Attero Tech is now a part of QSC 

The Q-SYS Ecosystem just got quite a bit bigger. The rapidly growing portfolio of native Q-SYS Platform processors and peripherals has been joined by Attero Tech’s highly innovative portfolio of networked AV endpoints and I/O peripherals.

Simple Integration
QSC-developed control plugins allow integrators to drag-and-drop Attero Tech devices into their Q-SYS designs without the need for any complicated control programming. Latest version of these plugins available to download through Q-SYS Designer Software.


Q-SYS Ecosystem: ‘native’ vs. ‘integrated’

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Wall-Mount Network Audio Interfaces

Attero Tech by QSC wall plate I/O solutions allow for simple Bluetooth® and Dante/AES67 audio integration into network AV systems, including the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

  • unBT2A - Bluetooth® audio wall plate
  • unD6IO-BT - Dante/AES67 wall plate - 4 x 2 multi I/O with Bluetooth® audio
  • unDX2IO+ - Dante/AES67 wall plate – 2 in (XLR) x 2 in (Phoenix) x 2 out (XLR)
  • unDX4I - Dante/AES67 wall plate – 4 in (XLR) x 2 out (Phoenix)
  • unD6IO - Dante/AES67 wall plate - 4 x 2 multi-IO
  • Axon D2i – Dante/AES67 wall plate – 2 in (XLR + ¼” combo)

Surface Mount Network Audio Interfaces

Attero Tech by QSC audio I/O solutions provide simple integration into any venue or application for quick audio bridging to/from a Dante™ or AES67 network – available in flange-mount or rack-mount form factors.

  • Axon A4FLEX - AES67 scalable mic/line connectivity interface
  • Axon A8Mio - AES67 network audio I/O endpoint (8 x 8)
  • Axon A4Mio - AES67 network audio I/O endpoint (4 x 4)
  • Axon D2FLEXio - Dante/AES67 scalable mic/line connectivity interface
  • Axon DBU – USB/Bluetooth network audio interface (Dante/AES67)
  • unHX2D - Dante/AES67 enabled HDMI audio embedder/de-embedder
  • unDIO2x2+ - Dante/AES67 network audio interface - 2 x 2 mic/line I/O
  • unD4I-L - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 4x mic/line inputs with GPIO
  • unD4O - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 4x line-level analog outputs

Rack-Mount Network Audio Interfaces

The Synapse Series are multi-channel Dante™/AES67 network audio interfaces offering network redundancy and daisy chaining. Perfect for applications with a high-volume of distributed audio I/O endpoints, such as corporate, stadiums, theaters and more.

  • Synapse DM1 - Dante/AES67 rack-mount audio monitor
  • Synapse D16Mio - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 16x mic/line inputs, 16x line outputs
  • Synapse D32Mi - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 32x mic level Inputs
  • Synapse D32i - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 32x line level inputs
  • Synapse D32o - Dante/AES67 network audio interface – 32x line level outputs

Network Wall Controllers

Flexible IP-based control solutions for network AV systems, featuring a single-gang, Decora® style in-wall design, OLED display and rotary encoder.

  • Axon C1 - Single-gang network audio controller

Network Amplifiers

Multi-channel, low-power amplifier solutions designed for themed entertainment and other specialized audio applications.

Audio Monitoring Peripherals

Audio monitoring solutions aimed at providing a simple solution for selection and monitoring of audio channels on a Dante™ network, as well as hands-free USB soft-conferencing.

  • unDNEMO – Dante network audio monitor

IP Paging Stations

Dante and AES67 compatible paging interfaces with four programmable zones and wall or desk-mount adaptability that address the unique communications needs of large sporting venues, airport terminals, train stations, conventions centers and corporate facilities.

  • Zip4 - Four-zone Dante/AES67 paging interface
  • Zip4-3G - Four-zone Dante/AES67 paging interface (3-gang)

Analog I/O Extenders

Axiom Series products provide simple, flexible and installation-friendly solutions for point-to-point analog audio signal extension over CAT-5.  Perfect for applications such as education, retail, hospitality and house of worship.

  • Axiom ML1 - Analog extension module - mic/line inputs
  • Axiom AXP2O - Expansion module with 2x outputs
  • Axiom USB1 - Bi-directional USB audio wall plate
  • Axiom BT1 - Bi-directional Bluetooth audio wall plate
  • Axiom AXPio - Expansion module with 2x Flex I/O

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