18-inch Cinema Subwoofer


  • SB-5118 features a 500 W, 18-inch transducer
  • Frequency range extends to below 25 Hz when used with the correct B6 filter
  • DCM and SF-3 signal processors optionally available
  • Enclosures feature vandal-resistant woofer mounting bolts
Frequency Range 1
(-6dB, Half space)
(-10dB, Half space)

24–100 Hz
19–250 Hz
Nominal Coverage
Maximum Output 2
Calculated Continuous

123 dB
Impedance 8 ohms nominal
Maximum Input Power 3
(100 hours of 6 dB crest factor
IEC 268 noise spectrum)
(2 hours of 6 dB crest factor pink
noise, 50–20,000 Hz, AES method)
Recommended Amplifier Power

400 watts continuous

500 watts continuous

800 watts continuous maximum
Sensitivity 1 watt/1 meter, half space 96.5 dB
Transducers 18-inch (457 mm) 500 watt
high-efficiency subwoofer transducers
featuring 4-inch (100 mm) copper voice coils on Kapton formers
Recommended Processing
LF boost Freq. = 25 Hz
Q = 2.0
Gain = +6 dB
provided by QSC, SF-3 or DCM
Barrier strip screw terminals accept up to #10 AWG stranded wire
B6 alignment, vented enclosure with symmetrical port design, tuned to 25 Hz, constructed of MDF and heavily braced. Features vandal resistant woofer mounting bolts.
Dimensions (HWD) inches 30 × 35.75 × 20.3
Dimensions (HWD) mm 908 x 762 x 516
Weight 160 lb (72.4 kg)

1All frequency ranges specified refer to measured half space (2 pi) response.
2Calculated SPL at 1 m, (half space, 2 pi), speaker operating at rated continuous power with pink noise within specified frequency range.
3Maximum input power tested in accordance with IEC 268-5 recommendations, 50 Hz–20 kHz band limiting, 6 dB signal crest factor.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.