Touring Duo Thankful for K12

Nashville-based, Indie acoustic duo, Garcia and Scott, express their gratitude to QSC for their K12s. 11/24/2014

We are Garcia and Scott, a full-time, Nashville-based, Indie acoustic duo. We are currently performing 120 - 150 dates a year at theaters, opera houses, concert series, fairs and festivals in 10 states so far. We may be an acoustic duo, but we play hard and we often play loud. Since 2009, we’ve been using QSC K12s and have had them in every situation imaginable inside and out. Bitter cold, blazing sun, wind and unexpected rain. We’ve set them up, torn them down, loaded and unloaded them nearly a thousand times and they’ve NEVER failed to deliver. Our sound is always natural, warm and rich. Never harsh. In fact, our QSCs have become an integral part of our sound.


We simply wanted to say, “Thank You” to all the folks at QSC for designing such a phenomenal, dependable and affordable speaker. This is our living and it’s nice to never have to worry about the dependability of our equipment. At least the speakers.


So, Thank You!

 Dalia Garcia and Gary Scott