Dynamo Stadium in Georgia goes Live with QSC

Q-SYS System Installed ready for Euro 2016 Qualifiying Match 04/29/2015

In the run-up to the Germany vs. Georgia match, the Dynamo Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia required a complete overhaul of its sound system. In collaboration with their Georgian partners Mifasi, PAXT Ltd designed and commissioned a comprehensive Q-SYS networked audio system for the stadium. As with all Q-SYS systems, this allowed for a large channel count and near-limitless audio processing and routing.

PAXT Ltd Product and Technology Specialist James Martin travelled to Tbilisi to help with programming the Q-SYS system, and provided on-site support and training to Mifasi and the stadium’s staff. The sound operators now have a system that is tailored specifically to their needs, and the option of controlling the entire system from a computer or iPad, with custom user interfaces created for each.

Connected to the core were twelve CXD4.5Q amplifiers for the main stadium loudspeakers, an IO Frame to feed amps for the stadium entrances, and an IO22 to provide two channels of audio to the VIP box in the stadium. Also in the VIP box were a number of AcousticDesign surface-mount loudspeakers, used for background music and commentary. Q-SYS allows this hardware to be connected to the core in the control room using ordinary networking hardware, which made the installation and set-up quite straightforward.

James Martin said, “The stadium owners were very pleased with the sound from the new system, and the Germany vs. Georgia match took place as planned, with the system delivering the sound loud and clear to the sold-out audience.”