RMX 4050a Reviews

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from Perth Western Australia
Audio Experience:
Amplifier design and enhancement, large format multi-element active drive speaker systems, accousticaly summed arrays, speaker design and construction.

Powerhouse of clean sound

I recently purchased a number of RMX series amplifiers. I am not an entertainer nor do I run a production business. Many years ago I developed an enjoyment for music. In keeping with this, I also developed a "critical ear". My sound systems, I have several, are all balanced active systems that utilise DBX 260 and 4820 digital signal processing. To my taste, passively crossed over systems are just not in the running at all. Since taking delivery of my RMX series amplifiers, I have had the opportunity to "listen" to an RMX 4050a. I must say that I am impressed. The sonic accuracy tangible and the power reserve's clearly evident from the amplifiers transient performance. The 4050a has plenty of bass punch and has no trouble digging deep. The amplifier is very heavy, care should be taken when moving it. It is also ruggedly built and very efficient putting out little heat when tasked with moderate loads. I have some very high quality top line vintage mosfet amps, some of which are close equivalents of the 4050a. Just as heavy too unfortunately. The 4050a does not take second stage to them. The 4050a with its independent power supplies for each channel, adds a depth to music which I particularly enjoy. Easily at home in systems that go way beyond "HiFi"


from California
Audio Experience:
Spectacular audio quality and continuous power output.

Pure Awesomeness

I bought this amp to power an active sub that had a blown amp. Regrettably it wasn’t a QSC otherwise it wouldn’t of have blown ;) Boy is this amp a Beast! It powers my old sub effortlessly and gracefully. The reason I chose this amp was because of the dual CBs which I am sure denote separate input PFC channels and thus separate rails for each channel output meaning a more robust bus. Also the legendary QSC nameplate comes into place. I also would totally recommend as it has very high rms power for requiring being on a 15A input breaker.