AcousticDesign Series

AcousticDesign™ series offers a premium quality installed sound solution where performance, coverage, and aesthetics are paramount. Combined with unprecedented ease-of-installation and high weather resistance, the AcousticDesign series provides a versatile and confident install solution over a wide variety of foreground and background sound reinforcement applications. 

The AcousticDesign series is comprised of stylish, state-of-the-art surface mount and in-ceiling speakers. With flat response, wide dispersion, and very low distortion, these full-range speakers deliver a natural sound for both background music and voice. Designed for clarity and presence, these speakers are ideal for general audio anywhere in a theater complex, including lobbies, outdoor box office areas, restrooms, and corridors.,

Consistent and even axisymmetric coverage is achieved through Directivity Matched Transition (DMT™), a QSC innovation which matches the directivity patterns of the woofer and the high-frequency waveguide at the crossover point. The result is a coherent transition between transducers and improved off-axis response.

AcousticDesign models with (T) suffix feature low-loss, low-saturation transformers with selectable taps, including an 8Ω bypass. To enhance weather resistance, the rotary selector is located on the back of the enclosure, protected by a weather grommet.

With rugged ABS enclosures, sealed input panel covers, and powder-coated aluminum grilles for weather resistance, the AcousticDesign surface mounted series exceed IEC60529 IP-54 ratings for dust and splash resistance.

Designed for all general audio applications, AcousticDesign surface-mount models come in a wide range of sizes, from a compact 3-inch 2-way to a dual 8-inch 2-way and even a dual 8-inch subwoofer. Several models have built-in 70/100 volt distributed line transformers.

Complimenting adjacent product families, AcousticDesign surface loudspeakers are available in QSC standard black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9010), and may be painted to match any decor.

To further enhance performance and speed of install with optimum result, advanced voicing filter sets using QSC Intrinsic Correction™ techniques are available using the Q-SYS Ecosystem, including DPA-Q amplifiers, for a complete QSC systems solution.



Model AD-S112sw AD-S28Tw  AD-C81Tw
System Type 12-inch Subwoofer Surface-mount bandpass
subwoofer, ported 
Ceiling subwoofer, ported
Low-frequency Transducer 12-inch woofer, 2.5-inch voice coil  Dual 8-inch weather resistant,
polypropylene cone woofers,
rubber surround
 8-inch weather resistant,
polypropylene cone woofer,
rubber surround
Frequency Response (-6 dB)1 30 Hz - 135 Hz 42 Hz - 165 Hz  28 Hz - 208 Hz
Filter N/A 120 Hz low-pass, passive, bypassable 120 Hz low pass, passive, bypassable 
Max Continuous Output2:
half space / full space 
121 dB SPL / 115 dB SPL 118 dB SPL / 112 dB SPL 118 dB SPL / 112 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance
Rated Noise Power 300 W (2 hours AES2 - 1984) 250 W (2 hours IEC)  100 W (100 hours IEC)
Sensitivity 90 dB 94 dB  92 dB
Transformer Type N/A Custom low distortion laminated core,
wide bandwidth design
 Custom low distortion laminated core,
wide bandwidth design
Transformer Taps N/A 70V: 200, 100, 50, 25 W
100V: 200, 100, 15 W
8Ω selected by switch
 70 V: 60, 30, 15, 7.5 W
100 V: 60, 30, 15 W
8Ω Externally Selectable
Environmental N/A Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity,
salt spray and dust;
IEC 60529 IP-X4 splash rating
Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity,
salt spray and dust;
IEC 60529 IP-X3 splash rating
Connectors Euroblock 4 position barrier strip; 2 in / 2 out  Ceramic block or 4-pin Euro
terminals, fire protective
Dimensions (HWD) inches 23.5 x 13.9 x 12.7 15.9 x 9.9 x 22.75  12.6 x 12.6 x 14.8
Dimensions (HWD) mm 596 x 354 x 323 404 x 251 x 603  321 x 321 x 95
Weight 29 lb / 13.2 kg 43 lb / 19.5 kg  20 lb / 9.1 kg
  Details Details  Details

1 Measured free field.
2 Pink noise within specified frequency range at 1m at rated RMS power.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.