Education Applications

As the convergence of IT and A/V at educational institutions accelerates, IP-based audio solutions from QSC provide a strategic approach to easing budget pressures and streamlining operations. Leveraging existing network infrastructure, the QSC platform delivers superior audio in a wide range of scenarios – from crystal-clear distance learning in intimate room settings to concert-quality sound in large arenas.

Lecture Room

QSC extends the classroom with powerful UC&C tools that streamline 2-way interaction– whether via immersive tele-presence (video, audio and desktop sharing) or audio/video web conferencing or simple voice conferencing. If a scheduled room can’t accommodate all attendees, our elegant room-combining feature makes it easy to quickly remedy any overflow problem. And QSC’s comprehensive portfolio of amplifiers and speakers provides a wide range of budget and performance options for all sizes of lecture halls, regardless of layout or location.

Campus-wide Paging

QSC paging solutions provide control at a room-by-room level, yet reduce capital costs thanks to Layer 3 discovery and audio routing over existing IT infrastructure. So administrators can schedule playback of recorded messages in different zones at different times – yet easily override these pre-recorded messages for safety alerts or other live announcements.

Multi-purpose Auditorium

QSC’s powerful audio processing engine offers the ability to quickly reconfigure the sound system depending on the event. For example, press a button and the system is immediately deployed as an assembly hall.  Press another button and it’s immediately ready for a “battle of the bands”, or a film festival, or a classical recital. Furthermore, QSC’s strong heritage of professional products for live performances means that student recitals, film screenings, music productions, assemblies and award ceremonies sound their best, thanks to amplifiers and speakers famous for delivering concert-quality sound.

Indoor Gymnasium

QSC systems enable pinpoint control, making it easy to master challenging acoustics in highly reverberant spaces, so public announcements and sports commentary come through clean and clear. And when it’s time to electrify the crowd, QSC loudspeakers pack a bass punch that takes the highest-energy music – and fans – to the next level.

Outdoor Sports Field

The QSC portfolio features outdoor loudspeakers constructed from rugged, weather-resistant ABS material designed specifically for distributing high quality audio in challenging environments. When combined with the innovative monitoring capabilities of QSC’s network amplifiers, the result is clear public announcements and high-impact music with clean bass powerful enough to energize even the largest crowds.