QSC Expands Installed Loudspeaker Offerings

Additions to the AcousticDesign and AcousticCoverage Lines Offer Integrators New Loudspeaker Options

Costa Mesa, CA (February 26, 2015) - QSC is pleased to announce the addition of new loudspeaker models to their AcousticDesign™ and AcousticCoverage™ series loudspeaker product lines.  The AD-S4T is the latest addition to their popular AcousticDesign small format, loudspeaker line while the recently introduced and cost-effective AcousticCoverage line adds the AC-C6T in-ceiling loudspeaker and two surface mount models, the AC-S4T and AC-S6T.

“Large distributed audio applications are often budget sensitive however, scale and economy does not have to imply poor system performance,” says Travis Nie, QSC Product Manager – Install Loudspeakers. “Designed to provide exceptional value as stand-alone products, both AcousticDesign and  AcousticCoverage loudspeakers exceed expectations when QSC Intrinsic Correction™ tunings are automatically applied whenever Q-SYS™ processors or CXD amplifiers are driving the loudspeakers. Having advanced loudspeaker voicing available from a single system solution saves the integrator both time and money while ensuring optimal system performance and protection.”

The new AcousticDesign AD-S4T is a 4-inch, two-way loudspeaker that features a 30-watt, variable tap, 70/100V low saturation transformer with 8Ω bypass.  Like other models in the AcousticDesign lineup, the AD-S4T features DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) which matches the tweeter to the woofer at the crossover point providing an even 120° conical coverage for improved power response and ships with the award winning X-Mount™ mounting system.  Housed in a rugged ABS enclosure, the AD-S4T is available in black or white and includes weather treated transducers, a sealed input panel covers, a powder-coated aluminum grilles and meets or exceeds the IEC60529 IP-54 rating for dust and splash resistance.

Designed to offer integrators a cost-effective solution for voice reinforcement and BGM applications, the AcousticCoverage series feature low saturation transformers with multiple tap settings including an 8Ω bypass making them ideal for both 70/100V and direct drive applications.  The new AC-C6T is a 6-inch, two-way, in-ceiling loudspeaker that features a ported blind mount baffle assembly for added low frequency extension.  Newly added surface mount loudspeakers, the AC-S4T and AC-S6T, provides integrators installation versatility providing for a complete QSC systems solution.  Both AcousticCoverage surface loudspeakers are available in black or white and include the yoke mount assembly.

For complete system integration needs, EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM files are available for download at QSC.com.