QSC Showcases New CXD-Q Network Amplifiers for Q-SYS™

New Network Amplifiers Provide Users a Unique and Versatile Installed Sound Solution

INFOCOMM 2014, LAS VEGAS (June 18, 2014) — Designed specifically for use with the Q-SYS Network Audio Platform, QSC will be showcasing their new CXD-Q Network Amplifier line. CXD-Q models combine the Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ (FAST) found in the CXD/PLD amplifier platform with the same Q-SYS network connectivity and processing to create the ultimate audio routing and power solution for installed sound applications. 

“CXD-Q represents our ongoing commitment to create installed sound solutions that are incredibly versatile and integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS," says Dale Sandberg, QSC Senior Product Manager.  “As Q-SYS products, they operate like other Q-SYS peripherals utilizing the same standard Layer 3 networking technology for audio streaming, control, and monitoring.  As amplifiers, they feature our new Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ (FAST) that enables the amp channels to be combined and deployed in a wide-range of installed sound applications.  This allows integrators the ability and flexibility to design and install systems in a whole new way."  

Redundant rear-panel Ethernet jacks on the amplifiers makes Q-SYS integration as simple as connecting a standard off-the-shelf Ethernet cable. Like other Q-SYS peripherals, adding CXD-Q amplifiers to a new or existing Q-SYS design is easily done via the Q-SYS Designer Schematic Page. Moreover, the on-board Mic/Line inputs are audio on-ramps onto the Q-SYS network, providing routable inputs to anywhere in the facility. 

Housed in a 2U rack-mount configuration, CXD-Q Network Amplifiers feature new QSC proprietary class-D power devices, which enable multi-channel, high performance power.  The CXD-Q lineup includes the CXD4.2Q (400W/CH @ 4 ohms continuous, 500W/CH burst), the CXD4.3Q (625W/CH @ 4 ohms continuous, 1600W/CH burst) and the CXD4.5Q (1250W/CH @ 4 ohms continuous, 2000W/CH burst) with the CXD4.3Q and CXD4.5Q able to direct drive 70V and 100V systems. The innovative FAST provides better power allocation by distributing the total amplifier power across one, two, three or all four outputs enabling amp channels to be combined for maximum current or voltage output.  The largest models are capable of up to 5,000 watts continuous and peaks of up to 8,000 watts.

The rear panels feature four (4) balanced Euroblock Mic/Line input connectors that are onramps into the Q-SYS system, and four (4) Euroblock touch-proof loudspeaker connectors enabling integrators to terminate wiring before connecting to the amplifier, while GPIO connectors offer additional functionality. In addition to their outstanding efficiency, the CXD-Q amplifiers’ power saving modes further ensure that energy costs will be kept to a minimum over the life of the installation.

About QSC

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