QSC debuts new AcousticDesign™ Series Ceiling mount loudspeakers

Four new models added to installed loudspeaker portfolio debut at ISE 2016 02/10/2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands (February 9, 2016) - QSC introduces the four new ceiling mount loudspeakers to the award-winning AcousticDesign™ Series at ISE 2016.

The innovative design of the QSC AcousticDesign Series ceiling loudspeakers (AD-C) has the most consistent off-axis ceiling speaker available today. Using a QSC design philosophy called Directivity Matched Transition (DMT™), these loudspeakers deliver pristine audio reproduction for installations requiring a refined audio experience.

QSC Product Manager for Installed Loudspeakers Travis Nie says that “the real benefit for the integrator comes when you use the new AD-C loudspeakers in the same installation as the existing AcousticDesign Surface Mount loudspeakers (AD-S).”  There is remarkable consistency in the sonic signatures of the surface mount and ceiling mount version, as governing design philosophies are applied to both model types, allowing for interchangeability within applications.  

New AcousticDesign ceiling mount models feature:

  • Snap-fit magnetic grills remove the struggle of torsion grills on top of the ladder
  • Low profile, short back-can version (LP) available for use in heritage building with 4” timber framing
  • Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) provides ideal power response for improved off-axis performance and even coverage
  • Intrinsic Correction saves valuable setup time and ensures optimal performance while protecting your investment
  • EN54-24 certified (EU & Middle East) listed for use in voice alarm systems; UL1480 (North America) for use in Fire Alarm and/or Emergency Communication Systems; UL2042 (North America) for use in air handling spaces

New AcousticDesign Series ceiling loudspeaker models include:

  • AD-C4T: 4" two-way, 120° conical coverage, available in black or white
  • AD-C4T-LP: 4" two-way, 120° conical coverage, low profile version for heritage buildings, available in white
  • AD-C6T: 6" two-way, 105° conical coverage, available in black or white
  • AD-C6T-LP: 6" two-way, 105° conical coverage, low profile version for heritage buildings, available in white                                                                               

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