QSC, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio, video and control system solutions. QSC offers best-in-class products, technical support and services serving Systems, Cinema and Live-sound markets globally. Our product range includes power amplification, loudspeaker, digital signal processing (DSP), video, controls and digital mixers. 
In October 2015, QSC established QSC LLC, India Branch to service our customers in the SAARC regions.  QSC India office is located in Bangalore India. Our India office has extensive capabilities to support all customers’ needs, including sales support, systems application design, technical support, product repair, training and billing in INR.  In addition to the Bangalore office, we also have regional sales managers across India to provide local sales support. We maintain a significant number of products in our inventory in region to support our customers’ needs. 
QSC recognizes the key to our success lies in the talents that we acquired to serve our customers.  We are proud to deliver best-in-service in the SAARC region by attracting the best and brightest individuals to represent our organization in India. 


Mission Statement

To be the leading and most trusted provider
of high quality professional audio/video systems worldwide.


Our values are the bedrock of our brand and guide us in our thinking and in our actions.


is essential in everything we make and everything we do. Consistent and pervasive quality sets us apart and increases our value to others. Constantly striving to improve our quality not only builds our business but helps us grow as individuals. Excellence is a sign of respect for our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.


Integrity is the foundation of trust. Act with honesty and fairness towards everyone. Treat others as you would have them treat you. Always make decisions based on the long term best interest of all parties.


Service is about meeting the real needs of our customers. Along with quality it sets us apart and provides value to others. Anticipate the needs of others and help them to be successful. Let care for others guide your decisions and efforts.


Commitment is standing behind our word. It is doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. Go the distance to ensure that a promise made or implied is a promise kept.


Teams can achieve far more than individuals. Harness the power of people through effective teamwork within QSC, and throughout the customer chain.

Work Hard / Have Fun

Joy and hard work go hand in hand. Nothing of lasting merit can be achieved without hard work but hard work cannot be sustained without enjoying the work. Our goals and standards make hard work essential. At the same time make sure to have fun all along the way.


Pat Quilter

Founder & Chairman of the Board

The son of a Marine aviator, Pat Quilter’s interest in physics and electronics can be traced back to his high school days. “My high school physics course taught me everything I needed to know to get started in electronics, and laid a foundation that allowed me to begin building my first crude circuits in college,” says Pat. After flunking out of college due to the distraction of “hands on” learning of electronics, Pat moved to Southern California and began building guitar amplifiers to meet the needs of local musicians and artists. As the guitar amplifier business evolved into a professional audio amplifier manufacturing organization, Pat focused on product development efforts that included the awarding of several design patents and innovative products that revolutionized the world of professional audio production.  “Looking back at it all, I was pretty idealistic. I just wanted a cool little company that built nice stuff, didn’t burn anybody, and let me make a decent living,” says Pat. ”Thanks to the efforts of many others who shared in the vision, we greatly exceeded that goal over the years.”  In 2011, Pat returned to his passion of designing and building guitar amplifiers, and founded Quilter Labs where he designs and builds amps for some of today’s biggest artists in music. www.quilterlabs.com

Pat Quilter, QSC Founder & Chairman of the Board

Barry Andrews

Founder & Board Member

A broken British motorcycle turned into a defining moment for Barry Andrews. He walked into Quilter Sound Things seeking a ride home and ended up with a lifetime career. At 18, Barry started building guitar amp cabinets. Some years later, he talked Pat into to letting him try to manage the company. The early days at Quilter Sound were an incredibly tough but valuable real world school. Along with Pat and John, he led the company as it evolved from a three person guitar amp shop to QSC, a world leader in professional audio sound reinforcement. Barry went on to become the CEO of QSC Audio for over 30 years- driving business strategy, product strategy, sales and marketing activities.

No longer involved in day-to-day management Barry is not retired and remains highly active. As a board member of QSC he focuses on long term strategic planning and the coaching and mentoring of QSC executives and managers.

Outside of QSC Barry seeks to help entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, having made a promise himself to do so as a young man. He writes and produces documentaries focused on planetary health and Barry and his family have an entertainment production company that develops both film and television projects. He travels extensively having been to all seven continents and over 50 countries to date. He loves overlanding in remote parts of the U.S., designing and building expedition vehicles, fly fishing, cooking, photography and after a 40-year gap, riding motorcycles.

Barry Andrews, QSC Founder & Board Member

John Andrews

Founder & Board Member

John joined a fledgling QSC while still in high school, working part-time in the woodshop assembling cabinets and stuffing circuit boards as needed. While in college, his role within the company expanded and he soon took on running the front office; still with an eye on a career in real estate development. "At the time, I viewed QSC merely as a stop along the way and I was intent on moving on once I graduated,” says John. “I didn’t expect this to be a career.” Remaining with QSC after graduating from University of Southern California however, was a major cause of consternation with the Andrews family. John’s brother Barry recalls, “My father was furious at me. I remember him yelling, ‘We never thought you’d amount to much, but we had expectations for John!’" John’s full-time, early years entailed lots of on-the-job training particularly in the areas of manufacturing and operations which was a company need and fortunately of interest to him. A particular point of pride for John was his leadership role in the creation of the company’s “build to order” manufacturing capability which had a tremendous impact on the growth of QSC. Today, John still comes into the office but most of the day-to-day business operations are left to the team of talented individuals he helped assemble over the years.  When he is not in the office, he is eager to share his business knowledge with his children who in turn have shown their own entrepreneurial spirit.

John Andrews, QSC Founder & Board Member

Executive Team

Joe Pham - QSC President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Pham, Ph.D.

President and CEO, QSC

Joe Pham joined QSC in 2004 serving as the company's Chief Strategy and Technology Officer. In 2007, Joe was promoted to Chief Operating Officer where he began overseeing Sales, Marketing, R&D, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, and Strategy. In 2010, he was promoted to President and CEO. Prior to joining QSC, Joe was with McKinsey & Company, where he worked with chief executives of Fortune 500 companies to develop growth strategies and improve operations. Joe was the President of PAMA (Professional Audio Manufacturer Association) from 2013-15. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for both PAMA and InfoComm. Joe is also a member of the UC Irvine Chief Executive Roundtable and YPO (Young Presidents' Organization). Joe Pham holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and is a former Professor of Electrical Engineering at UCLA.

Jatan Shah - QSC Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Jatan Shah

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

In May of 2010, Jatan Shah joined QSC with over a decade of experience in strategic operations, finance and strategy. Jatan has served as QSC Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer, leading the Finance, R&D, Legal, and IT departments. Prior to QSC, Jatan worked at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he was Senior Engagement Manager, and United Technologies Corporation, a provider of high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building systems industries. In 2011 he received the Orange County Business Journal's CFO of the Year Award, and in 2012 was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with additional responsibilities of Manufacturing and Supply chain operations. Jatan holds multiple graduate degrees in Finance and Industrial and Operations Engineering, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering.

Barry Ferrell - QSC Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Barry Ferrell

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Promoted to his current position in October 2013, Barry Ferrell began his career at the company in 1990 as an Applications Engineer and was the first technical hire at the company in the sales and marketing department. In 2009, Barry assumed the leadership role of the company’s Cinema Group and was promoted to Vice President of Cinema in October 2012. He is a past president of the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA), the main trade organization of cinema equipment manufacturers and dealers, and currently serves on its board of directors.

Anna Csontos - Vice President, Chief of Staff

Anna Csontos

Vice President, Chief of Staff

Anna Csontos has been a key member of the QSC executive team since joining the company in 2011, playing an instrumental role in developing and executing business strategies for growth. Prior to joining QSC, Anna worked for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where she served clients in multiple industries and in various functional capacities around the world. Anna holds multiple masters degrees including an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management and an MS in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. While pursuing her MBA, she worked for AECOM, a Fortune 500 architecture and engineering firm as Corporate Finance Intern and for Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 packaging company as Corporate Strategy Intern. Anna is currently working on her MA in Psychology at Azusa Pacific University.

Markus Winkler - Senior Vice President, QSC Systems

Markus Winkler

Senior Vice President, QSC Systems

Markus Winkler joined QSC in June 2017 as Senior Vice President, QSC Systems. Based in Sinsheim Germany,  Markus leads QSC's rapidly expanding global Systems Business, and oversees the efforts to expand QSC's operational presence in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). He joined QSC following his long and successful career at Shure EMEA, and brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience in the audio-visual industry. During his tenure with Shure, Markus led the expansion and growth of Shure's thriving business and organization in EMEA, serving as Managing Director of the region. Marcus holds a Diplom-Betriebswirt from the University of Pforzheim, Germany.

Gene Joly - Vice President, Professional

Gene Joly

Vice President, Professional

Gene Joly joined QSC in 2016 as the company's Vice President, Professional. He brings a rich career of experience to QSC, serving more than 40 years in sales and executive management roles within the Professional Audio and MI marketplaces. Prior to joining QSC, he spent more than 10 years in various executive positions at Guitar Center, where he held a variety of positions, including Senior VP of Merchandising of GC's High Tech Division; Executive VP of Merchandising at Musician's Friend; Executive VP of GC Stores, and President of Musician's Friend. Joly has also served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) along with the Board of Trustees of the Berklee College of Music, and is a member of the Advisory Board and Development Panel of The MIDI Association. Gene holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Bentley University.

Chris Humphrey - Vice President, Marketing

Chris Humphrey

Vice President, Marketing

Chris Humphrey brings a rich career of global marketing experience in technology oriented businesses to QSC, with more than 20 years of executive marketing roles at companies which focus on IT related services, including enterprise software, embedded computing, storage networking, scientific instrumentation and security. Humphrey joins QSC from Maxwell Technologies (energy storage and power delivery solutions), where he was most recently Vice President of Strategy, Marketing and Business Development. Prior to that, he was VP of Corporate Marketing at QLogic (server and storage networking solutions), VP and General Manager at Honeywell Safety International (active and passive hearing protection and electronic communication solutions), and Sr. VP of Global Marketing at Lantronix Corporation (embedded computing and network enablement solutions). Humphrey holds Bachelor’s Degrees in both Systems Engineering & Theatre Arts Playwriting from the University of California, San Diego.

John White - QSC Vice President, Research & Development

John White

Vice President, Research & Development

John White joined QSC in 2013 and serves as the company’s Vice-President, Research & Development where he provides technical and managerial leadership for the company’s product development initiatives. A veteran design and audio engineer, White has held key positions with some of the world’s leading audio and electronics companies including THX, Avid/Digidesign, Dolby Laboratories, and Walt Disney Imagineering where he oversaw a variety of engineering and product development programs. White also served as an electronics technician for both Clair Brothers and Maryland Sound and toured with artists including Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Luther Vandross, Jerry Garcia, Yes and others. He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida, and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Greg Wilson - QSC Vice President, Manufacturing

Greg Wilson

Vice President, Manufacturing

Greg Wilson joined QSC in 1991, following a diverse career in manufacturing and quality management. Among his clients were NASA, Electrac Space Labs, Helionetics and Delta Electronics. Greg was also involved with a number of high security projects including the Goldstone Deep Space communication complex and Pershing II Missile programs. Promoted to his current role in 2012, Greg continues to contribute to the growth and international expansion of the company, and is a recent recipient of the “Value Award” for Outstanding Commitment to QSC.

Karon Evanoff - Vice President, Supply Chain

Karon Evanoff

Vice President, Supply Chain

Karon joined QSC in January of 2016 as Vice President of Global Supply Chain. She has over 25 years of supply chain experience and has been responsible for building supply chain teams and processes from ground zero in startup VC funded environments as well as revamping existing teams and processes within established supply chain enterprises. She has extensive knowledge and experience in establishing leading practice processes and systems enabling demand driven value networks in data storage, telecom, solar and security industries. She holds a BA from California State University-Fullerton's College of Business & Economics, attended USD's graduate school supply chain program and achieved a certificate in Global Leadership from IMD's Business School's program in Switzerland in 2014.

Claude Zamboni - Vice President, IT

Claude Zamboni

Vice President, IT

Claudé Zamboni joined QSC in 2012 as the Vice President of Information Technology.  He has over 28 years of IT experience in company's ranging from Aerospace to Wireless.  Prior to joining QSC, Claudé was a Senior Director of Application Systems at AT&T Wireless in Redmond, WA, and Vice President of IT at Powerwave, Inc. in Santa Ana, CA.  Claudé received his education at UCLA, first with a BA in economics and history, then a graduate degree in Information Systems Management.

Vicki Arnold - QSC Vice President, Human Resources

Vicki Arnold

Vice President, Human Resources

The former 20-year Vice President of Human Resources for Warner Music Group, Vicki Arnold joined QSC in February of 2006. She is an active member of both the Society of Human Resources Management and the HR Strategy Forum. She holds multiple degrees from the University of Wyoming, including a graduate degree in Business.