Reel Rock Productions Adds QSC TouchMix to its Production and Rental Arsenal

“TouchMix has all the functionality and features that I need for a major event, with an extremely friendly user interface, in a remarkably small footprint”

Tallahassee, FL (January 2016) - Reel Rock Productions, the audio, video and lighting production company for clients including event planners, corporations, nightclubs, churches, museums and many others, together with its service arm, Production Support Group, recently added a number of  QSC TouchMix Compact Digital Mixers to their production and rental arsenal.

According to owner Larry Schmidt, Reel Rock selects equipment that includes the features, function and fit to meet the creative goals that they need to accomplish for their clients. One of the biggest determining factors in the decision to choose a mixer is how much real estate is available at the FOH mixing position.

“Ideally, we need to be able to have the smallest equipment footprint possible for a space and still have all the functionality and all the bells and whistles that we need to accomplish the job,” says Schmidt. “TouchMix has all the functionality and features that I need for a major event, with an extremely friendly user interface, in a remarkably small footprint. The attractive price point for a mixer with such a complete feature set was also a major determining factor. Adding TouchMix was pretty much a no-brainer.” 

Reel Rock Productions has been going strong since 1980, when owner Larry Schmidt decided to join the music industry, favoring the technical production side to the performance side. Back then, after the band he was playing in broke up, he started renting their equipment to other bands, working out of his van. Today Reel Rock is a full service production company serving clients around the country, with over 21,000 square feet of space, and handling everything from event design, production, staging, electrical distribution, audio, video, lighting and as well as full service and rentals. The company prides itself on its creativity and flexibility in producing unique environments for their customers’ events.

“What keeps me going in my business is the creativity. And in my business, the one with the most toys wins,” says Schmidt. “The equipment that we choose is an essential part of our creation of different environmentsfor our clients – our business is not cookie cutter, and we have to take a creative vision and make it a reality, and deliver the best events for clients of all sizes.”

Schmidt also emphasizes the importance of equipment he chooses not interfering with the mood and setting that Reel Rock creates for an event.

 “We do events in all sorts of unusual places, like plantations and museums, and it’s really important to our customers that we keep equipment in the background, so not to kill the setting,” he adds.  “TouchMix allows us to preserve the environment that we create for our customers – allowing the attendees to believe in and immerse themselves in the event -- it helps bring us one step closer to the magic that we need for a great event.”

Reel Rock’s recent projects include designing and implementing Florida State University’s homecoming, a large futuristic corporate meeting projecting forward to the year 2020, and the Bassmaster Classic, the largest freshwater fishing tournament in the world, which is televised on ESPN. Reel Rock Productions, Inc. was also named “Hometown Hero Sound Company of the Year” for North America in 2011.

About Reel Rock Productions and Production Support Group

Reel Rock Productions is the parent company of Production Support Group, a full service production company serving Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding areas as well as other areas from Wisconsin to Las Vegas. The company is a one stop shop for audio, lighting, staging or audio visual needs. Reel Rock Productions and Production Support Group, and prides itself on offering flexibility and creativity in making event visions a reality for their clients.

About QSC

QSC, LLC engineers and provides award winning products and solutions such as Q-SYS Networked Audio and Control Platform, digital mixers, power amplifiers and loudspeakers for a wide variety of customers who need reliable, well-engineered products for Live Sound, Systems and Cinema applications.


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