Discontinued Products

PL6-9 Rebate Program

PL6.0PFC, PL9.0PFC, and PL6.0II Rebate Program

QSC is offering anyone who purchases a new PL380 amplifier from any authorized QSC dealer the opportunity to send to QSC their old PL9.0 or PL6.0 or PL6.0II along with proof of purchase of the PL380 and receive back an $800 rebate for each unit exchanged.

The details and conditions of the rebate are as follows:

  • Must have purchased a new PL380 amplifier from an authorized QSC dealer.
  • Must provide proof of purchase including serial number, place purchased, and a copy of the purchase receipt for the PL380.
  • Must send to the QSC factory (at owner's expense) a PL9.0PFC, PL6.0PFC or PL6.0II with legitimate serial number in place accompanied with the proof of purchase of a new PL380. (Any previous "promotional giveaway" units are exempt from rebate program determined by serial number).
  • Qualifying PL6.0 or PL9.0 amplifier must be received within 60 days of purchasing new PL380.
  • Upon receipt of the qualifying PL6.0 or PL9.0 amplifier, a rebate of $800 will be issued to the user upon verification that the returned amplifier and the PL380 proof of purchase meet the conditions of the rebate as stated above. (Payment to end users will be in the form of a rebate check mailed to the customer's address of record. Dealer rebates will be issued in the form of dealer credit.)
  • Offer may be discontinued at any time at QSC's discretion.

Rebate Form

Cinema Products Rebate

QSC is offering a $75.00 rebate to customers who replace a discontinued product (see list for qualifying models) with a current model.

“Due to the difficulty in obtaining parts for very old amplifiers and the cost of labor; it may not be practical to service amplifiers that experience severe failures. QSC will provide assistance with minor failures on a parts-available basis.

When replacing Cinema amplifiers, it is important to determine if analog crossover modules are in use. For example, the XC-1 may be installed in MX 1500a amplifiers for bi-amp screen channels and the replacement DCA 1622 would need the XC-3 module. Contact QSC for details about the appropriate replacements for discontinued modules.”

The details and conditions of the rebate are as follows:

  • Customers must purchase the replacement product from an authorized QSC Cinema Dealer
  • Customers must provide proof of purchase including serial number, place or purchase, and a copy of the purchase receipt.
  • Customers must complete the Rebate Request Form completely and acknowledge the program terms with their written signature.
  • Customers must submit their Rebate Request within 30 days of new equipment purchase.
  • Customers may qualify for an additional $25.00 rebate by returning the old unit to QSC for eWaste recycling.
  • Units not returned to QSC will no longer be eligible for QSC Factory Service*
  • Offer may be discontinued at any time at QSC’s discretion

*Product may continue to be repaired/serviced at the customer’s expense at a qualified service center of their choosing