“Q-SYS is the new century’s version of the old system,  with a lot more power, capability, expandability and far less hardware. When you add it all up,  
Q-SYS knocked everything else off the charts.”

Rod Sintow, Pro Sound & Video — Florida and California
Installer - New World Center, Miami Beach, FL


  • Q-SYS Core
    A collection of software-based DSP appliances, driven by Intel based chipsets and a singular design software, allowing for a unified platform for all system sizes
  • Network I/O Peripherals
    Local or remote devices that service as I/O onramps to the Q-SYS network
  • Network I/O Cards
    Connectivity to analog and digital sources and destinations
  • Network Touchscreen Peripherals
    Fully configurable network-based touchscreen panels, with a variety of modern BYOD options
  • Network Amplifier Peripherals
    Networked, configurable amplification designed specifically for use with the Q-SYS™ platform
  • Network Switches (3rd party)
    Ever-growing list of switches tested and approved by QSC for use with the Q-SYS platform
  • DSP Accessories
    Additional DSP components that complement QSC’s DSP platforms