Clubs and Venues

Small Entertainment Venue

From coffee shops to large entertainment venues, QSC live sound solutions have been designed to sound great and perform night after night.  Whether you need a sound system for background or foreground music, a small or large audience, QSC products deliver professional sound quality and reliability for commercial use.

We have a great line of products for your small venue coffee shop, restaurant or bar that services crowds of up to 150 people.

* Recommended Products:

Active Loudspeakers: CP SeriesK.2 Series, KS Series
Mixers: TouchMix Series

Medium Entertainment Venue

QSC has been in business since 1968. A QSC system sets up quickly, looks professional, is easy to use, sounds great by itself and with every other piece of QSC gear, and is road-proven - reliable year after year. Our products and systems are also designed to be flexible and interchangeable in a myriad of configurations, allowing you to own fewer specialized pieces of equipment.

This allows for flexibility as you build your system for a wide range of medium sized entertainment venues accommodating any audience of 100-500 people. Bars, restaurants, and comedy clubs of all sizes can benefit from the superior quality and reliability of a QSC live sound audio solutions system.

* Recommended Products:

Active Loudspeakers: CP SeriesK.2 SeriesKW Series, KS Series
Mixers: TouchMix Series

Large Entertainment Venue

Satisfying demanding performers, venues and audiences takes people skills, technical savvy, good ears and the right gear. Whether you're using that QSC gear for a large concert in the park of 1000+ people or a stadium sized event you can be assured that your equipment is providing a quality performance, time and time again. That's a great return on investment, and our brand promise.

* Recommended Products:

Active Loudspeakers: CP SeriesK.2 Series, KW Series, KS Series
Active Line Array Loudspeakers: KLA Series
Mixers: TouchMix Series

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