KW181 (Discontinued) Reviews

  4.5 based on 60 review(s)

Albert Espinoza

from San Antonio Tx.
Audio Experience:

Kw 181 Power subs & Kw 153 series

Had looked at other competitors on speakers.. Was blown away, It was the greatest investment I made.. to go with QSC, I was so excited, I even purchased the Kw 153 & Planning to purchase 2 more Subs to complete are system next year.. Yes QSC cost is a litter more then some of the other companies.. But It was worth it.. Are band perform’s 2 to 3 times a week.. We get a lot of compliments on are over all sound.. Great Job!!.. Keep Up The Fantastic Work, QSC you have a customer for life...


from Florida
Audio Experience:
DJ, Sound Production

No words needed

Like the title says, once you turn these on just sit back and be amazed. You will feel the lows like a punch in the chest, the audio from the sub is tight and really good, I love these subs and wouldn't trade them for the worl.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Sound man

Awesome Subwoofer

This is a big step for me to own a pair of KW181. The Sub is much lighter than other products and gives out lots of power. For the money and quality, I'd think it's a best choice. Plan to purchase another pair for band to perform in a larger area

Joe Gridley

from Imperial Beach, California
Audio Experience:
I started playing professionally in the mid 70's

It's all about that bass!

Paired with the QSC K12's and the Touchmix-8, I have never been happier with our live sound. At some venues, we play music through the system during breaks. What a punch! We have people on the dance floor during breaks also!

Young Ray-Mo

from Virginia Beach, VA
Audio Experience:
DJ, Guitarist, Producer


I currently use two K10 tops and the KW181 sub. The KW181 has been an asset to my live sound system. The low frequency extension this sub brings is satisfying and impressive. Can't do a gig with out having this sub. It's quite hefty but easy to lug around due to the built-in casters. I can't recommend this sub enough.

Ronell AKA: DJ Oasis

from Antioch, CA.
Audio Experience:

Sweet Unit

I enjoy this unit for several different reasons. It is comfortable to transport, with the quality constructed, easy access cover that I purchased (keeps the unit looking good). The wheels are quiet and durable. I like the entire unit being black in color, so it's discreet. The weight of the product is awesome, because the configuration is small enough to wrap your arms around comfortably to grab the handles. It is significantly smaller and lighter compared to other units in it's class. However, the bottom sound that it produces is Super Low!!! I love this unit, actually 2 that I purchased. It is difficult for me to leave this Sub at home because of the Rich lows that come out of this cabinet. Therefore, I take at least 1 with me at all times, like AMEX!!!

Marc Golob

from Miami, Fl
Audio Experience:
I have worked in music nearly exclusively for 30 years dealing with live sound on a daily basis.

Best in Class

This review is similar to my K12.2 review. Having worker in music retail I had the benefit of being able to do a shootout of all the major brands of speakers including the KW181 against many other of the name brand powered subs in it's class. I always found the KW181 superior to any single 18 (and sometimes double 18) powered sub. The overall response is tighter than any I've heard but they can still rattle your skull! I use them both for live sound and DJ work and they are great for both. With bands I like to build my mix around the kick drum and I feel the 181s deliver that bassy impact that give you that concert feel that makes the live band experience exciting. For my DJ work, I of course need a ridiculous amount of bass and I can make people dizzy with my 181s ( and I only have a pair). They are also great because 1 person can lift them and are easy to transport. All that said they are a very simple product, just plug 'em in turn 'em up and go!

Andre Brown

from Chicago
Audio Experience:


The Sound Is Awesome, the bass is incredible. I love the Wheels on them, I had to add them to my setup

DJ PC Baby!

from United States
Audio Experience:
mobile DJ

Best Subwoofer Available

The build quality is 2nd to none! The built on caster wheels are top notch making for easy transport. The sound of these are very great considering they're not the heaviest at all. Very huge, punch base in such a compact box! I had to have a pair!


from Austin
Audio Experience:
Musician/engineer, 25 years


This thing honks. Huge sub, great power and portability.


from Saint Paul
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ, turntablism

What a beast!

There's a reason this has been a standard for years. As a mobile DJ, I can bring just one of these to a small-ish wedding or event and absolutely crush (just make sure you understand gain structure, setup, and proper sub placement for the room you're in). Make sure to get the cover, as well. The ONLY complaint is how big and heavy this piece is, but it's a small worry given how dependable it is and the amazing sound it produces. Honestly, use it as a bit of a cart for your other gear. It's just that kind of workhorse. Top notch!

Ben Armstrong

from England, South East
Audio Experience:
Pro live and studio sound tech for 22 years

The Best Active Sub By Miles

The KW181 Sub Woofer is a marvel to behold. From opening the box, you can tell this is designed for professional use. The tough, black, solid wooden build let's you and others know that this is going to be fit for purpose. Out of the box, at the front it looks very sleek. The type of thing that isn't obtrusive in any placement. Being black, in dark events, it won't be able to be seen obviously. In lighter settings, it looks like any professional performance speaker making it sit at home in big auditoriums or a polite wedding type event. On the back of the unit you're greeted with a very clean layout of inputs, plus a "link" connection enabling you to daisie chain other 181s or other active (or line input sources to this. The potentiometers are very smooth, yet recessed to prevent damage in transit. The L.E.D. toggle switch is a great feature. There is a neatly placed blue L.E.D. on the front that initially shows you the KW181 is turned on and running, but using the toggle switch you can disable the L.E.D. or only make it illuminate when clipping occurs. Perfect for all occasions. The fan at the back only cuts in when required. It looks pretty small, but it really does the trick, but most importantly, without any adverse effects on the sound. It's very clear that this product has had considerable thought put into it at every point of development. This becomes even clearer when you actually put audio through it. From pre recorded sources of Dj setups to live sources such as Double basses, 22" kick drums and even Cajons, the amount of sonic, refined power from these boxes are incredible. A lot of professional techs are sceptical about active PA and still fly amp racks with their passive cabs. Or, there's an unnecessary large and obtrusive flight case (or 6) at the side of the performance area, creating heat, noise and a rats nest of cables. With the K and KW range, there's no excuse anymore. The whole range, especially the KW181 is suitable for both the semi pro and pro field. It will faithfully reproduce what you feed into it. So folks, if your mix is bad, your bad is amplified. If your mix is great and you know your trade, be prepared to replace all that passive P.A. The QSC team have come up with the goods once again!

Eric D

from Columbus, Ohio
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ

Big Bass!

I have used 4 of these subs for Professional DJ gigs for the last 3 years! In various venues, room sizes, indoor/outdoor, you name it. These subs are bulletproof and are the best bang for your buck out there. I have used all the other name brands, both passive and powered, and these hands down are the best! Thanks QSC for always delivering a great product! I currently have them paired with the K12.2's and the sound is incredible!

Douglas Pauley

from Winnsboro S.C.
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Great Speakers for DJ

I own these speakers and they are great for a mobile DJ. The bass is very good and loud. You can definitely feel the bass. I would strongly recommend to everyone else.


from Los Angeles
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Unrivaled Subwoofer

You will not be disappointed with this subwoofer! I use two and they tend to rattle the venue sometimes. Incredible kick and extremely lightweight. Definitely worth every penny!


from Southeast Shelby County Tennessee
Audio Experience:
30+ years learning the craft a F.O.H., monitor world, stage hand, stage mgr. for many major recording artists and up and comers.

Where have these been all my life!!!!

I was out at a club one night and got to hear these in action in a dj setting. Was blown away. I have just upgraded my system to now having 4 of these in my arsenal. I am getting compliments from musicians and from patrons , of the concert and quality of sound I am getting. Makes your chest puff out a little HAHAHA. I love the great sound I can get in low volume and high volume settings with these. My clients are very happy . That also makes me pround and happy. Thanks for your efforts in these quality items.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Live, stage, studio, FoH

Bottom to spare

We sport 2 KW181s for the club band. Tons of bottom end to be had. Love the fact the crossover point is set by the tops or mixer. Crank 'em up, let the push the bottom, do their job. Same controls (for the most part) as the KW112s. Great addition to any QSC setup, or any other manu for that matter. If I had one complaint, it would be the position of the handles. They can make picking them up to put on stage, back in truck/van/whatever you can't roll into, a bit awkward. Personally, I think they need to be set 90 degrees off where they are. As heavy as the 181s are (and not that heavy really) the wood takes a beating. Other than those couple of gripes/thoughts I wouldn't use anything else. The performance has been rock solid. The sound can be thunderous if that's what you want. If you're doing KWs or K.s for tops, these are what you want for the bottom end.

Larry Shibler

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician for over 30yrs :)

Best sounding/quality 18" Speakers

Nothing more than WOW! These produce a very solid sounding bass from its nice size and weight for the 3 years I have been using them! Same as the KW153 with the same results and complements from other sound men in the area! We been using these with our 2 bands RUMOR 6 and GOT 90s? Good size and weight for fitting in our Dodge Caravan(with drums, two KW135 speakers plus stage lights). A++++

Gert Engelbrecht

from Vredendal, South Africa
Audio Experience:
Musician, DJ, Sound engineer

Perfect active sub!!

Small, light The castors make life easy. They sound awesome...two stacked together even better. worth every penny. I own two of these and two K12.2's The best thing is the little time it takes to setup whole system....its crazy.

Q. Henry

from United States
Audio Experience:
DJ, Producer

You feel these in the chest!!!

These are the most powerful and convenient subwoofers I know of. I purchased two for mobile DJ gigs and have no problem at large event spaces and outside events. The bass is extremely crisp and clean, and the best part is the wheels on the bottom for ease of mobility. Recommend these if you're in the market for high end subs. Especially for mobile performers.

Kenny Hanks

from Salem Va.
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey for over 30 Years

Light weight sub that packs. PUNCH!

Hauling and lifting my former Behrenger 18” Sub got to be very hard on my back. I was looking for something light weight. Since I have QSC tops I decided to do my research on a light weight sub that absolutely Rocks, this is where I decided on the KW-181 sub with wheels. This sub has plenty of bottom and is a lot easier on my back! Plus you can’t beat the warranty QSC backs up!

Richard Sullivan

from Mandurah
Audio Experience:
Started in bands as a drummer in 1983 and still going to the present. For me, Its always about walking into a new place, hearing a new song, and instantly wanting to own it. You want the song, the equipment, the speakers. And you want it to sound THAT good at your place.

Just play Brandy

If you want to audition a set of subs see how "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass sounds. Yes, obviously, its the bass guitar at the start that you are referencing, but check out the brass after that as it comes in. Its the whole setup we are talking about. If that moves you, (and it should) buy the subs you are listening to. If this means nothing to you, then you need to try another system.

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound Guy

KW181 - The best subwoofer in its class.

Let's be clear here, there is no subwoofer in its class better than the KW181. I have owned two of these for a year now. I gig three to four weekends out of the month, mostly with my 7-piece band. These subwoofers took us from "good" to "amazing." They footprint is tiny compared to competitors, but the design is still sleek and looks great at any type of event. Most importantly, they're light! My back was dying with my previous subs, but I can move these around with ease. In regards to sound, I have pushed these things so hard and they have never broken a sweat! Clear, punchy, earth-rattling sound! I plan on buying two more very soon. If you want excellent sound and gig a ton, these will never let you down. A quality product from a quality brand. Thanks QSC!

Stevie T.

from Houston
Audio Experience:
Musician, singer, sound engineer

Want some serious low end?

After moving to powered speakers a few years ago, I had still held on to my passive subs mainly to delay the additional investment to ad powered subs. Finally, I had enough to buy one, so I dumped the passive subs and started shopping for a new powered one. After great success with QSC for mains & monitors, I naturally went to QSC first. After evaluating the different QSC sub offereings, I looked at the competitors, and decided to go with 1 QSC KW181 vs 2 of the competitors lower priced subs. The remarkable performance of the KW181 received complement after complement at our shows immediately. I could have gotten by with 1 for a while longer, but, let's face it...there is no substitute for quality sound! The KW181s are clean, hard hitting subs that match perfectly with the K series mains, and do a magnificent job of reproducing our Kick, Bass, and low Synth sounds at our rock venues. There are some other brands that are priced the same, and come close, but I have found nothing that matches them, and the only thing I have found that our performs them are the high end dual 18 boxes that cost more than double the price of the QSCs.


from United States
Audio Experience:
I'm a seasoned guitar player, musician and taught guitar for a while. Used to do a lot of praise and worship and worship leading over the years. Now I'm an avid Elvis Tribute Artist and do over 90 shows a year. I have a full time regular job as well. I love jazz guitar, the Beatles, Elvis and all things musical.


What can you say QSC makes the best speakers around and are pretty much the standard in the industry. I have one of these that are use for larger events. Honestly I don't get to use it that often for my average venues don't require it. But I've seen these in action and have performed with a set of four of them on a dance floor. Wow it was like an earthquake. I had the KSub at one time but it sold it to get this bigger 18" speaker. Great product.

arthur hoff

from League City Texas
Audio Experience:
musician/Sound Engineer.

I cant belive what im hearing.

Buy far the best sub out there I had 2 put them side by side more low end you could imagine. Clean and crisp lows. I want more


from United States
Audio Experience:
I'm a seasoned guitar player, musician and taught guitar for a while. Used to do a lot of praise and worship and worship leading over the years. Now I'm an avid Elvis Tribute Artist and do over 90 shows a year. I have a full time regular job as well. I love jazz guitar, the Beatles, Elvis and all things musical.


What can you say QSC makes the best speakers around and are pretty much the standard in the industry. I have one of these that are use for larger events. Honestly I don't get to use it that often for my average venues don't require it. But I've seen these in action and have performed with a set of four of them on a dance floor. Wow it was like an earthquake. I had the KSub at one time but it sold it to get this bigger 18" speaker. Great product.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Owner of a Audio Rental house in NYC

Amazing Subwoofer!

I own 6 of these boxes and I am trying to get 2 more to complete my stacks for a total of 8! I have only had good reviews for sound at all my gigs. I pair these with the KW153s and I can not wait to complete my rig. Indoor and out amazing sound!

Ben Bush

from Northeast Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Graduate of The Recording Workshop class of '98. 20 years sound experience. Owner of Studio 670.

The Right Thump and Punch

In every application that I've used the KW181, It is always the best sounding gig. It pairs well with multiple combinations of QSC tops and makes getting a clear thump and punch that much easier. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great low end.

Hung Ly

from Ontario, Canada
Audio Experience:
Basic experience

Kw181 Subwoofer

I use this with my k12 speaks and it sound amazing

DJ C-House

from Oak Park, Michigan
Audio Experience:
Mobile Disc Jockey with over 25 years of experience.

Portable Power

Dependable, powerful and precise. Great for the Mobile DJ that needs excellence in sound reinforcement!


from Atlanta, GA
Audio Experience:
Musician & DJ for 30+ years.

Heartbeat of my DJ business

Wow!! I spent months doing the research, reading the reviews, and listening to all of the choices I had in making what has become the significant difference between a good and GREAT bottom end for my DJ business. I have been pushing a set of 15" tops and not getting the lows needed especially in outdoor venues. Now I have a whole new sound because of the superior performance and quality of my KW181. I hope to be able to pair with some smaller tops in the near future. Will be looking at the K8.2's to become a 100% QSC equipment setup. Keep delivering these great products and services.

Donavin Scheepers

from South Africa
Audio Experience:


I own a set of KW181’s. Again, quite impressive units. Don’t know how QSC does it but other brands simply can’t match – previously had a Samson 18’ after which an Alto 18’, both powered subs. My QSC pair simply pump the bass (and more) that I want and which is simply what I bought it for. I would LOVE to hook it up with a K12.2 or smaller because of the double in power size, cannot wait to own a pair of the new K.2 series. I never doubt the performance or endurance of my sound system when I set up for a gig. The structure of the speaker (how it’s build) is every sound tech’s dream – durable, robust, strong but bold, neat and appealing appearance. However, a downside for me is how the speaker cover has been designed to fit – only when the speaker is stored on its castors. I use my sound system also at home but directly after use, would like to cover it against dust and dents – meaning that I can’t use my original speaker covers but a loose cloth. For this reason, I was never interested to purchase speaker covers. Once again, I must say, I always feel confident to unpack my QSC system in front of any audience because they most certainly comment with a ‘wow…you have powerful sound’ …People simply regard owners of QSC sound systems to be just in a league of its own / different league…you simply own the BEST!

Mailman bmore

from United States
Audio Experience:
Been a DJ for 35yrs and a sound pervider for 6yrs.


I been doing now for about 35yrs and I have used several other top name brand on the market.... The qsc kw181 I must say are not to be playing with... The first time I ever played with them they were so clear and musical that I went out an grabbed up 2 more for a total of 4... You will not be disappointed with qsc kw181...

Jose Mar

from California
Audio Experience:
20 years of Mobile Dj

Supero las Espectativas

After Months searching for the right speakers. even going to the same stores over and over. the sales rep telling me are you going to buy something or not. I need it to be sure. so my last test was against EV Mackie and JBL. then My Investment was on 8 KW181 8 KW152 2 K12 and 1 K8. my friends laugh at first. becasuse it was so small then. well you know what is next a nice clear and clean Audio.. Sales Rep was Happy at the end. and today its been 3 years with a QSC Products

Don Curtis

from Jenks, Oklahoma 74037
Audio Experience:
Drummer (30 Years) I've owned and operated PA systems now and in the past. Just started a new Band

KW181 Review

I sincerely believe that QSC are the very best PA/Monitor speakers on the market in its price range and even higher. The enormous sound (Watts-RMS) from such a portable PA system is a game changer. The quality of the sound can’t be beat. That is why “MY” band uses the K12.2 Mains with the KW181 Subs. Our Bass player uses a DI Box to the PA and he loves the sound of the QSC KW181 18" Subs. My brother Marcus and also my brother Skip’s band also use the QSC K12’s and the K12.2 Speakers. I eventually would like to run my electronic drums with 11 outputs into the QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer then into our main 16-channel mixer. The K8.2’w would also be a great addition to the K12.2 & the KW181 Subs as mains or as floor monitors. Thank you, QSC.

JoeAce Cornelio

from Perris, California
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ

True deep, earth-shaking, window-rattling bass out of the box

I've owned this sub for more than eight years. As a pro DJ for many years my setup was two K12's and one KW181 and it was sufficient for most events that I DJ'd. The sub has always performed with true deep, earth-shaking, window-rattling bass. When I added the second KW181, it really took me to the next level in terms of bass output. A few times I've been told to dial it down at hotel venues where they have guests sleeping and can still hear my bass. Truly a reliable and a workhorse. I'm totally satisfied with this sub and I've not had a need to change my sound system even at eight years and counting.

Joe Lemire

from Stoughton, MA
Audio Experience:
Years and years!

These Subs are Beautifully the Best!

Sometimes, when I am just walking to a gig with my gear, I get the look like I'm going to be super loud (and I could be). Once in a while a manager will come to me and say, "That looks loud". I reassure them they are about to hear one of the best sound reinforcement systems that they have ever heard. When I'm leaving a gig, it is not rare to hear that same manager say, "That sounded great"! If you are looking for the best, you found it. Two of these and two QSC loudspeakers and you can play anywhere!

Russ W

from Pittsgrove, NJ
Audio Experience:
30 Yr. Owner/Operator Mobile DJ business. Lead FOH sound tech for House of Worship.

These subs ROCK!

Hands down the BEST sub I have owned! I've had many other subs from other major companies. When you compare all the features and specs, these win hands down. I also love the fact that I can handle lifting these on my own... which at my age is a blessing! You can't go wrong with these!

Dennis Lee Adams

from Columbia md
Audio Experience:

New subs

I used three subs in my last. DJ event. I connected them to my mixer through the monitor input. A quality sound and more control when using the monitor input

Dj Advan

from Corpus christi, tx
Audio Experience:
mobile dj for 18+ years


these things paired with some kw153'S truly are awesome! nothing but great feed back & comments when I'm doing shows. i have owned mine for about 4 years now and they still as good as they did since day 1.


from Long Island
Audio Experience:
Been a DJ for over 30 years. I own an event entertainment company.

6 Years and Still Kick Butt!

Ok I've waited a while to finally share my review. I got a pair soon after they were released and loved them immediately. Well 6 years later and still going strong. Had one issue over the years and had it fixed under warranty no questions asked. I couldn't recommend any other sub for what you get for it's size, power, durability and price.

David Opperman

from Aurora, CO
Audio Experience:

Thump in small box

I've run KW181 subs for a few years now... I LOVE THEM! For smaller venues, one is sufficient (especially with the ability to combine a stereo signal into one sub). Two subs work well for more "oomph"... and with a band. When I use 4, it is perfect for those medium sized clubs and you need solid low end. I would recommend these to ANY band, DJ, Karaoke host or any audiophile wishing to FILL out the bottom end or your sound!


from Sacramento, CA
Audio Experience:

Clean bass!

Awesome sound. I’ve used this sub paired with two KW152’s inside and outside. Plenty of bass, even when I turn the highpass filters on on the kw152’s.


from Murrieta
Audio Experience:
26 years dj'ing

WOAH!!! 8 years and still running perfect!

I have multiple KW181's and they're the perfect combo for me paired with my QSC KW122's. They sound great, hit hard and they're extremely reliable! DJ'ing for a living, I need gear I can rely on and that sounds great, and out of all the other brand name subs, these sound the best!


from United States
Audio Experience:
I am a musician, singer, songwriter, and amateur DJ.

Earth Shaking Bass

I bought two K10s for sound reinforcement of my solo acoustic gigs. One on the floor and one on a speaker stand. I started getting into amateur DJing for family, friends, and civic organizations. To do that I needed something to provide some earth shaking bass, because everyone wants to FEEL the bass as well as hear it. I was giddy when I finally got the KW181. My first outing with the KW181 was when I DJed my neice's outside wedding. I had the KW181 and my two K10s. The sound was perfect! I chose the KW-181 for durability and performance and of course the awesome QSC warranty. In a time where companies don't really stand behind their products having a REAL warranty is important and sets QSC apart. I have to say it isn't just the sound that makes the KW181 good. The thoughtfulness of the design makes it a perfect choice too. The casters that allow you to move the big speaker is a godsend. I bought the KW181 cover and it made well, protects the speaker, has a big pocket for cables, and a hard top to provide protection of the front of the speaker when stored. I put my two K10s on top of the KW181 when stored. The best speakers I've ever used in terms of sound and engineering quality.


from waukegan il
Audio Experience:

best bass speaker

since having this i need no other the bass fills room completely with rich sounding bass recommend this to everyone who ask me will worth the money

John Highkin

from San Diego, CA
Audio Experience:

Bottom of a Whole System

QSC makes great products! We bought a complete P.A. in 2017 for our nonprofit circus. We wanted an array of reliable, great sounding speakers for the range of our performance needs - from large show for 600 to a small venue. We bought two KW181s to use as the bottom of our largest set-up, mostly outdoors. The KW181s work beautifully with 2 pairs of K12.2s to give a huge range of sound across all sorts of funky parks. We also bought QSC because of their reputation for great customer service and the fact that the company is close to San Diego.


from Council Bluffs, IA
Audio Experience:
I have DJed and run live sound for musicals/big band groups over the last 10 years.

Compact and powerful

These subs are the most compact 18inchers I've found. They kick hard. I have two if them paired with K12.2 tops. Has worked great in gyms with crowds up to 300 people. They both fit side by side in the back of a 2014 Ford explorer.

Cooper Brown

from United States
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ for 9 Years


I have owned these subs for 4 yrs. I do mostly school gigs and some weddings. I used just two of these subs for school dances of up to 1,000 people (indoors) and they worked GREAT every time. I rarely ever even saw the limit light come on. The construction of these are super solid. Mine still look brand new. I 100% recommend these KW 181 subs. They are the best in its class. Plus you know you can never go wrong with QSC.


from NorCal
Audio Experience:

Powerful bass

A single KW181 shakes the whole house.. Great solution for home theater!


from Austin, TX
Audio Experience:

Great quality sub

I DJ and can do up to 200. Sounds deep and clean. If you gig a lot, get 2 of these so you dont run 1 sub too hard. Pretty heavy to carry but thats because its made of wood. Not some plastics like other companies use. I got the cover for it as well.

Mitchell Rosenberg

from Culpeper, VA
Audio Experience:
I play in a couple different bands - playing R&B, classic rock, country. Playing guitar/sound tech for over 4 decades.

KW181s, bringing the low end thump!

I used to poo poo the idea of speakers with their own amps, until I hear these bad boys! I like the idea of not having to drag around the stack of amps like I did in the past, with huge cabinets to get the sound the KW181s produce - great response, clean, quick to setup/hook fuss no muss! I have KW153s for the top end to cover the full range - this set up will cover a big venue, indoors or out, with no problems. I LOVE 'EM!

Donny Hammonds

from Cartersville, Ga.
Audio Experience:

KW181 subs are amazing!!!

I own 4 of the KW181 subs and I couldn’t be happier! They perform amazing every gig and I gig 4-5 nights a week. I’ve never had any issues at all with any of them. The warranty of 6 years can’t be touched by any other brand of speakers. They sound amazing and are actually easy to setup and roll in to venues thanks to the built in casters. I would and do recommend these to any musician I meet. Venues compliment my band on how clear and full our sound is. You can’t go wrong with any QSC product.


from Wisconsin
Audio Experience:

Love these subs!

There are many things I love about these subs. First, is the quality of the low end response. They look very slick, especially when paired with my K12 or new K12.2 speakers. Possibly one of my favorite things about these subs is the built-in casters! It makes transportation so easy!

DJ Greg Warr

from Winter Garden, FL
Audio Experience:

Great completent for the K12.2

I typically use the KW181 for EDM at outside events with about 100 guests. When a single sub is paired with the QSC K12s, it produces enough low end to keep the party going and I have yet to crank it anywhere near max SPL.


from Cape Girardeau, MO
Audio Experience:
Mobile dj

Awesome sub

Very good bass response in this great QSC product. I have this paired with K 10.2 loudspeakers and the sound is amazing. Would highly recommend.

Dorion Wayns

from Philadelphia PA
Audio Experience:
Official Dj for Temple University Athletics for 14 Years, as well as many mobile events.

Nothing compares to the KW181

With the KW181 being so compact with such a strong powerful sound, i can hide it under 6 foot table. By far the very best sub I have owned and herd in years!

Jairo Bedoya

from Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia S.A.
Audio Experience:

kw181, Excelent

I bought at the same time 2 loudspeakers k12.2 and kw 181. This last product have been a wonder. My friends like very much the sound this apparatus produces, specially when it is working several minutes ( 15-30 minutes), because the sound becomes vibrant and reverberating. It is the best sound in my city.

Dj Richie Sly

from Md
Audio Experience:
Dj for 20+years

The beat pound for pound powered sub on the markwt

This is 5 out of 5 but because I know here is room for improvement i have it a 4.5. Love this sub so much I bought 8 for my mobile Dj rig. Easy to move with casters as I move by my self. Sound quality is better than other subs in its range. I had a pair of K subs and when I heard these I traded them the k subs for these.