Discover QSC’s best-in-class live sound training courses, with engaging videos (offered in multiple languages), fun assessments and more.   Unlike other manufacturers who require special login or privileges to access these kinds of valuable tools, QSC opens its live sound training to the public: completely searchable, completely non-linear, and completely free-of-charge!

TouchMix Training

Comprehensive, Modular Training

Want to learn to use TouchMix’s preset libraries?  Need a deeper dive on the FX Wizard?  Interested in mastering the recording function?  All of the major features are covered in this tutorial series. 

Real-time, dynamic demonstrations!

No boring videos here! Our fast-paced, real-world demonstrations are highly visual and funny, hosted by lively QSC educators, and presented in real-time. 

Multiple languages available

TouchMix Training videos are available in 9 different language, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech and Italian.

K Family Training

Become a K Expert

Get ready to become an expert on K Family loudspeakers with this quick training course.  Master the features and benefits and learn how to choose the right K Family model for the right application. 

Active Speaker Advantage

Understand the benefits of employing an active loudspeaker systems like K Family.

DMT Explained

Get a handle on Directivity Matched Transition™, one of QSC’s core loudspeaker design principles. 

PLD Amplifier Training

An in-depth look into the PLD platform

Peak under the hood, and get an introduction to the unique components of the PLD amplifiers.

Understanding FAST Technology

Get a personal tour of the platform’s innovative Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ from Dale Sandberg, Senior Amplifier Product Manager. 

Front Panel GUI Walkthrough

Learn the basics of how to navigate the front user interface, including how to program its on-board EQ, presets and loudspeaker wizards.