CP8 Reviews

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P. Berry

from Northern California
Audio Experience:
I have been a professional musician for 30 years. Have used a variety of speakers and these are the best sounding, for the money, I’ Ever used.

CP 8 is just great!

We have two CP8s that we use for our folky bluesy duo. We LOVE them! They are light but powerful. Perfect. Plan on using them for monitors for bigger band this weekend. Great speakers for a great price!

Victor V

from Princeton
Audio Experience:
Pro Musician

Perfect Gig Speaker

I have been using the CP8 since they have come out. For me it’s been the perfect speaker I’ve used other brands However the sound and the articulation as well as the volume and tonality that is thrown to the audience in my opinion surpasses the others. I’ve use the single microphone like the DPA 4099 clipped onto my guitar into a TouchMix eight and then out to 2QSC CP8 speakers and the sound is absolutely fabulous. There’s a very crystal clear articulation that takes place and there’s no ear fatigue when listening to the sound that’s being produced and thrown to the audience. This provides a much more enjoyable experience to the listener. The speakers are so easy to travel with and fit in just about any trunk. I’ve been playing Winery’s, corporate events, private parties and I’m constantly getting compliments on my tone in the set up. If you’re in Acoustic Musician and serious about your tone this may be the speaker that you were looking for. I’ve also use the speaker with just my paddleboard and amazing results . I’ve done some fashion shows and I just put one CPA on a pole and run my paddleboard to the XLR in and the fantastic sound. That’s true magic in the speakers they do not tire of the year and they generally produce the sound that they are given. As a Spanish guitarist playing in the flamenco style when using the mic it is so important that the speaker faithfully reproduces the sound of the mike is capturing and with this speaker it’s so easy to play with Mike without feedback and deliver stellar sound night after night. As a Spanish guitarist playing in the flamenco style when using a mic it is so important that the speaker faithfully reproduces the sound of the mic is capturing and with this speaker it’s so easy to play with a mic without feedback and deliver stellar sound night after night. The people at QSC deliver excellent service if you ever have questions and stand behind their products and that to me as a professional getting musician is worth it’s weight in gold. They are friendly and honest company to deal with and I consistently tell others about how great the products are that come from QSC . Finally the speakers are easy to travel with and they won’t hurt your back while caring them setting them up and tearing down at the end of the night. The speakers are true working musicians speakers .

Brian E. Paulson

from Westfield
Audio Experience:
I am a multi instrumentalist and have Released 39 Albums for my labels Aeon/Intragalactic Recordings.

David vs. Goliath

I have played many Powered Speaker Cabinets over the last 30 years. This QSC Cp8 slays them all. Lightweight but powerfully clean accurate and affordable. A must buy for so many reasons. Great warranty, selectable EQ settings, ease of use and small footprint for stage use. I am a happy audio camper.

Bill Campbell

from Bolton Landing, NY
Audio Experience:
Weekend warrior.

Exceeded expectations

Frankly, I was willing to trade off some fidelity for "light and small" in my floor monitor, but, thankfully I didn't have to. These things are great! I was not expecting the bass/treble balance to be that good with an 8" driver. Well done QSC


from Peterborough, Canada
Audio Experience:
One man show, vocalist

Excellent sound small package

This speaker is mini powerhouse! It’s 21 pounds, so easy to move and lift! 1000 peak watts (probably closer to 500-550 RMS continuous watts, still really impressive) with silky smooth highs. The tone of this speaker is really good with vocals, not harsh at all. The DSP is good. Music playback is clean and full sounding especially for a 8” speaker. Defiantly see the QSC sound quality in this box! Highly recommended!

Jessica Ash

from Los Angeles, CA
Audio Experience:
The audio is FANTASTIC!

Why would anyone use anything else??

I have been a die hard QSC user for years. I've used many other brands and this one always remains my #1. These CP8 speakers are by far the BEST sounding (all QSC speakers sound the best) speakers ESPECIALLY for their size. The sound spread throughout the room is fantastic (again, especially for their size) and the sound quality is exceptional. Once again, QSC has proven they deserve their spot at #1.


from Southern California
Audio Experience:
Performing musician for 15 years; Vocalist and guitarist.

Lightweight and Packed Full of Sound!

Wow! Cannot believe that you can can get so much sound out of this little speaker. We have been using it as the drum monitor in my 8 piece reggae band and it has far surpassed my expectations. Great crisp clean sound as expected from all of the QSC Speaker Series, but super lightweight easy to travel with and carry. This speaker works great as a monitor for a full band situation and I even used it during a solo acoustic set as my main and it provides all the power you need in a small room! Partnered with the Touchmix digital mixing board this is a great speaker for any acoustic musician or band situation as a monitor!

Baz King

from Los Angeles, CA
Audio Experience:
Band leader, Live sound engineer (KiSMiT, Lucky Devils Band, Carly & the King), Graduate of Berklee College of Music '13

The perfect stage monitor

I have been using K10s as monitors for the past three years on hundreds of gigs, and what a delight it was to unwrap and hold a CP8. The compact size and light-weight nature eases any potential burden of a back/shoulder strain, while having all the punch and clarity you'll need for a monitor mix. My CP8s are an essential element to any live show setup!


from Long Beach
Audio Experience:
20 years musician and audio engineer

Amazing Power and Punch

For the size this speaker really packs a punch. Amazing as a monitor for my band or mains at small shows.


Audio Experience:
Sound engineer, keyboards and vocals.

Excellent speaker

I bought three of these to use as floor monitors with my K10.2s. Fantastic!

Tim G

from Lakeland, Florida
Audio Experience:
30 year pro entertainer

Great little speaker

I bought the CP eight to fill-in for smaller gigs and I am thrilled with it. I’m a one-man show with the iPad and a guitar and voice and this little speaker fills the room perfectly when there’s fewer than 100 people. I’m gonna need more power are use my K10 and use the CP8 as a monitor or to fill-in.

B Harris

from Akron, OH
Audio Experience:
Play 20ish shows a year, small venues, but loud rooms.

Perfect Little Stage Monitor and More

These things sound like studio monitors, are small, light, and serve our purpose as a quiet acoustic duo playing surprisingly loud coffee shops and wineries. There's none of the bells and whistles of the Kx.2 series which I didn't want or need. I'm inclined to replace my K10.1 with CP8s but I don't know how they'll handle an outdoor gig. Have I mentioned small and light? It's the best part.

Michael Power

from San Antonio, Texas
Audio Experience:
Just Wow!


I pick up the CP8 to use with my Roland multi-pad. I have always know about the QSC brand reputation but this was my first purchase. Initially I was just looking for a simple powered speaker. But, what I got was a real powerhouse of a device! This speaker is so versatile in its application. It will be one of my most important pieces of gear. And the sound quality? ...just WOW!

Paul G.

from Rhode Island
Audio Experience:
Professional musician.

Astoundlngly compact, full sound

I use the CP8 as a floor wedge for monitoring. It takes up no room in the vehicle, is ultra lightweight, yet it delivers plenty of volume and a full-range, full, clear sound. The cabinet feels like quality, looks professional and the shape is perfect.


from Canton, OH
Audio Experience:
Worship leader, studio guitar and vocals.

Small but Mighty

Amazing full range sound for such a compact speaker. For small venues these things kill!!

Luke Keith

from Newport Beach, CA
Audio Experience:
I’m a lifelong bassist and aspiring sound mixer.

They read my mind.

The CP8 is the perfect combination of size and sound. The size is perfect for tight stages while projecting a clear and potent monitor feed. The light weight is an answer to every musician’s comment of why their gear has to be so heavy. I can run music into one input, my bass DI in another and it’s an instant rehearsal tool. I’d like a fleet of these CP8’s and I’m sure the CP12’s are just as good but a little bigger. Thanks QSC; you’re doing it right.


from Wilmington, NC
Audio Experience:
Over 45 years of playing music and being the sound guy in the band.


I recently purchased a CP 8 to use as a monitor for several bands I’m playing and doing sound for. I was looking for something small but effective. This speaker did the trick on both counts. I’ve used QSC K12 series for years as well as a TouchMix 16, so I was hoping this less expensive model would sound as good as those. I wasn’t disappointed and plan to get some more of these little gems to replace my older monitors. I haven’t tried them as mains yet, but matched with my Ksub , they might work in some environments we play as well as use as a side fill along with the K12s.


from Smithsburg MD.
Audio Experience:
Decades on live performing and sound reinforcement.

CP8 as monitors

I purchased 2 CP8's early out based on my experience with other QSC equipment. I was pleasantly surprised. The little monster do the job and most important for me, requires minimum effort to setup and just carry.

Richard B

from Franklin, TN
Audio Experience:
They sound great and are easy to setup and tune. Zero feedback issues.

Great Speakers/Monitors

I got these speakers a month ago and use them as stage monitors. Their compact size, light weight and ease of setup are a delight. They sound great, matching my K8s and 112 sub.


from Buckeye, Az
Audio Experience:
Taught music and played in bands since 1966.


ajways wanted QSC speakers. They are easy to set up and sound amazing! I have been playing music for 50 years and these are the best .


from California
Audio Experience:
Live sound and dj

Amazing speakers!

I recently got a pair of cp8’s for my PA system and they are amazing, very loud and clear. No distortion even when the limit light is on. They are built amazing and feel like they could be knocked off a stand and survive no problem. Very good buy.

Daniel Lewis

from Port Orchard, WA
Audio Experience:
43 years playing semi-professionally. clubs/parties/fairs etc.

Love the CP8

I'm using the CP8 as a floor monitor in our 4 piece club band. It always sounds great with practically no EQ/adjustment required. Plenty of power, light, small. Best monitor I've ever owned hands down.

Luis Garcia

from Las Cruces , NM
Audio Experience:
Still have quite a bit of Peavy speakers and amps. (Heavy stuff) QSC is light weight and incredible power output on the self contained speakers.

CP8 and QSC Products

I'm using the CP8 as an overall/main mix system mix monitor for my band "UnLyshed". It's awesome. I have the QSC Touch Mix-16 with QSC subs and QSC 12s. QSC has taken the quality of sound reinforcement to a very high level.

Wayne Severson

from Branson MO
Audio Experience:
I'm a long time (more years than I care to admit) performer and recording studio owner.

Portable Clean Power!

I use these for both an FRFR with and amp modeler (Axe FX III) and as a PA for a solo act with backing tracks, vocals and the Axe III. I love the small foot print on stage ( and in the car ). I can get plenty of clean volume to cover the venues I work. Simple high quality in a lightweight format.

M Viles

from Bend , OR
Audio Experience:
The sound is pristine. Just what I was looking for.

Great speaker for singer song writer

I was looking for a small powered speaker to use for acoustic guitar and vocals and this fits the bill. It is easy to transport and sounds incredible.

Six Deers Beep

from Denver, CO
Audio Experience:
20+ years of never doing something the same way twice

loud and crisp sound in a compact and portable package

Purchased two of these bumpin lil bros to serve as floor wedges for my live looping setup and double as mains for the small events that i DJ... and i couldnt be more satisfied with my investment! the CP8 may be priced a little higher than the competition but you definitely get what you pay for... i rarely push them to half of what they can do, and they are still plenty loud. at the louder volumes my mixes are still crisp and clear... it’s portable and has a compact footprint, and it’s dual-function design that allows it to be quickly flipped from floor wedge to pole-mounted truly puts the CP8 over the top! thanks for helping me sound better QSC!!!

The Latin Ensemble

from Boynton Beach, Florida
Audio Experience:
Singer, songwriter, electronics tech, recording and sound engineer. Lead singer of The Latin Ensemble Band

Lightweight and powerful!

I had 4 Bose SP1, my big problem was always when needed to increase the volume, they really don’t do the job, decided to get rid of 3 of them leaving one for home (no more gigs) and the money I got gave enough to purchase 4 CP8’s. Well there was events where I must use all of 4 Bose’s. Now? Just ONE CP8 do the job! In fact, I did the sound of my 5 pieces band using 2 of them as monitors and the other two as mains, without that problem of carrying big cabinets! On that 100 people crowd event, they were surprised, and some asked where the speakers were located even one did question where we hide the sub! On my solo performances one channel is for the microphone after my effects pedal and the convenient 3.5mm input allows me to connect my iPad for my backing tracks, because I do several times a week entertainment singing for senior centers. They say I am the best because they love me doing Sinatra, Humperdink and more and they love that I am the one who carries the less equipment. I invested in a pair of K12.2, when is a big space or crowd I simply have 4 CP8 as floor monitors and the concert is perfect, no need of subs so far!

Edgar Ruiz Latinlenz Entertaiment.

from Bronx New York
Audio Experience:
Crytal clear small and compact with out compromising power and sound !!


Let me start by saying that all I have is Qsc line of speakers. Every occasion deserve great sound and the QSC line has bright that to all my events. My fav is the new Cp8 Impact speaker. Small compact , clean filter sound bring out every signal Crystal clear. Never have to worry about how small and compact these are because they perform just like the big boys do !!


from La Habra, CA
Audio Experience:
Professional musician and Worship pastor.

Compact and powerful!

I love my CP8s! I originally acquired them for monitor purposes. But now I’ve been using them as my main PA for many events as they are so powerful and so light!

Chris Chan DJ ZI

from Long Beach California
Audio Experience:

Almost Perfect But Way More Affordable

I've been a DJ for 6 years. I chose QSC because I could not settle for the sound quality of lesser speakers. The CP8 Series speakers get a 4.5 star review for me simply because It's not the K series. For the price point and the quality you receive the speakers are top notch. You get really good range of highs and lows and can really take a beating on the levels. I maxed these out on a hot summer outdoor party and was surprised they never dropped in sound even when I thought they should be overheating.

Rob Bernstein, CTS

from Massachusetts
Audio Experience:
30-years of live sound mixing, guitar playing, studio recording. Currently in AV Integration Sales.

Can't Be Beat For The Money

I own a number of QSC products including K10.2 speakers and a TouchMix-16, so I am familiar with the quality of QSC. I was looking for a pair of small powered speakers to supplement the 10" floor monitors I currently use with my wedding bands that could also be used as satellite speakers in larger venues. I decided to gamble on the CP8's based on previous QSC experience and the price point. The first thing I did after receiving them was an A/B with a K10.2. Obviously not an apples-to-apples comparison, but I wanted to see how different the 8" driver sounded from the 10". Sound volume aside (since the CP8 is not as powerful as the K10.2), the CP8 kept up pretty well. Definitely a noticeable drop in lower frequency response , but that is to be expected. The CP8's are impressive at the price point, and are great to have as a utility speaker pair in tight spaces. One thing I do miss is the blue power LED on the front, but I understand that cost cutting has to happen somewhere. I may try a pair of CP12's to have as backup speakers.