New “Rent It Today” Program Connecting Customers to Dealer Network

Online Rental Referral Program Helps Customers Find QSC Mixers, Loudspeakers and Amplifiers for Live Sound Rental Applications. 05/18/2015


Costa Mesa, CA (May 18, 2015) - QSC is pleased to announce the release of the new “Rent It Today” program connecting customers with participating QSC rental companies. The “Rent It Today” program link allows visitors at to easily and quickly find participating dealer rental locations that rent QSC products including TouchMix compact digital mixers, K, KW and KLA powered loudspeakers and more for portable live sound applications.

A “Rent It Today” button appears on portable live sound product pages (mixers, loudspeakers, and amplifiers) and when clicked, lists rental locations by geographic proximity to the user. The “Rent It Today” program is the third component (along with “Buy It Now” and “Hear It Today”) of a direct referral partnership between QSC and the company’s resellers and rental channel partners.

“There are many people who would like to try a QSC product in the ‘real world’ before making a purchase. Additionally, many QSC rental partners allow customers to use the cost of the rental toward the purchase of the product,” says Director of North American Sales, QSC Professional, Perry Celia. “It’s a great opportunity for people to experience the quality and sonic superiority that QSC products deliver.”

The “Rent It Today” program has been initially released in the USA, and will be deployed worldwide over the coming months.

Products featured in the QSC “Rent It Today” Program:

TouchMix™ Series

K Series
KW Series
KLA Series

Power Amplifiers
GX Series
GXD Series
PLD Series
RMXa Series