DCM Series

QSC Digital Cinema Monitors (DCM) integrate DSP crossovers, booth monitoring, and load fault detection into a single unit that provides exceptional performance and control while interfacing seamlessly with existing legacy cinema processors. By combining booth monitor and crossovers, the DCM Series monitors simplify system wiring and configuration, boosting your bottom line with faster setup and increased operational efficiency.

The DCM Series Monitors take full advantage of digital technology for both processing and control. Digital Signal Processing delivers the best possible sound quality and high dynamic range to outperform traditional analog crossovers. And our software lets you easily build and deploy configurations that combine all elements of system setup into a savable preset.

  • Quad-, tri-, bi-amp, or passive operation (varies by model)
  • Three to five screen channels (varies by model)
  • Intrinsic Correction to optimize DCS speaker systems (DCM 100/300 only)
  • Precise adjustment of crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, and gain for each speaker in your system
  • Switch-in alternate EQ settings for alternative content
  • DCM Manager for DCM 30D
  • DPM Manager for DCM 100/300
  • Easy intuitive system setup
  • Configure parameter settings, routing, crossover filters, gains, delays, diagnostics, and monitoring
  • Real-time software control from PC via USB
  • Analog or AES/EBU inputs (DCM 30D has AES/EBU inputs)
  • DataPort amp connections (no barrier strips or XLRs required)
  • Support for all current cinema sound processor formats
  • Load and amplifier fault monitoring reports opens and shorts for each channel
  • Active emergency bypass crossover provides fail-safe operation


  DCM 100 DCM 30D DCM 300
Digital In Channels n/a 8 n/a
Analog In Channels 8 8 8
Screen Channel Support 3 up to 5 3
Screen Channel Operation Passive or bi-amp Bi-, tri-, or quad amp Passive, bi-, tri-, or quad amp
Intrinsic Correction DSP yes no yes
Sub Output Channels (max) 4 8 4 to 8
  Details Details Details

DCM Manager Software

DCM 10, DCM 10D, DCM 30 and DCM 30D

The DCM Manager gives you an easy interface that allows you to communicate with your Digital Cinema Monitor. DCM Manager allows you to design a configuration, which is a complete set of parameter settings that change the audio routing, crossover filters, gains, delays, diagnostics and monitor behavior within the DCM hardware unit.

Version 1.40.1

  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Updated speaker settings for QSC speakers
  • Speaker settings for discontinued QSC speakers can be found in the database by selecting 'QSC Legacy' as the speaker make

Download DCM Manager

Previous Releases

  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Updates the speaker library to include support for new models

Download DCM Manager

  • Compatible with Windows XP.  Does not support Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Older versions not recommended

Download DCM Manager

  • Supports DCM-1, DCM-2 and DCM-3 legacy processors

Download DCM Manager