CX Series 2-Ch

The CX 2-channel series is a line of amplifiers designed for installation applications requiring premium sound quality and high output. Recognized by sound contractors worldwide for their reliability, CX 2-channel amplifiers feature PowerLight™ power supply technology reducing weight, eliminating AC mains hum and improving audio quality. The highly efficient power supply also draws less power and produces less heat resulting in added energy savings. CX 2-channel amplifiers also feature advanced amplifier control and monitoring via the Q-SYS™ network audio platform.

  • Up to 2400 W total output power
  • Active Inrush Limiting gently brings amplifiers on-line eliminating the need for costly AC power sequencers
  • Front-panel gain controls with 1 dB detents allow for precise level adjustment and are protected by tamper-proof security covers
  • DataPort connections enable remote control and monitoring of amplifier functions via Q-SYS™
  • Selectable clip limiters and infra-sonic filters protect loudspeakers from damage due to distortion and over-excursion.
  • DataPort, XLR-M or Block Connector Inputs and touch-proof barrier-strip outputs
  • Sleep (Standby) Mode for energy saving efficiency.
  • Transformer-less 70 volt models available (CX302V, CX602V, CX1202V)


Model 70 V* ** ** ***  
CX302 - 200 W 325 W 600 W Details
CX502 - 300 W 500 W 800 W Details
CX702 - 425 W 700 W 1200 W Details
CX902 440 W 550 W 900 W 1500 W Details
CX1102 1000 W 700 W 1100 W 1700 W Details
CX302V 250 W - - - Details
CX602V 440 W 550 W - - Details
CX1202V 1000 W 700 W 1100 W - Details

*1 kHz, 0.05% THD 
**20Hz to 20kHz, 0.05% THD

***1kHz, 1% THD 

All specifications are subject to change without notice.