Trinity Sound Company Builds for the Future with Q-SYS

Q-SYS™ Allows Trinity Sound Company to Offer Their Clients Unparalleled Performance and Control with the Ability to Grow 10/30/2014

Costa Mesa, CA (October 29, 2014) - Building for the future is a trademark of Southern California-based Trinity Sound Company and when it comes to larger scale audio installations, Trinity Sound Company’s go to network audio solution is the QSC Q-SYS™ network audio platform. Two recent Trinity Sound Company installations that utilize Q-SYS are found at Vineyard Church of Anaheim Hills and Yucaipa Christian Church which have both benefitted from using Q-SYS as their sound system’s foundation.  In both cases, system owners cited the Q-SYS’ ability to grow as the needs of the congregation grow and centralized control as key requirements.  

“As a company, we have been incorporating Q-SYS into many of our designs because of the Q-sys’ powerful processing capabilities and flexible options,” says Devin Devore at Trinity Sound Company.   “With predictable and consistent performance, designing a Q-SYS system is a breeze and because the system is open ended, we are able to adapt and react to the congregation’s needs.”

At Vineyard Church, the Q-SYS system serves primarily as an overall control and management platform for audio production by consolidating audio management. DeVore cited examples of a secondary meeting space on campus that church leaders wanted to use as overfill for the main sanctuary as well as, the atrium and the congregation’s bookstore where leaders also wanted to integrate audio. In each instance, existing audio solutions were in place, however, these self-contained sound systems were not part of the campus’ overall A/V system. 

Through the use of Q-SYS, centralized processing and management was achieved and Vineyard audio technicians are now able to drive audio for the services and calendar items anywhere in the audio network. Taking advantage of Q-SYS’ recording and playback capabilities, Vineyard also has the ability to backup all service recordings where previously there were no options. Automation greatly enhanced the production team’s abilities and it allows them to schedule and automatically “tune the system” for each service as well as, record those services. 

For Yucaipa Christian Church, new vision resulting from a change in staff was a driving factor for upgrading their audio system and like the Vineyard Church system, performance and the ability to grow and address the changing needs of the congregation were key considerations. Plans to incorporate audio into their quad area just outside of their worship center are currently planned and the ability to quickly and easily upgrade this area of the campus is a reason the Q-SYS platform was selected.

With new leadership, ease of use was also an important consideration.  “It’s very easy to build a system that no one knows how to operate, but with Q-SYS, I can build a very complex system to run an entire audio network using a very simple user interface,” states DeVore.  “At Yucaipa, the tech staff can operate their system from an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Via a custom user interface, they can control house lights, projectors, screens and audio levels with a simple and intuitive interface. It brings the system to the user and puts all the control in their hands.”

Unparalleled performance, centralized control, ease of use and the ability to grow were the driving factors for each congregation.  “At both Vineyard and Yucaipa, the value of the Q-SYS system sold itself,” concluded DeVore.


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