Critical Listening Applications

For applications where only the best sound will do, there is no better choice than the QSC Reference Monitor System. Post-production facilities and studio dubbing stages require a loudspeaker system that delivers completely uncolored sound, so that they can reproduce the soundtrack that matches the filmmaker’s artistic intent. The same requirements are shared by exhibitors or venue managers wishing to deliver the best “studio quality” sound to audiences in smaller screening rooms up to 35 feet in length. That’s why QSC created the Reference Monitor System: to produce the most transparent sound possible, adding no coloration of the sound—letting sound engineers and audiences hear exactly what’s being delivered from the mixing console or the digital soundtrack.

Featuring a three-way loudspeaker paired with a matching subwoofer, the Reference Monitor System loudspeakers are combined with QSC Q-SYS™ signal routing/processing and legendary QSC power amplifiers, resulting in the highest level of performance when sound quality is paramount.

Critical Listening Room Sample

NOTE: This system diagram and the product list is only an example for a small critical listening room, such as a post-production studio, dub stage, screening room, or home theatre. 
The exact product requirements for your specific room may be different.