Yale University Finds Versatile Audio Processing Solution in QSC Q-SYS Core 110f System

Core 110f Used Throughout University Including as Music and Paging System in a Multi-Zoned Cafe 09/30/2016

Yale University is known for graduating great minds, thanks to the value it places on knowledge and innovation. It prioritizes those same values to its facilities and technologies, so when looking for a versatile AV solution, their IT team turned to the QSC Q-SYS™ Core 110f.

They currently use the solution as a music and paging system for audio in a multi-zoned café. Users run the Q-SYS app on an iPad, walking around the space and leveling the audio to a preferred level. With the app, they can also balance microphones for a presenter.

The AV Engineering Manager at Yale University explained why the Core 110f is the ideal solution for the many of its spaces, including classrooms in the music center. “The Core 110f will allow high-quality audio and signal routing in the individual classroom as well as allow the in-room system to feed a larger Core sitting in the building’s recording studio. By using the Core 110f in each classroom, the entire building becomes a networked recording studio.”

The long-term value of the Core 110f also appealed to Yale, since it is upgradeable via software updates. “I like the support and development cycle QSC is providing to their products. Knowing this product will continue to be improved and only get better makes it an attractive investment.”

With 24 inputs/outputs in a single rack unit appliance, it stands out from every other appliance in that market. The size and interface are perfect for classrooms and conference rooms, yet the flex I/Os allow it to perform like a larger, more expensive system, Yale’s AV engineer added. The entire Q-SYS platform provides more control and power than other small-scale DSP platforms. Though only advanced technicians will program the Core 110f at Yale, there will be other users who will have access to the app-based user interface. Training is simple and easy for all functions—control, monitoring, and programming—of the device.

In addition to the I/O flexibility, the Yale IT team values the USB audio output, the robust programming architecture, the audio quality, and the iOS app. The Q-SYS Control app allows users to easily control Q-SYS audio systems from their iOS devices.

The overall versatility of how the Core 110f can perform in different education environments—from the café to classrooms to meeting rooms—is why the AV engineering team plan to expand its use as well as other Q-SYS solutions. “Thanks to the quality and ease of use of the Q-SYS product line, we are pushing to move our DSP platform to QSC,” the AV engineering manager said.