Mid-Size Room Solutions

Mid-size rooms often make up the majority of theatres in a complex. While not as glamorous as premium rooms, you can’t afford to let your mid-size rooms fall behind the technology curve. At the same time, you need a solution that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why the QSC system-focused approach is perfect for mid-size rooms.

Starting from the premise that high performance is non-negotiable, QSC designs for maximum end-to-end efficiency. The result is not only enhanced quality and reliability but also exceptional value.

QSC offers a range of screen channel loudspeakers for mid-sized rooms, ranging from fully-passive two-way to bi-, tri-, or even quad-amplified two- and three-way systems.

Here's a sample system for a mid-size room:

NOTE: This system diagram and the product list is only an example for a typical “mid-size" room. 
The exact product requirements for your specific room may be different.

System Components