8.2 The price I paid for them are worth every bit of sound they put out. I use them for PA/ DJ applications. They project clear sound without distortion. Thanks QSC


from Jacksonville, fl
Audio Experience:

The best ever

I really thought this speaker was to small for a big venue this speakers give best loud sound and the range is awesome. The speakers sounds crystal clear. I will be getting more soon. I love my k8.2. I have tried other speaker but this one is the icing on the cake. Loud sound for its small size!!!

Russ W

from Pittsgrove, NJ
Audio Experience:
30 Year Owner/Operator Mobile DJ service. Head FOH sound tech for House of Worship.

Small Speaker... BIG punch!

I recently purchased the K8.2 speakers. I have used them for mains without subs, mains with subs and as stage monitors. They have NEVER let me down! Love the preset EQ settings. For such a smaller speaker, they pack a SERIOUS punch!

Thomas Baskerville

from Minnesota
Audio Experience:


I previously owned a pair of K10's, which I traded in for the K8.2 speakers. I use these speakers for keyboards in a variety of live band situations. I also own, or have owned, a number of speaker/speaker systems from various manufacturers. The K8.2s are the best sounding speakers I have had thus far, particularly considering the price point. The sound, size, weight, and ease of use get high marks. It would be nice if there were an app (and blue tooth) to access the rear panel functions from your phone or iPad. It's not such a problem if you are using them on poles, but in monitor position it's a bit awkward (minor quibble).

Winston - Gaines Entertainment

from San Antonio, Texas
Audio Experience:
Pro DJ, A/V Tech, Self Taught

Only For The Confident

I've had a set of these for about 1 year now, and it's been a fantastic addition to my arsenal. My primary use for the speaker is Wedding Ceremonies. In most cases (and I do mean MOST) we can rock one of these at the back of the ceremony. I can't even remember a ceremony that required both. The sound is crystal clear, the dispersion is freakin sweet, and the size is right up my ally. As a working DJ I can leave this in my backseat for those 'Just in case' events. Monitor? You got it. PA for a quick speech? Perfect. Movie night at home? Oh yeah!

Ryan O'Neal

from ARARAT NC 27007
Audio Experience:
Recording Engineer

QSC K8.2

I just Got This few days ago sep 8 2018,These Things are Fantastic, Quality Sound, and build and features Cant be Beat , I have Used a lot of Speakers over the years, I Am a Recording and Live Sound Engineer So I know What Sounds Good and What Sounds great, You Cant Go Wrong with These, They Have Good Bass for medium size areas and will work great in a Large Area With QSC Subs

Monica Tews

from Banner Elk, N.C.
Audio Experience:

Love it!

I have been performing for years, and have owned many different speakers. The k8.2 is the purest sounding speaker I have ever had. I've used this in various sized venues and have been thrilled with the sound and power. I'm a fan of qsc for life!


from Geelong
Audio Experience:


Love using these as a FOH with the KSUB, being so wide and powerful they work fantastic! not too bright and not lacking either. Also love being able to plug in a mic and guitar for solo artists and not having to carry around a mixer.


from Upstate NY
Audio Experience:
I play mostly acoustic mandolin music. The QSC speakers reproduce the sound of the mandolin with sparkling clarity.

Awesome speakers!

I own 3 of these now. I am building up a collection to replace my larger, much heavier brand "X" speakers. The QSC are light, compact and efficient. The sound is super clean. I never get any mystery hums or buzzes from the QSC. In a big venue I use these as monitors. In a small venue they are all we need.

Craig Alston

from Owings Mills,MD
Audio Experience:
Professional Musician

K8.2 is Amazing!

I absolutely love this product. Stylish and powerful. Durable and clear. Great and versatile in all situatuons.

Clifford V.

from California
Audio Experience:
Almost 40 years

Love this thing!

I always really liked the sound of the K8 and wanted to use it as my keyboard monitor. However, it lacked the floor monitor angle of the 10 and 12 inch versions. Then this little beauty came out. Glad I waited. It sounds even better, does more stuff (I can use it as a studio monitor mode at home) AND it has the floor monitor angle. Yay. So now I own two of them and just love, love, love. Already recommended to two other musician friends (one guitarist and one keyboard) and they own now as well. Well done, QSC!