Release Notes

Release Notes for Firmware Version 2.1.5035

New Features Include

TouchMix Control now supports Android devices (requires version 2.1.5035 TouchMix firmware). 

Critical Update - Stability and reliability improvements - The 2.1 release is a critical update that addresses mixer stability and reliability issues. It is highly recommended for all TouchMix owners and users currently running 2.0 or earlier software. In addition, the 2.1 release includes new features and functions.

  • Support for MIDI-over-USB Footswitches
  • Option to Omit Output Settings from Scene Recall
  • Multi Language Info System - In addition to English, the mixer’s built-in Info system and demo screens now include user selectable options for Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Russian and Spanish
  • Auxes to Main L/R Assignability -The auxiliary buses may now be assigned to the Main Left and Right outputs, allowing any auxiliary to function as a sub-group.

Also includes these features from version 2.0

  • Support for password protected, multi-level security access
  • Expanded Wi-Fi options (including wired connection to an infrastructure router)
  • Programmability of User Buttons
  • More options for auxiliary mix pick-off points
  • Expanded channel presets
  • Updated iOS app
  • Personal monitor mix application for both iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Operator may limit or allow access on a per-device basis
  • iPhone control of the record/playback transport controls and programmable user buttons

Before You Install

Here are a few things you should know before starting the upgrade.

The 1st rule of shows

If you are about to do a show and your gear is set up and working don’t be changing things. Give yourself time to do the upgrade and get all the mixer’s settings squared away.

What to expect after upgrading

The upgrade will reset the mixer to factory defaults. Some user settings will need to be re-configured afterwards. The current mixer scene will be lost so be sure to store it to internal or external USB memory.

If you are upgrading from version 2.0 or higher…

  • Security settings and iOS device permissions will be cleared. Make a note of these or take a digital photo of the Security Setup and iOS permission screen so you can restore them later.
  • Custom User Button settings and MIDI Setup settings will be lost.

Performing the upgrade

  1. Download the upgrade to a FAT32 formatted USB storage device. Windows and Mac instructions may be found below.
  2. Insert the USB storage device into one of the two USB ports on the mixer’s rear panel.
  3. If you wish to preserve the mixer’s current settings, create and save a scene before proceeding.
  4. Remove the Wi-Fi dongle or USB-to-Ethernet adapter from the mixer. This is done to insure that no external device is connected to the mixer during the upgrade.
  5. Press the Menu button, then touch the Mixer Setup button.
  6. On the Mixer Setup screen, touch the Upgrade button.
  7. Touch the Proceed button to continue the upgrade. The mixer will boot into the Software Upgrader. This takes a few minutes.
  8. Select the upgrade file you want to use (V2.1.xxxx.tar.gz).
  9. Touch the Upgrade button to begin the process. This can take up to 10 minutes and the mixer may appear unresponsive at times.
  10. When the upgrade is complete, a dialog appears to indicate the upgrade was successful. Press the OK button to exit the Software Upgrader and reboot the mixer.

After upgrading

  1. Install the Wi-Fi dongle or USB-to-Ethernet adapter back into the mixer.
  2. Recall the scene you saved earlier.
  3. If using Security, enter the settings you noted earlier in Security Setup.
  4. Restart tablets and smart-phones. Then connect your device or devices to the mixer’s Wi-Fi network and launch the TouchMix Control app. The mixer will prompt you to go to Remote Control Settings and grant Access Control to your devices.
  5. Set up User Buttons and MIDI control options if used.

And finally

The firmware you have downloaded includes a recovery utility. In the unlikely event that the mixer’s internal memory becomes corrupted, this utility can restore operation. It’s a good practice to keep the USB memory device containing the version 2.1.xxxx upgrade with your mixer.

Download Notes

Windows download notes:

  1. The downloaded firmware will be in a zipped folder. The folder contains a file beginning with the version number and ending with “tar.gz” (for example V2.1.xxxx.tar.gz).
  2. Copy this file to a FAT 32 formatted USB storage device.

Macintosh download notes:

Macintosh computers may automatically unzip not only the downloaded, compressed folder but also the tar.gz file it contains. The TouchMix updater will not recognize an unzipped tar.gz file so it will be necessary to disable automatic processing of downloaded files.

To prevent Safari from automatically opening a zipped file.

  1. With Safari running, click Safari on the menu bar then click Preferences and select the General tab.
  2. Uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading and close the preferences box.

The Archive Utility can also cause unwanted expansion of the tar.gz file.

  1. Double-click the icon for the drive that contains your computer’s system and enter “Archive Utility” in the search box. The search results will display the Archive Utility.
  2. Open the Archive Utility.
  3. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on Archive Utility and select Preferences from the drop down menu.
  4. On the Archive Utility Preferences window, uncheck “Keep expanding if possible”.
  5. Close the Archive utility.

Use Safari to download the update.

  1. The update will arrive in the Mac’s download folder as a zipped folder. Drag it to the desktop and double click to open.
  2. A zipped file beginning with the version number and ending with “tar.gz” will be extracted. DO NOT UNZIP THIS FILE. Copy it directly to a FAT32 formatted USB storage device. You are now ready to update your mixer.