• Ten channel booth monitor with a tri-amped digital crossover
  • Compact 2-rack high unit
  • Eight or ten channels for monitoring processor or amplifier inputs
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced
  • Trimpots for adjustment of processor and amplifier levels
  • Trimpot for bargraph display may be calibrated to the reference level for your theatre
  • Twenty-five (25) pin D-sub connectors
  • Removable Phoenix style terminal blocks
  • HD15 connectors for VGA cables connections

Accessories/Optional Upgrades

  • 24dB per octave crossover filters operate at 297Hz, 330 Hz, 500Hz or 800Hz
  • Time delay settings of 0.7ms, 1.4ms or 1.8ms
  • Both horn EQ and screen EQ may be turned on or off
  • Bypass circuit sums the three channels (L, C, R) and feeds emergency bi-amp signals out of the center channel
  • Multiple presets for crossover frequencies and time delays. The units can be modified to provide different crossover frequencies and time delays and are equipped with back-up circuitry.
  • PXC-1 and PXC-2's are designed for use when the internal crossover for the CM-series is not being utilized. These breakout boards make the wiring of the CM-series quick and simple.