PLD4.5 Reviews

  4.5 based on 7 review(s)


from Germany - Bavaria
Audio Experience:

Reliable and powerfull

I work with this amp since 5 years. I never had any problems. It is very easy to change the configuration. Amplifier navigator works fine. Please add an ethernet port instead of the USB port. Many thanks to QSC


from Hawaii
Audio Experience:

Awesome amp.....

Great amp to use. Powerful and light. I use this to power four JBL STX 812m, each on its own channel in four channel mode. In the venue I regularly perform at, this amplifier has enough headroom and control to get me through time and time again. I would definitely purchase another if the need arises.


from Westminster, CA
Audio Experience:
Owner/Operator, The Audio Distillery 10 years. Live sound/events/production audio

Powerful, application flexible, outstanding sound

I have had one PLD4.5 in my amp rack for about a year now. I hope to replace all my PLX's with these PLD's. I use it to drive JBL VRX932LA in bi-amp mode. So one amp will power right and left highs and lows instead of using a separate amp for right and left. Sounds fantastic. Depending on the gig, I also switch it over to to run 4 passive monitors full range. It's hard to believe that one little 2U amps pumps 4 wedges as hard as it does and with such clean sound. So far, not a single glitch with over a year of constant events/productions.

Jose joito garcia

from Puerto Rico
Audio Experience:
I,m a owner of audio company for 30 years. I used power qsc mx,ex,plx,pl and now pld.

Best amplifier

I used this power amp for four years, its excellent for pasive line array speakers. The pld it's complete tools for pro experience on Qsc products is really good. On parts and service.

Steve Litscher

from Madison, Wi
Audio Experience:
Live sound engineer with 30+ years experience

A game changer

I was originally nervous about using a 4-channel amp... it seemed like I was "putting all of my eggs in one basket." Man, was I wrong! The PLD4.5 is nothing short of incredible and really does "do it all." It'll power subwoofers all day long and never break a sweat. It'll power four stage monitors with complete ease. Or, it'll run a potent FOH system (subs + mains) and never run out of gas. It's just incredible. I normally use the PLD4.5 to power some passive mains, and even when pushing it hard, it sounds fantastic, runs cool, and never pulls more than a few amperes. I love the DSP functions - the limiters are excellent, and the crossover and EQ work really well. These are such great amplifiers, especially for their price point!


from Cleveland Ohio
Audio Experience:
10 years

awesome amp

I own 5 of these amplifiers and they are fantastic! I love that I can use them in multiple configurations easily. They do a great job for both mid-highs as well as subwoofers. The clarity is fantastic, they are light weight where it is no big deal to lift the amp rack by myself and I the power efficiency is a huge benefit for mobile applications.

AL Garvin AG Sound Media

from Long Island New York
Audio Experience:
Sound engineer, Installer, Retailer

PLD 4.5

So far its a pretty good amp. I love the digital interface. Using a computer to access features is recommended. I will buy 2 more of tese amps.