You have a message. You need to make a point. You have the attention of the audience and it’s time to deliver.

Our professional audio solutions for you, the presenter, are designed with the simple premise that they can be set up quickly, are easy to use, sound great without any fuss, and are road-proven - reliable year after year.

When your equipment is performing at its best, you can focus on your message, your delivery, and your audience. Our role is to help you be heard and understood. Together, we’re going to make an impact. You’re on.

Educational Institutions

Purchasing the right sound reinforcement system for your school is an important decision. Budgeted funds are hard to come by, so your equipment purchase needs to offer high value, both in terms of its performance and lasting durability.

For over four decades, educational institutions of all kinds have relied on QSC to power their performances, conferences and live events. Whether your needs are a simple, portable PA, a concert hall full of sound, or anything in-between, our value proposition is the same. QSC professional audio solutions set up quickly, are easy to use, sound great out of the box, and are reliable year after year. They provide no-compromise performance at a very fair price. And we back what we make with best in class service and support, worldwide.