Qualified Q-LAN Audio Switches

"Qualified" Q-LAN audio switches will presumably work with Q-SYS, based on their published specifications and laboratory testing by QSC of at least one similar switch model. The list of qualified switches represents the extent of testing done by QSC and does not represent an exhaustive list of network equipment that meet Q-SYS requirements. Q-SYS Q-Lan audio switch testing focus was towards PTPv2 clock and Q-SYS audio traffic performance. Testing is limited in scope and may not cover all aspects.

Note: The Q-SYS “Qualified” Q-LAN Audio switch listed here is considered legacy status for classic Q-SYS deployments for Q-LAN audio only. Deployments which are using Q-SYS Audio/Video and/or AES67 should consider looking at the new Q-SYS Qualified Q-LAN Audio/Video switch list at the following link:


Note: Available only in Japan

Alaxala AX2500S Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • AX2530S-24T

  • AX2530S-48T

  • AX2530S-24S4X

  • AX2530S-24T4X

  • AX2530S-48T2X

Alaxala AX3640S Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • AX3640S-24T

  • AX3640S-24TW

  • AX3640S-24T2XW

  • AX3640S-48TW

  • AX3640S-48T2XW

  • AX3640S-24SW

  • AX3640S-24S2XW

Allied Telesis x210

  • AT-x210-9GT

Allied Telesis x510 (Setup Guide PDF)

  • AT-x510-28GTX

  • AT-x510-28GPX

  • AT-x510-52GTX

  • AT-x510-52GPX

Allied Telesis x610 (Setup Guide PDF)

  • AT-x610-24SPs/x

  • AT-x610-24Ts/X

  • AT-x610-24Ts/X-POE+

  • AT-x610-48Ts/x

  • AT-x610-48Ts/X-POE+

Allied Telesis x930

  • AT-x930-28GTX

  • AT-x930-28GPX

  • AT-x930-28GSTX

  • AT-x930-52GTX

  • AT-x930-52GPX

Brocade ICX6430 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • IX6430-C12

  • IX6430-24

  • IX6430-24P

  • IX6430-48

  • IX6430-48P

Brocade ICX6450 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • ICX6450-24

  • ICX6450-24P

  • ICX6450-48

  • ICX6450-48P

Brocade ICX7750 Series

IMPORTANT: The Cisco Small Business SG-200 Series has been removed from the qualified Ethernet switch list. 10/28/2013

IMPORTANT: The Cisco Small Business SG-300 Series has been removed from the qualified Ethernet switch list. 07/17/2013

IMPORTANT: The Cisco Small Business SG-500 Series has been removed from the qualified Ethernet switch list. 12/18/2013 

Catalyst 3560E Series
Important note: The manufacturer as indicated that this product will be discontinued in the near future
(Setup Guide PDF)

  • 3560E-24TD

  • 3560E-24PD

  • 3560E-48PD 

  • 3560E-48TD

  • 3560E-48PD-F

  • 3560E-12D

  • 3560E-12SD

Catalyst 3560X Series

  • 3560X-24T

  • 3560X-24P

  • 3560X-48P

  • 3560X-48T

  • 3560X-48PF 

Catalyst 3750E Series (Setup Guide PDF) (The manufacturer has indicated that this product will be discontinued in the near future.)

  • 3750E-24TD

  • 3750E-24PD

  • 3750E-48TD

  • 3750E-48PD 

  • 3750E-48PD-F

Catalyst 3750X Series

  • 3750X-24T

  • 3750X-24P

  • 3750X-48T

  • 3750X-48P

  • 3750X-48PF

  • 3750X-12S

  • 3750X-24S

Catalyst IE-4000 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

Meraki 320 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

DGS-1210 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • DGS-1210-10P

  • DGS-1210-20

  • DGS-1210-28

DGS-1500 Series
NOTE: IGMP snooping feature does not work

  • DGS-1500-20

  • DGS-1500-28

  • DGS-1500-28P

DGS-3120 Series (
Setup Guide PDF)

  • DGS-3120-24PC-EI

  • DGS-3120-24PC-SI

  • DGS-3120-24TC-EI

  • DGS-3120-24TC-SI

  • DGS-3120-48PC-EI

  • DGS-3120-48PC-SI

  • DGS-3120-48TC-EI

  • DGS-3120-48TC-SI

Dell PowerConnect28xx (Setup Guide PDF)

  • PowerConnect 2808

  • PowerConnect 2816

  • PowerConnect 2824

  • PowerConnect 2848

C5 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • C5G124-24

  • C5G124-24P2

  • C5G124-48

  • C5G124-48P2

  • C5K124-24

  • C5K124-24P2

  • C5K124-48

  • C5K124-48P2

Summit X440 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • Summit X440-8t

  • Summit X440-8p

  • Summit X440-24t

  • Summit X440-24p

  • Summit X440-48t

  • Summit X440-48p

  • Summit X440-24t-10G

  • Summit X440-24p-10G

  • Summit X440-48t-10G

  • Summit X440-48p-10G

Summit X460 Series

  • Summit X460-24t

  • Summit X460-24p

  • Summit X460-24x

  • Summit X460-48t

  • Summit X460-48p

  • Summit X460-48x

HP 1910 Series (Gigabit models only, 40KB per port buffer size minimum*) (Setup Guide PDF)

  • HP 1910-8G (JG348A)

  • HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (65W) (JG349A)

  • HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) (JG350A)

HP 1920 Series (Gigabit Models)
(Setup Guide PDF)

2530 Series (Gigabit models only) (
Setup Guide PDF)

  • HP 2530-8G (J9777A)

  • HP 2530-24G (J9776A)

  • HP 2530-48G (J9775A)

  • HP 2530-8G-PoE+ (J9774A)

  • HP 2530-24G-PoE+ (J9773A)

  • HP 2530-48G-PoE+ (J9772A)

HP 3500 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • HP 3500yl-24G-PWR (discontinued)

  • HP 3500yl-24G-PoE+ (not discontinued)

  • HP 3500yl-48G-PWR (discontinued)

  • HP 3500yl-48G-PoE+ (not discontinued)

HP 3800 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • All models

HP 5400zl Series

  • HP 5406zl (all modules)

  • HP 5412zl (all modules)

HP 6200yl Series (Setup Guide PDF)

  • HP 6200yl-24G-mGBIC

 * Other models have insufficient packet buffer for QLAN

S5700 Series (Setup Guide PDF)

Linksys is a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

SLM Series Smart Switches (This product has been designated End-of-Life by the manufacturer.)

SRW Series Managed Switches  (Setup Guide) (The manufacturer has given this product an end-ol-life designation, and it will be discontinued soon.)

  • SRW2008

  • SRW2008MP

  • SRW2008P

  • SRW2016

  • SRW2024

  • SRW2024P (Setup Guide PDF)

  • SRW2048

  • GigaCore 12

  • GigaCore 14R

  • GigaCore 16RFO

  • GigaCore 16xt

  • GigaCore 26I

  • Luxul AMS-4424P
  • Luxul AMS-2616P

Netgear Standalone Smart Switches (Setup Guide PDF)

  • GS510TP

  • GS516TP

  • GS728TP

  • GS752TP

  • GS716Tv3 (only this version or later)*

  • GS724Tv4 (only this version or later)*

  • GS748Tv5 (only this version or later)*

* prior versions have insufficient packet buffering. Note: If IGMP snooping related issues are exhibited consider disabling IGMP snooping, check for switch firmware updates.

Netgear M4100 and M5300 Gigabit (
Setup Guide PDF) 

  • M4100 Series (Gigabit models only)

  • M5300 Series

Note: If IGMP snooping related issues are exhibited consider disabling IGMP snooping, check for switch firmware updates.

Pakedge (Setup Guide PDF)

  • S8Hav

  • S24av

  • S24f

  • S24Hav

  • S24Hf

  • S24P8av

  • S24P16av

  • S3-24P

  • XM-400 Series
  • Zyxel GS2210 Series (all models)
  • Zyxel XS3700 (only 1 model in series at this time)

Setup Guides are pending

These lists are dynamic; as network vendors continue to develop new equipment, QSC continues to test additional switches and add them to their respective lists; check back for additions and updates. QSC tests the switches with one Q-SYS Core and one switch. In complex networks, even a qualified switch may cause connectivity issues if it is configured incorrectly. The Network section of the table of contents in the Q-SYS Help file provides details on switch setup, configuration, and network performance requirements. Our experience is that a Q-SYS system deployed on a network that meets all these requirements will function properly.

For further details about the following switches, see their manufacturers' web sites.