TouchMix DAW Utility

Note: TouchMix DAW Utility version 1.0.6 is compatible with TouchMix-16 and TouchMix-8 only.
We are working on a release for the TouchMix-30 Pro.

The TouchMix Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Utility is a software application for TouchMix owners who also use DAW software. It enables and simplifies two-way migration of digital audio wave files between TouchMix and DAW software. The TouchMix DAW Utility runs on Windows and Apple Mac computers. There are two parts to the program:

  • TouchMix to DAW
  • DAW to TouchMix

TouchMix to DAW

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For those wishing to bring the TouchMix files from a live performance into their DAW, this software performs two functions:

  • TouchMix places recorded wave files in a separate folder (directory) for each channel. The import function on most DAW software is easier to use if all the wave files to be imported are located in a single directory. This utility will copy all the TouchMix files to one directory.
  • Some DAW software does not support the 32-bit floating point format that TouchMix uses. The DAW Utility can convert the wave files into 24 or 32-bit integer format.

DAW to TouchMix

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In order for recorded tracks to play back on TouchMix they must be in the 32-bit floating point format, be stored in to the correct file structure and have the right XML header file. The TouchMix DAW Utility converts and saves your DAW tracks in the proper structure. Simply locate the DAW files you want to play on TouchMix and select the TouchMix channels you want the tracks to play on.