K12.2 Reviews

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Daniel Crossley

from Ontario canada
Audio Experience:
Singer songwriter, musician, band manager, home recording studio artist.

Over the top performance

I use a set of two k12.2 powered speakers for a variety of occasions, from garage parties, to corporate events with speaches... These speakers allways exceed my expectations and i constantly have people inquiring about how i get such a great sound. I use the speakers straight out of the box with the preset audio settings. They are easy to use plug and play equipment with endless settings and adjustments for people that are more experienced with sound and want to tweak thier performance. They are expensive but gear that you can depend on is worth every penny!


from Texas
Audio Experience:


The speakers rock! Crystal clear and are loud .

Fast Freddie

from Salisbury, NC
Audio Experience:
Musician and DJ for over 40 years

DJ Set-Up using K12.2 speakers

I have purchased others brands of self powered speakers because of price. Once I did purchased the K12.2, they are worth every penny. I use these for my DJ sound system and to be 12" speakers, the bass is excellent. I would buy these again!

Imre Oros

from Hungary
Audio Experience:
Live music.


An aesthetic high efficiency and user-friendly speaker.