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M10 Eyebolt Kit-C

Live Sound

Features Eyebolt suspension kit for suspending K or K.2 Series, KLA12, AcousticDesign S8T, S10T and S12 loudspeakers. Includes: 3x M10×1.5, 20 mm stainless, forged shoulder eyebolts. 3x M10 black conical spring washers.

K12 Tote

Live Sound

Features Soft, padded tote made with weather resistant, heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura® material for K12.2 and legacy K12.  

K10 Tote

Live Sound

Features Soft, padded tote made with weather resistant, heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura® material for K10.2 and legacy K10.  


Live Sound

Features Best in class audio performance 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module   Intrinsic Correction™ tuning and  loudspeaker management Directivity Matched Transition™ (DMT)  design provides excellent power response and consistent performance across the listening area Refined, professional...

Active Loudspeakers

Live Sound

SELECT A SERIES CP Series The CP Series delivers stunning performance in an incredibly compact package. Featuring a highly-efficient 1000-watt power amplifier, CP is also remarkably lightweight, making it easy to load, carry, lift and deploy in a wide range of portable and installed...


Live Sound

QSC offers a wide range of loudspeakers for all live sound applications. Whether you are a mobile DJ, independent band, event production corporate, sound contractor or other QSC has a loudspeaker solution for you that delivers great sound night after night. Select Loudspeakers by Type Active...

Amplifier Navigator

Live Sound

Amplifier Navigator software enables a user to remotely control and monitor all functions of connected CXD, PLD, or DPA Series amplifiers including the on-board DSP functionality and amplifier configuration.  It also provides a mechanism to create, store, and recall presets and loudspeaker...

Power Amplifiers

Live Sound

QSC has become the clear leader in power amplifier products and technology over the past four decades. We take great pride in delivering the most robust, powerful, flexible, clean, reliable and musical power amplifier solutions for any live sound application. Whether you are a musician, DJ,...

K.2 Firmware

Live Sound

QSC K.2 Series™ Firmware Update necessary for all customers: When played at excessive levels with audible distortion, K10.2 models may experience a critical low frequency driver failure with no amplifier protection to alert the user. The unit may also overheat, with the potential to damage the...

TouchMix Accessories

Live Sound

Accessories for the TouchMix-8, TouchMix-16 and TouchMix-30 Pro compact digital mixers. TouchMix-8/-16 Rack Mount Kit TMR-1 TMR-1 Rack mounting kit for the TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16. The TMR-1 takes up 7 Rack spaces in a standard 19" rack. TouchMix mixer is mounted onto rack from the bottom via...

K8 Outdoor Cover

Live Sound

Features Nylon fabric and mesh cover for temporary outdoor use of K8.2 and legacy K8 in adverse weather. Removable amplifier panel allows access to connectors and controls. Vented panel maintains airflow for proper heat management. Not intended for permanent outdoor installations.  

K8 Tote

Live Sound

Features Soft, padded tote made with weather resistant, heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura® material for K8.2 and legacy K8.  

TouchMix-8/-16 Rack Mount Kit TMR-1

Live Sound

Features Rack mounting kit for the TouchMix-8 and -16. The TMR-1 takes up 7U (rack units) in a standard 19-inch rack. The TouchMix mixer is mounted inside the rack from the bottom, using included mounting hardware.  

TouchMix Series

Live Sound

TouchMix™ is quite simply the most powerful, small-format digital mixer series ever created. From the highly compact TouchMix-8 to the flagship TouchMix-30 Pro, the TouchMix Series offers the unique features, capabilities and sound quality of the world's most esteemed large-format consoles in a...


Live Sound

Key features include: *Stated features require Firmware Version 3.0 or greater Capacitive touchscreen offers a wealth of on-screen information while also providing confident hands-on control 120 presets provide real-world live sound settings for commonly-used instruments and microphones (see...



Featured Partners Q-SYS delivers a fully networked and manageable AV&C networked infrastructure for Microsoft Teams via single USB connection, while offering the flexibility to expand and manage the Teams environment into a variety of specialty spaces while maintaining a consistent user...