PLX3602 Reviews

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Jay Brown

from Chicago
Audio Experience:

11 year old amp still gets used weekly for mobile gigs.

I bought 2 of the PLX 3602's in 2007. One for subs and one for highs. The crossover and filters in the back came in handy one night when my Driverack went dead while at a gig. All I did was set one amp to "tops" and the other to "subs," put them both in parallel mode and kept rocking until the end of the night with the clip limiters engaged. For a while, I used one amp in bridge mode to power subs and that worked for years. Overall I love the build and the features. It'll let you know if you're pushing it too hard. It will cut off then cut back on. I've never had a problem with them outside of current limit.

Eric E.

from Georgia
Audio Experience:
14 years touring Production Manager, Free-Lance Audio Engineer, Church Audio Equipment installations.

Super Amp!

Fantastic amp that’s a perfect max to drive my JBL SUBS. I run 2, 3602s for my subs and never miss a beat. Even when power is tight, these amp keep up the pace! You won’t go wrong.

Mr Dynamite

from Northern Minnesota
Audio Experience:
Guitars / live sound

Awesome power!

All the features, easy to use, and big power. I have 4 plx amps, never had a problem with any of them. They improved our sound! I love the reliability of these.