Small Room Solutions

Small cinemas can range from “E-Cinemas” to intimate digital cinema auditoriums showing out-of-the mainstream gems. While reduced in scale, their requirements are no less rigorous: even coverage, intelligible dialog, rich, balanced music, powerful low-frequency effects. So with fewer patrons per showing, how do you maintain audio quality while working on a tight budget? QSC Small Room Solutions.

Small Room Solutions are specifically sized to meet SPL requirements without distortion or stress on any of the components. Correct sizing of the loudspeaker system and power amplifiers is critical in these applications to ensure that room requirements are met without under or over specifying components. QSC technical support is available to assist you in choosing the best system for your small room application.

Small Room Sample

Maximum room size for this example is 45 feet/14 meters from screen to last row

NOTE: This system diagram and the product list is only an example for a typical “small” room.
The exact product requirements for your specific room may be different.

Shallow Box, Deep Sound

A key feature of all QSC Small Room Solutions is shallow loudspeaker enclosure depth. By occupying less space behind the screen, it creates more usable space in the room for seating.

Even our largest small room screen channel loudspeaker is barely over 14 inches (368 mm) deep. Other systems measure under 12 inches (297 mm) deep, including our SB-1180—one of the most compact 18-inch subwoofers available. SB-1180 and SB-2180 subwoofers are the perfect low end complement for any QSC small room screen channel loudspeaker.