Canada’s Cosmo Professional Services Counts on QSC K Family Loudspeakers for a Reliable Rental Fleet

“Reliability is the number one thing that I can count on with the K and KW Series, and as someone operating a rental and production business, I know that I can offer QSC to my clients and feel assured.” 02/23/2017

Toronto, Ontario (February 23, 2017) – When Cosmo Music, the largest single location retailer of musical instruments in Canada, built their destination location in the Richmond Hill section of Ontario nearly a decade ago, they decided to expand their budding rental department.  Today, Cosmo Professional Services provides full scale audio, video, lighting staging and backline services to an expansive client base which includes individuals, musicians, producers, concerts, festivals and shows of every size and scale. And QSC K and KW Series Loudspeakers are their go-to solution for performance and reliability.

“Our rental department offers everything from a pair of speakers over the counter to accommodate someone having a backyard barbeque to full scale concert production for 10,000 people,” says Ryan McLeod, Manager of Professional Services at Cosmo Professional.  “And the QSC K and KW loudspeakers have been our savior for their performance and reliability.”

According to McLeod, when they first opened the rental department at the new location, they tried other powered loudspeakers from two or three companies and were having nothing but issues. Then, with the help of their partner and supplier SF Marketing, Cosmo Professional found QSC powered loudspeakers.

“When we decided to give the QSC loudspeakers a try – it really changed things for us. They have performed better than we ever could have imagined, and it would be hard to beat what the K and KWs have done for us,” says McLeod. “The loudspeakers just won’t break, and they never need service. I can’t buy more, because the ones I have don’t quit!”

McLeod is amazed at the level of abuse that the QSC speakers can withstand and still keeping going.

“One time we had a client rent five K Series speakers to put under a tent for a backyard barbecue. After the event, he left them outside overnight. In the middle of the night the tent company came and took the tent down, and then it rained. The next morning, he put the cover on the wet speakers and brought them back to us,” says McLeod. “We got them back soaking wet, with water pouring out of them. We used a hairdryer to dry them off – and five years later, they are still in use!” 

Cosmo Professional Services has plans for a number of large scale festival and concerts, including the big Canada Day celebration for the country’s 150th birthday this year and the massive Rib Fest for the Town of Richmond Hill, a barbeque event with live rock concerts in the evening. Each June, they also produce the annual CosmoFEST– with a tradeshow tent featuring more than 40 booths and a full scale rock show with major headline acts.  And as in years past, the QSC K and KWs will continue to be there, pressed into service for the benefit of all the attendees.

“Reliability is the number one thing that I can count on with the K and KW Series, and as someone operating a rental and production business, I know that I can offer QSC to my clients and feel assured,” adds McLeod. “I would love to be able to tell you that I have had to call on the QSC support team and had a good experience – but I have never had to call!”

About QSC

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