UPC Series Packages

The UPC Series Assistive Listening Devices are part of an infrared system, designed to fill a lifetime void with intelligible, clear sound for the thousands of hearing impaired individuals. IR headphone receivers will work in any auditorium, but play audio only from that auditorium. There is no possibility of receiving soundtrack from another auditorium.


  • Transmits two channels of high quality audio over infrared.
  • Low voltage 32 V emitter panel requires no high voltage AC wiring
  • Standard 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz FM transmission compatible with receivers from several manufacturers
  • Two balanced analog inputs accept 100 mV to 30V audio for direct connection to the sound processor.
  • Audio compressors bring up quiet sections of the movie
  • Signal presence LEDs aid in setting levels.
  • Mounts at back of auditorium and reflects IR off screen for simple installation and maximum coverage
  • Typical coverage with a single IR emitter panel is approximately 300 seats