KW181 (Discontinued) Reviews

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from Nottingham, MD
Audio Experience:
... building & running my PA for 10 yrs. (bass player for 40)

Low, smooth punch!

Purchased to go under my, new, K12.2’s... really ‘completes’ our sound. I’ve used a number of subs (QSC & EV’s)- the KW18 really is the best! Have only had for a few gigs but seems like it will hold up well.

Tony Sleigh

from Nashville, tn
Audio Experience:
Audio engineer for my church, my cover band and for other bands on my days off

Deep bass monster

I use to use the kw181 with a set of powered 15” speakers to help with the bass. Since realizing what kind of a beast this thing is my mains have gotten smaller and my sound is super clean and easy to haul around. If your looking for a sub that can do it all and easy to manage you’ve found it.


from United States
Audio Experience:


This subwoofer has a very nice musical sound to it. Very nice!


from Big Island, Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer

Awesome Deep Punch

I own a pair of these and it rocks all my shows. I use it in all venues, Paired with my KLA12’s or K12.2’s along with my TM30. I love the deep low end sound comming out of this box. This sub is the best i ever had and will definetly get more if i need to.


from New York
Audio Experience:
Mind blowing. ( in a good way)

The mighty KW181

I love this subwoofer. It’s smaller than most but the clarity and the richness of the bass touch the bass lovers it the right spot. It’s a sub that keeps on giving. You don’t even have to turn it up loud. But if you do hold on. Hands down the best purchase I made. Along side the k12s.

Art Anaya

from Phoenix
Audio Experience:
Band keyboard player who’s in charge of sound FOH and Mons

I want to Bass you all over

The feel you get from these speakers are so warm and tight. There’s no extra boost unless you need it, for a band in a club, you want a tight full sound, for a Dj you can add more boost for the lows. Gonna order another pair for outside gigs...can’t wait.

Pushing the sub

from Connect icut
Audio Experience:
Semi pro for decades

Maybe get two or three!

Great sound, easy to move and hook up. If playing outside, maybe need two or more.Protection shuts it off if driven too hard, no throttle back... just.. off.. Takes a seemingly long time to come back after turning down. Yes, the band is too loud at that point. Little disappointed.

Shawn H.

from Rock Island, IL
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Best Sub for Mobile DJ

As a mobile DJ, I needed a sub to pair with my K12.2’s. The KW181 is perfect and well worth the money. It packs punchy low end response while maintaining a clear sound. It is also much lighter than my last sub. Very pleased

Rick Vanderwal

from DeMotte, IN
Audio Experience:

A beast with BOOM!

I bought this sub along with 2 K12s to start a DJ business. The sub does not disappoint, helps you not only hear the music but FEEL the music. It's a great subwoofer and glad to have it to complement my system. It's a heavy one...but the wheels help it roll where it needs to go, and I'm thankful for that feature.

Bob Hohenberger

from United States
Audio Experience:
I have been a musician since I was a young lad, playing my first gigs around 1964. Over the years, audio equipment began to evolve, slowly at first, and then the curve got steeper. We used to hear about how one day the sound system would be something the whole band would plug into, and the mixing engineer would control the whole overall sound. Fast forward to today, I have owned many large-scale sound systems, done a lot of recording, and watched as everything became more efficient, lighter-weight, and audio purity became a new standard for those who could tell the difference. I have worked as a sound tech, a drummer, and a vocalist. In each of these roles, the quality of the sound reproduction is essential, yet sometimes hard to consistently produce in the live environment, as well as on recording equipment. Long ago I learned that QSC = Quality. I have had good experiences with various QSC products. I know QSC to be a reliable line of audio equipment. I want the best possible sound at every performance. That's why I now rely on QSC gear at every show.

Best Sound Quality / Best Value / High Portability Powered Subwoofer - KW181

I am a working Drummer, Vocalist, and Sound Tech. I've had my KW181 for about 3 years now, and it has faithfully served in many live environments. I use hybrid Acoustic/Electronic drums, and I depend on the KW181 to provide room-filling low end for my Kick, Toms, and Even a little bit of bottom on the deep snare sound. It's the bottom of a monitoring rig that is set up in stereo, with a K12 on top of the sub on the Right and a K8 down low on the left side. My Kick punches you in the gut, and my Toms Rumble and Roar. I'm using K12's for monitors and mains, also. If you want a system that sounds Full, Clean and Clear, with plenty of headroom, Anchor your system with a K181. I'm thinking of getting a second one for the larger venues we play, to handle the bass guitar in the mains. You can't go wrong with a K181. It's portable, too. I load and transport all of my own equipment. I'm able to load it into my van without assistance, due to great casters, balance, and its light weight for its size and power. The sturdy covers keep my QSC equipment in great shape, as well.

Pedro and Olivia Romero

from Santa Fe
Audio Experience:

Best Subs ever owned

Bought a pair of this QSE subs and would never go back to any other subs again. The sound is excellent. The package itself was done excellent. Love them!

Teddy Wade

from United States
Audio Experience:
Mobile/Club DJ

Best Subwoofer

The best Subwoofer I ever owned. I own a pair of KW181. One is enough to fill a room during a wedding reception. I use both during outdoor gigs or school dances. The bass is deep and clear. They can run all night without clipping or overheating. The QSC amplifier modulates frequencies and power, if the subs ever clip (which they hardly do), the amplifier will automatically reduce the volume slightly in order to protect the drivers. They're basically immortals. I love my KW181s.

Avinda Persaud

from New York
Audio Experience:
Mobile dj

Big sound for a small footprint

These subs are amazing, I purchased two to compliment a few k12.2 tops and couldn’t be happier. The enclosure is fairly small compared to other subs in its class and the weight is very manageable, it even has the wheels in the back which makes my job much much easier. I mainly bought this for its portability, but even being so small and light these still get the ground shaking. It may not be as loud as some other enclosures that are twice the size and weight but for what you get out of this, it’s more than worth it. One of the best weight/size to sound ratios you can find.

Adam Rock

from Chicago Illinois
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Feel The Bass !!!

Purchased The KW181 for mobile gigs and small clubs it was the best decision ever .. the powerful bass is Incredible ..nice and crisp no rattling Highly recommend it

DJ Krazy Karl

from Illinois
Audio Experience:
DJ for 8 years

Big Boom!

I have had my KW181 for a year now and it’s probably my best investment so far in my sound! The low end output is amazing. I have only peaked them a few times on some hip hop dance music but still sounded amazing. I have used them in both small and large venues, indoors and outdoors and have had to issues at all. The casterS are a huge plus since hardly any competitors on the market include them. I also have the cover for it and is a must have.

Jarvis Foster

from Fort Wayne, Indiana
Audio Experience:

Very powerful subwoofer that can carry the lows and not heat up.

This Sub woofer has out performed any others I have borrowed, for example the presonus and Bose lIne6. I use it frequently for many outdoor gigs and the range and quality of sound is very impressive. I love it so much, I am saving up to actually purchase this item. Very impressed with the quality of sound, size and efficiency.

Patrick Guillaume

from United States
Audio Experience:

Qsc kw181

One of the best subwoofer out there. Very good Sound quality. And no distortion

Josh K

from Maine
Audio Experience:

1 is enough for most rooms.

Love this sub! Rounds out my K10’s well for my band’s needs. One gets the job done in most rooms with my K10’s. Heavy, but the casters are great. Rolls like butter. I’ve used it for at least 3 years and played several hundred gigs with it without any trouble. Pro gear for sure. More expensive than most, though it’s worth every penny.