Cory’s Audio Visual Selects Q-SYS to Deliver a Front-Row Experience at Luxury Sports Bar


Chalk is a premier, luxury sports bar that combines a taste-provoking food and drink menu with an AV experience that puts their guests “at the game”. To help them deliver on this immersive audio experience, they deployed the Q-SYS Ecosystem, including processing and amplification, as well as a complementary QSC loudspeaker portfolio.

Partnering with Cory’s Audio Visual, an Oklahoma City-based integrator, the team deployed a Q-SYS Core 110f Unified processor to handle the networked audio processing throughout the restaurant. There are seven different audio zones, including three dining areas, two bars, an entryway and restrooms, with eighteen different DirecTV boxes acting as the main audio sources. CXD-Q Series amplifiers provide the power for the Q-SYS system. These native network amplifiers allow for configuration, management and monitoring. This helps expedite deployment, while enabling support staff to easily monitor each amplifier from one location within any Q-SYS user control interface (including iOS devices).

QSC AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers complete the audio solution, offering a number of benefits that made them the right choice. AD Series loudspeakers feature a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design that blends in perfectly with the contemporary architecture of the restaurant. Additionally, AD Series offer remarkably consistent sonic characteristics across form factors, which allowed the team to mix and match enclosure types (pendant-mount, surface-mount, or ceiling-mount). This means guests will not hear any noticeable audio transitions as they move between different audio zones. This was further expedited by deploying QSC Intrinsic Correction technology which allows the Cores to pass custom QSC loudspeaker voicings through the CXD-Q networked amplifier and onto the loudspeakers.

 “Chalk wanted to deliver an experience that has the energy of being in the front row of an Oklahoma City Thunder game, so we knew that the AV system needed to deliver more than a typical sports bar,” explained John Cory, Chief Operating Officer for Cory’s Audio Visual. “We knew that Q-SYS had the horsepower and the feature set to deliver on the needs of the system. But what really sealed the deal for us was this holistic approach to coupling Q-SYS processing with the sound quality of Q-SYS amplifiers and QSC loudspeakers. It made it easier for us, the integrator, to deliver on our promise of an exceptional AV experience for Chalk and for their guests.”