QSC in Action

University of Central Oklahoma
Large-Scale Classroom Deployment

Q-SYS enables consistent classroom deployment for increased adoption & support while supporting a variety of web conferencing solutions.

Q-SYS Designer Software v9.4

New products now supported, improved Q-SYS Video and Q-SYS Control functionality, as well as several new features.​

Flexible Teleconferencing

QSC partners with Sennheiser and Barco to provide Gateway with a truly modern conferencing solution with Q-SYS.

Latest Blogs

Welcome to the CoLAB at QSC

April 21, 2022 - The CoLAB @ QSC is an interactive lab emphasizing collaboration applications and integrations. With a Training Room, Divisible Room, All Hands Space, and Boardroom, the CoLAB is equipped to showcase the latest solutions.


Practical Tips on Loudspeaker Placement for Live Sound
(Part IV)

May 9, 2022 - This last, concluding article in a four-part series discusses vertical loudspeaker coverage in details, where elevation and distance become critical.


Projector Control (and more) with Q-SYS

February 2, 2022 – Great news! With the addition of the NEC S2 Digital Cinema Projector plugin, QSC now offers Q-SYS control plugins for all three major digital cinema projector brands!