K10.2 Reviews

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Keith Pavy

from Australia
Audio Experience:
Professional musician and engineer for 40 years.

Brilliant and Versatile Speakers

I've been in the music industry for 40yrs and I've always done production gigs where I just had to turn with my guitar amp and guitars, or sometimes just guitars. I needed a small, portable, light and compact P.A that sounded full, with a great response across all frequencies without having to use subs. I tried many brands including the tower systems but carrying subs was not an option with my bad back. I went to BSG in Brisbane and again tried 4-5 brands including the K.2 series K12.2 and K10.2. Both sounded amazing and there really wasn't a lot of difference in the weight, but the dispersion of the K10.2 was what sold me. You can hear the difference standing to the side, the K8.2 were great as well. But that perfect middle are the K10.2. I bought a Soundcraft Signature Series 12 channel Multi-track Desk to go with my new QSC K10.2 Speakers, I have a small trio of guitar, bass and drums with three part harmony and the guys love the speakers. Will certainly be upgrading later to buy foldbacks and QSC's will our choice of speakers.