Defrock and DJ Miles Maker with K Series Powered Loudspeakers

Defrock and DJ Miles Maker talk about using QSC K Series in their "Dojo" and out on gigs.

Defrock and DJ Miles DJ-ingDefrock and DJ Miles are a father and son hip hop duo known throughout the north east. To date, the duo have become regulars in the Bronx and Harlem at the “Art of Lyrics” Showcase. Host, Rhino calls them “one of the best father/son duos in the history of Hip hop.” It is hard to argue after seeing them seamlessly play funk, break beats, rap, soul, classic R&B in one set — similar to the sets Defrock would spin at the Muddy River during a two year residency (“The Way Back Laid Back Mix Show) in Portsmouth before Miles was old enough to set foot in the clubs.

Defrock and DJ Miles recently played at Alto Music’s customer appreciation event in Middleton, New York - playing four, thirty minute sets between live bands through QSC KLA's.

"We love the sound that the QSC K series delivers. A pair of K12’s & Ksub’s is the ultimate live rig for us, compact in design, yet super loud and incredibly clear. In fact, so clear that we even use a pair of K10's for recording playback in our "Dojo" home studio. Simply put... the best speakers we have ever rocked through. We are fans of QSC for life." - Defrock & DJ Miles Maker

Defrock and DJ Miles' home studio

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