Closed Caption Device.  The receiver is attached to an angled flexarm with a base and built in cupholder that fits into the theater seat arm.  If you have seat arms that do not have a cupholder you can order a CCR-100-C that comes with a clamp in place of the cupholder.

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  • Seat arm mounted closed caption receiver provides the patron with a private display that is attached by an angled flexarm with a base and built in cupholder
  • Optics present a distant virtual image to the user so the caption and movie screen can be viewed without refocusing the eye
  • The optics also reduces visibility of the display to other patrons. 
  • CCR-100-C - A clamp mounted unit can be purchased for those who do not have a cupholder built into the arm seat
  • Patrons may select one of up to four caption languages delivered with the movie
  • The unit displays the user-defined welcome message until the presentation starts. It then displays the closed captions delivered in the digital cinema package
  • No Interference - Use of infrared transmission eliminates interference from adjacent auditoriums or radio transmitters
  • Shipped with Standard AA batteries that provide more than 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Option to purchase a rechargable battery kit that provides approximately 10 hours of operation (CCR-CHGR)
  • The CCS complies with DCI and SMPTE draft standards and is designed to operate with any compliant digital cinema server