Two channel IR headphones for HI and VI-N audio. Switch selects either 2.3 MHz or 2.8 MHz


  • The headphones receive audio over infrared
  • No RF interference problems of cross talk between auditoriums
  • High quality sound ensures maximum intelligibility for the hearing and visually impaired
  • Slide switch selects between 2.3 or 2.8 MHz
  • Designed for low distortion and high clarity
  • Provide DC and AC magnetic fields to drive automatic switching telecoils in hearing aids
  • Include a 3.5mm jack to drive neck loops or "direct audio" inputs on hearing aids and implants
  • Modulation LED meter for accurate level calibration
  • Input range 100mV, to 30V R.M.S.
  • Two channel over the head unit has sensors on both sides
  • Power on/off slide switch and independent volume control for left and right ear
  • Powered by two AAA batteries