New Q-SYS Options and Feature Upgrades

New Software Update and AES Card Offers Users Expanded Functionality

Costa Mesa, CA NL (February 10, 2015) - QSC is pleased to unveil the new CIAES16 input card as well as, a number of enhancements and feature upgrades for the Q-SYS network audio platform. With the new CIAES16 16-channel AES3 input card and the availability of Q-SYS v4.1.31 software, Q-SYS users now have even more options and flexibility when designing and installing Q-SYS based network audio solutions. 

“These new features combined with the availability of the CIAES16 AES3 input card which quickly and easily installs info the Q-SYS chassis are yet further examples of the futureproof capabilities of the Q-SYS network audio system,” says TJ Adams, QSC Install DSP Product Manager. “For the integrator, new hardware and software gives them additional tools to work with while their end customer can benefit from new features and functions at minimal if any additional costs.”

The new CIAES16 16-channel AES3 input card provides supports for up to 16 channels of AES3 digital audio input to Q-SYS. In addition, there is added support within Q-SYS that includes tunings for new QSC AcousticCoverage ceiling mount and AcousticDesign surface mount loudspeakers, added support within the Media Stream Transmitter for transmitting 2x audio channels to SVSi devices, and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) devices, added support within the Media Stream Receiver for direct connection from SVSi 7.1 audio streams and support for SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 for use with an MIB browser.

Audio Recorder, new for Q-SYS v4.1.31, allows recording of up to 2 channels of audio in MP3 or WAV format, with a bitrate resolution from 8 Kbits per second to 320 Kbits per second and sample rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, or 48 kHz. With the new Contact List, users can access contacts created in the Administrator or by configuring LDAP settings to pull data into the Contact List for use with the Softphone function. The new Command Button provides up to 64 assignable command string buttons that can be sent via TCP, UDP, or Serial (RS-232).  Finally, Enhanced Administrator User now offers more granularity for assignable privileges that include PA Router, Commands, Scheduler, Users, UCIs, Audio Files, Event Log / Can Clear Event Log, Soft Phones / Contacts, and Dynamic Pairing.

The Q-SYS v4.1.31 software update is free and available for download at